06 Mar 2024

Fasting approach and its importance in achieving a fat oxidizing state for health and weight loss. Emphasizes the need for understanding the glycemic function and provides insights into the biochemical processes involved in fasting, supplementation, and maintaining optimal energy levels during fasting. Introduces charity initiatives aimed at supporting veterans and first responders dealing with PTSD and addiction.

Highlights of the Podcast

00:08 – The big thing about fasting

00:51 – The the fat oxidizing state

02:14 – The number one thing you guys need to make sure you do

02:33 – Glycemic function is the key to how the sugar system works

04:20 – The possibilities of outcomes and go that route

05:18 – Dr. Matt Chalmers: [00:05:18] Gluconeogenesis is how your liver produces glucose for your brain and for your blood

06:55 – The exercising stage

07:45 – Methylated B vitamins versus omega three fatty acids

08:33 – Increase your your nutrients room or your body needs energy needs ATP

09:35 – We need even more ATP

11:47 – Any fat oxidizing steak

13:00 – Reverse or end the PTSD in addiction

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:03] They were talking about fasting from supper. Correct? The big thing about fasting, and this is a obviously a personal thing, is I don’t. I don’t do it the same way everybody else does it, which is, I mean, obviously a shocker for everybody. But the big thing that we’re going through. There we go. The next thing that we’re going through is a lot of the stuff that we’re doing is based off chemistry, and, I don’t like the way that people fast chemically. We can debate this. We can go back and forth. This is going to cause lots of firestorm and raise me pissy about it, but this is the way I do. The reason that we went through everything we’ve gone through so far is to build the basis for what everything else is that we’re doing.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:51] The the fat oxidizing state, or, it’s similar to ketosis. You can go with ketosis, but the fat oxidizing state, part of the diet is really important. It is the foundation for everything else we’re gonna be doing. It’s gonna be kind of the basis for, all the other chemistry we’re gonna talk about. So that’s why I want to spend some time on it. I didn’t want to have the argument that keto or fat oxidizing steak was unhealthy. It’s not like I went over Friday. It’s how I fix diabetes. So the sugar state, the sugar fuel source is causing diabetes. So I think there’s a much higher argument that the sugar state is the unhealthy state, and the chaotic state is the is the healthy actual state to be in. Especially since MIT just released research showing that in a fat oxidizing state, you actually produce, generate, and repair your own stem cells in your gut and your musculature everywhere.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:01:46] So and that is a big piece of some of the research that based a lot of the on the chemistry that we’re gonna go over on. So fat oxidation state, chaotic state, is for a lot of people, not everybody is going to be the state that you really want to start being. And so if you’re going to say, what’s the one thing that I could dedicate to really help with my health and help with my body and how with everything else, research basically function. You don’t have to be in ketosis. You don’t have to be in a fat isolating state. The number one thing you guys need to make sure you do is research glycemic function. It is the key to fat loss is the key to muscle growth is the key to health. Every single thing you look at, if you guys look at that blue zone, the other guy like, oh, this should be 100, how do they do it? If you look at their diet, all of it was low glycemic. Okay.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:02:32] So that glycemic function is the key to how the sugar system works. The reason you were getting fat, the reason that this was so unhealthy, the version this sugar system killing everybody is because you guys are I say you guys, everybody’s using it wrong. You’re using processed foods using highlighting function. You don’t understand the difference between this food you’re getting here. This food you’re getting here. That’s why it’s like, oh, this is a health food. Oh, no it’s not. That’s the type of thing. So learned glycemic function. It’s me. The number one thing that you guys can do to really, really help everything else, like I said, is the foundation for all the other research for everything else I’m doing. So as we start getting in on the supplementation I’m taking and why I’m taking it and stuff like that. Remember that is based off of a Teutonic state or a fat oxidized. And so okay, we’re done with that one.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:03:17] Now people keep asking me like, how are you eating two pizzas? And I’ll share this picture on Instagram later. And I think I’ve shared it everywhere else. But like, people are like, how are you getting two pizzas, blueberry cheesecake and pecan pie and losing the weight you’re losing. It’s it’s a big chemical structure. And a lot of the things in here are 100% conjecture. Like I read research, it was like, hey, these things do these things. And so I was like, well, let’s run a little experiment on me because I’m here and let’s see how it goes. And it’s worked out really, really well. But there’s a big piece of it that’s fasting, how I get into fasting, how I work with fasting and individual people for cravings in this life. That’s a little bit different. But let me give you the basic overview of why I the way I like fast. So, the first thing is that you have to get into a fat oxidizing state. There is I don’t see any other way to do this in a healthy manner. If you’re still in a glucose fed state. And this is why I was in this is just doing a lot of damage or semaglutide or hybrids because everybody is using it wrong.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:04:16] Again. No one wants to look at the chemistry. Everyone just wants to look at, you know, the possibilities of outcomes and go that route. So the reason that semaglutide is damaging people or ozempic is damaging to many people isn’t because it’s bad. It’s because you get, you use it wrong. The doctors are prescribing it wrong. If you stay in a glucose fed state. What that means is that you’re consuming a little bit of glucose here in there throughout the day. You’re going to end up eating all your muscle tissue. And the reason for that is because if your body thinks it wants to stay in a glucose that’s eating sugar all the time, what it’s going to end up happening is that when you eat a little bit of sugar throughout the day, you’re like, oh, my calories are level. We’ve already discussed how anybody who’s basing their stuff off calories has no idea what they’re doing. So anyway, if you’re starting to look at this when you eat a little bit of sugar throughout the day, you’re right. It stays in a sugar fed state, but a little bit of sugar throughout the day cannot fuel your body. So what your body does is it makes its own for what’s called gluconeogenesis. And I’ve been told not to use big words, but you guys are going to get used to it, because I’m not going to stop just because other people think you’re done.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:05:18] Gluconeogenesis is how your liver produces glucose for your brain and for your blood. Even in a chaotic state or a fat oxidizing state, you still have to have sugar in your blood. That’s why your body will create it. And it makes it from amino acids. It gets those amino acids from your muscle tissue. If you’re not eating, it’ll rip apart your muscle tissue or other proteins in your body. You know, get Ahold of the alanine, the mallet and the glycine. That’s where things go to your liver. And I’ll make more sugar. By the way, this is also called the Dawn effect. So this is why I tell everybody, if you’re going to be doing this diet, you need to work with people who understand this metabolic system. What will end up happening is that in the morning, your blood sugar will be higher and people are like, oh my gosh, you’re diabetic because they don’t pull insulin and they have no idea what they’re talking about. But what it’s happening is that because you’re all your blood, your brain, everything needs this sugar. Your body will tear apart your muscle tissues, make some sugar, put the sugar in the blood for your block. This is a normal thing. This is supposed to happen. Don’t worry about a lot of people when they’re starting to fast and they’re starting in ketosis. Michelle and I do this type of stuff. Their blood sugars in the morning will be 105 to 120. That’s okay. That’s normal. If you look at the insulin, the insulin should also be low if you’re instance high.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:06:32] Again, if you’re diabetic this is a different story. But if you’re in some high we kind of look at what’s going on. But typically what you’re gonna see is you’re gonna see a little bit higher on the, on the sugars, in the morning again, totally fine. I actually keep mine a little high by taking extra, collagen specifically to make sure that I don’t. My breath in stinks. I don’t want to be ptosis on the exercising stage, so I have to make enough blood sugar for my blood and for my breath. We’ll get into that when we talk about supplementation.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:07:03] Now, the big thing on fasting, if you’re just going to be fasting, working to a fat oxidizing state first, your body’s burning fat before you take away all of its fuel source. When you take away its fuel source, if it’s in a fat oxidizing state, it’ll be like, whatever. And just eat the fat that’s on your body. That’s how it works. If you’re in a glucose, let’s say it’ll start eating your muscle tissue as well. So that’s why we need to make sure we’re in a fat oxidizing state first. The next thing is, is that this is where everybody’s gonna lose their mind. I don’t believe that you should fast without taking supplementation. Your body can make all the ATP it wants, all the energy it wants out of the fat that’s on your body, which is what we want. That’s a good thing.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:07:42] The problem is, where’s it getting. It’s cookie time. Where’s it getting its methylated B vitamins versus omega three fatty acids versus getting, you know, all the amino acids that we’re just eating all the materials it needs to repair and rebuild your body. Does it have to sacrifice other things for your body? Tear apart other things. That’s not a great idea. It’s a terrible idea. If it needs amino acids, it can tear apart your muscles. Do you want to lose muscle mass? That’s silly. No, it’s just because. Guess where all your mitochondria live? We’ve talked about this. It’s in your muscles. If you tear apart your muscles, you decrease the mitochondria. You decrease the total ATP of the body. You decrease the energy of the body. I don’t think this is a good plan.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:08:18] By the way, if you’re trying to make ATP and you don’t have enough coke, you tend. You will produce a lot of free radicals. You’ll produce a lot of reactive oxygen and stress. We’re just going a lot of time talking about reactive oxygen stress and free radicals from the damage that in the body. So again, if you’re going too fast, you’ve got to increase your your nutrients room or your body needs energy needs ATP, not calories needs ATP. And it needs nutrition or nutrients or chemicals to build the cells out of. If you don’t give it the nutrients to build the cells out of, it can’t regenerate the cells. Here’s the big thing people are how are you building muscle and losing fat at the same time? It’s super easy. I’m working out really hard. I’m taking a ton of nutrients and I’m fasting or I’m in a fat oxidizing state. It doesn’t really matter because my body always has plenty of ATP, so it has the ATP for the energy to build the tissue it get. It’s getting from my fat. So it’s cutting my fat, oxidizing or getting rid of my fat. Creating ATP.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:09:14] The ATP is used to build the tissue. And then I give it a bunch of nutrition supplementation. And it uses the chemicals from the nutrition to build the tissue, which also requires ATP functionality. So as in the repair process of the building of the tissue, the amount of ATP needed is giant, which means my body goes back to my fat. Yes. Hey, guess what? We need even more fat. We need even more ATP. We’re going to burn even more stuff. So that’s how a lot of this is happening. So as we start going through this, that’s why I like how you’re taking a bunch of supplements. Here’s the other thing. The amount of solvents that I’m going to be taking as we go through this, and I mentioned this multiple times, is not the amount that I’m saying you should take one. I’m 230 pounds. I’m less than 10% body fat. So I require a giant amount to begin with. Two. I’m actually training for something very, very difficult and I’m working out really hard. So again I require a little bit more. The other thing is, is that I treat sick people every single that they with Covid, people with the flu, people with sinus infections, with bronchial track, bronchitis. All kinds of people come in here and I treat them every day for lyme’s or whatever their illness is. And a lot of these guys are immunocompromised. Like I said, they’ve got, you know, they’ve got that Covid, they’ve had long Covid, the limbs have got fatigue, they’ve got whatever it is they’ve got. And I’m standing in a room with them breathing, whatever. They’re breathing and I don’t ever get sick and I want to get sick, so I’m taking extra things to prevent that. So as we go through these and you’re like, man, this guy takes a bunch of stuff. There’s a lot of reasons. And as we go through them, you’ll understand why.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:10:44] But for the rest of this week, we’re gonna start talking a little bit about supplementation, what we’re doing when you guys have questions. Hit us up. Questions at Chalmers Wellness. Com. You can ask him here on Fridays. Where go I’m going over questions. We’ve already gotten some guarantee we’re going to get a lot of fasting. So that’s kind of it. Right now I’m running because people always ask I’m running a 47 one, which means I eat for an hour every two days. I built that and I built it off of my, my normal schedule, which is a 20 to 120 318 once a day. The once a day thing. A lot of you guys are in ketosis. It’s going to be really, really easy to get to. Like, it’s like I have a lot of guys. You’re like, I can never fast. And then we get them in a fat oxidizing state.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:11:26] We work with them for a little bit and they’re like, man, this once a day thing is super awesome. Saves a lot of time. You can really focus on what you want to eat. You can eat a little bit more than normal, I guess. I love it, it works for me. It works for other people, but doesn’t work for you. That’s cool. Always find their own space that the fasting thing or the schedule. When you’re eating, can you can you do this really, really easily? Any fat oxidizing steak. The reason you can’t glucose that stay is as soon as you’re on glucose, you get tired or you get fatigued. You start to that. You get that crash in a fat oxidizing state. You never run out of fuel because your body has fat on it. So if you’re running fat for a fuel source and you’ve got fat, you can never run out of energy. So this is one of the reasons I really love the fat oxidizing state, because I’ve gone all of their seminars, I’m going to business meetings, I’ll go travel, do whatever I just want to I like, that’s fine. The food that’s here is not conducive to my body and my health. I’m not going to eat it. I just won’t eat tonight, tomorrow. And it works great for me. I’ve been doing this a long time, so it’s a little different when I do it. So it’s not something I certainly to do on day one.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:12:28] But as we go through it, we’re going to go through more of this. The fasting stuff is going to come up. It’s it’s not very hard. We’ll do a little bit more tomorrow. And then we’re getting a supplementation, like I said, as we’ve gone through this week and the end of the week, we’ll do a question. Stay on Friday and I’ll dump all the research pillars of almost like, the other things. One of the reasons we’re doing this is for my chair. The website’s having to be rebuilt. I’ll go into the whole story about why we had to change the URL in the hotel soon, but, we’re doing a reasonably. This is for a charity. I found out that, we could reverse or end the PTSD in addiction, 85% of the time, according to research, with using ketamine and psychedelics. We’ve known this since the 60s, but apparently we hid that information because we had drugs to sell. Psilocybin is cheap, so. And you can’t patent naturally occurring things.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:13:17] So what we’re doing is if you go to the website Pillars of Wellness. Com and you guys buy supplements, they’re the profit from the supplements is going to go to my charity that we’re used to and PTSD and addiction and veterans and first responders. So firefighters, police paramedics that type of thing. So if you guys want to go get some stuff as we go through this pillars of Wellness.com, that’s where all the research is going to be. That’s where the store is a whole deal. So, you guys, have a good day. We’ll see you next time. Sorry I went long today.

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