03 Mar 2023

To say I was happy about the pain modulation effect of the delta 8 strips would have been a big understatement. However, what it has been able to do from a psychological standpoint has been amazing.

The first day I really knew how beneficial they could be on attitude and stress was also one of the first days I tried them.

After doing all the research, I decided that I would try them out personally one day when my wife and kids all had things they had to do that would have them out of the house for a few hours. I obviously wanted to try them myself first, but I also didn’t want my kids to be around if it caused unwanted psychological changes.

Just like I wouldn’t want my kids to see me drunk, I didn’t want them to see me on too much cannabis. So, one weekend when the kids had an event, and my wife had to go to do something out of the house, I decided this would be the day to try it.

About 5 minutes after the strips dissolved in my mouth, my wife called me and said the kid’s event got canceled at the last minute. She said her thing is still going on, so she was going to bring them home and just go do her thing. So now I had just taken the strips, and I couldn’t untake them, and my kids were coming home for me to watch all by myself.

Let’s say I was not excited about that. Later that day, I was becoming pretty critical of myself, thinking that I had let this business deal affect my family and potentially put them in danger. I was distraught with myself for allowing this to happen and was feeling angry and depressed about it.

Then I was lying down with my now 10-year-old helping him fall asleep that night, and he rolled over and said, “Daddy, I really had fun with you today. You think we can do it again tomorrow”?  I had been so concerned about the stigma and the preconceived notion that I was doing a bad thing I had not been able to evaluate the situation until then truly.

As I recapped the day, I noticed that I didn’t yell at the kids nearly as much. Their little fart jokes were even funnier. I was able to put up with a lot more of the super annoying things that little kids do, like say the same thing/make the same sound repeatedly.

I was just a lot more chill with them. It was as if the stress they produce was washed away. Since then, I have given the strips to some people that tell me they have anxiety and stress issues. All of them have reported back that it has helped tremendously.

They have all reported that they could find a point where they felt little to no anxiety and didn’t feel any different from a cognitive or psychological standpoint.

As a doctor specializing in stress and the damage it does to your body from a neurological standpoint, this was just as big, if not bigger, than the pain benefits. This is able to take the edge of anxiety and stress from everyday life.

More research needs to be done into how this affects the sympathetic, and parasympathetic function in the brain and the gut. However, from what I have personally seen and what people are telling me, this could be a game changer not just for pain but for anxiety and stress issues. More than one mom has told me they feel like a better parent when using the strips.

Which I completely understand, having been through it myself. Kids are tough to deal with, and many of the moms I have talked to have told me this really helps out. Now I should point out that you need to get familiar with anything before you add it to a plan.

You never take a new supplement on gameday, so if you try this practice a few times away from kids and responsibility before you try it while trying something else, like parenting. Also, I need to mention same rules apply to this that apply to alcohol, don’t drive, make big financial decisions, operate machinery, do surgery, or do any of the stuff it would be a bad idea to do with alcohol.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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