11 May 2024

The effects of taking testosterone and Anavar on her pregnancy. The lack of extensive research on this topic, particularly concerning women. Advises discontinuing Anavar due to potential liver issues but suggests maintaining moderate testosterone levels. The importance of a healthy mother for a healthy pregnancy and underscores that testosterone can be beneficial for overall health, including mental well-being. Also outlines the importance of detoxifying and optimizing a woman’s health before pregnancy to ensure a healthier baby.

Highlights of the Podcast

01:04 – The antibody is going to cause a little bit of issues with your liver

02:22 – The chances that your baby would be a boy

03:13 – The number one things we use for depression

04:37 – The same option I gave myself

05:46 – The testosterone to boost my testicles

06:56 – The inflammatory chemicals

08:03 – The research with with babies with mom has high thyroid levels

09:13 – A successful pregnancy and have a healthier baby

10:48 – The other chemicals that are acting as estrogen

12:06 – The testosterone you’re missing a giant

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:04] All right. So today we’re answering questions from Questions at children’s. Well I was like and so the one I got I’ll read it to is I’m 28. Just found out I’m pregnant. I’m currently on testosterone and in a bar, and I’m worried that it will hurt my pregnancy. Should I get off everything? Can I? The doctor says I have to get off everything. But I hate the way I feel what I am. What should I do? First of all, I don’t tell you what to do. I give you options and you can make your decisions. I hate to break it to you, but I make you be an adult. So. This one’s kind of a little bit interesting because there’s not a lot of research on this. Medical science, hate speech research that that for women or on women. I don’t know why. They just we have very, very poor research on women, if it doesn’t relate to sex or something. So. Sorry. The end of our I would the antibody is going to cause a little bit of issues with your liver. And so I would watch that a little bit closer, since animals typically use for cutting, that one probably. I would have no problem getting off. So if you were my wife and you were asking this question, the hour easily when we.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:01:23] One of the things that we would draw, you can monitor it and make sure it’s okay, and that’s not the other, but long term, I would I would jump off that one. The severe need. Here’s the thing. When we’re going, I want to. Now that we’re into this, I want to cover this a lot more in detail. Maybe Monday and Tuesday about fertility function with women. And that’s the thing. The city inmates. I think it would be fine to stay on as long as you address your levels. Keep him a little bit lower. I don’t know. I don’t know how much you’re taking from this, but, as long as your levels are moderate, that, you know, 100 to 200 range blood level rise. I think we’d be fine to stay on. And the reason I say that is because, you know, I think the only downside might be. And there’s almost no research to back this up. But I would tell you, the only, the only downside would be, is you might increase the chances that your baby would be a boy. Mick. So the reason I think that it would be a good idea to stay on for is a number of reasons. One. We do a lot of work trying to focus on what the baby needs, what the baby needs, what the baby needs, and we should. That’s a phenomenal thing. It’s very important, all those things.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:02:42] However, we also need to recognize that the mother is the factory in which the baby’s being built. Whenever we do fertility stuff for men and women, it’s really easy for the guys. And not go to that a second. But for the women, it’s always, we gotta clean your whole body. You are the factory in which the baby’s being built. If you’re not healthy to begin with, it should be real hard to build a healthy baby out of an unhealthy body. And so we got to clean the mom up. We got to get the mom healthy. Healthy? Testosterone is the healing hormone. Testosterone is also one of the number one things we use for depression. And there’s been tons of studies on if mom’s stressed out, if she’s emotionally drained, if she’s, you know, in a bad place psychologically for this whole time, the baby takes massive impact from all the stress hormones. So I would tell you that I would want you as healthy as possible. And one of the major parts about being a healthy woman is having proper testosterone levels. So I would tell you that I would definitely want your testosterone levels in a healthy range. Now, if you’re on simply making man of our, I’m assuming there’s no information here, I. But I’m assuming we’re sitting at a bar that you’re competing.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:03:51] Because that’s that’s a stack we see all the time and bikini models and stuff like that. So, which is a fantastic step. I’m not saying anything negative. It’s fantastic if you monitor it properly. But I would, you know, it’d be one of those things where I would, I would down decrease your levels because I’m sure that, you know, 100 to 200 is not the it’s not the range that most bikini models are holding. I don’t know your ranges, but I would make sure that you’re in the safest, healthiest range to maintain. And I would maintain that range as I do with everything else. Now, one of the things that we talk about a lot, like I said, it’s easier for guys. So and I’ll tell you this, this this is the option I give all guys who are in their 20s because we see giant amounts of guys who are in their 20s who need this. I give them the same option I gave myself. So when I was in college, I realized I had low testosterone, and I had. Options. You know, when I was 20 or 20 years ago, all this was still, you know, very, very, you know, people didn’t do anything with this. People didn’t know anything about it. Like I had to read a ton of books to figure out, like textbooks. Not like, you know, things other guys had done, like actual textbooks on this stuff.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:05:03] And to figure it out. And what I found out was that as far as fertility goes with women, testosterone doesn’t really affect their fertility, because their fertility is based more on progesterone and estrogen, which is actually enhanced by testosterone. So if anything, you can make the argument that increasing a woman’s testosterone will increase her fertility. I’m not making that argument. I’m just saying that that argument exists. But with guys, what it does is it suppresses our hCG to our testicles. What is happening is that we produce less testosterone and we produce less sperm. I knew this going in, and that’s why I chose to take testosterone, because I wanted to decrease my chances of accidentally getting somebody pregnant. When I was 20. That was a big concern of mine. And so I took the testosterone to boost my testicles, make myself healthier, and which is not actually true. I took it so I could help maintain muscle mass and lose fat so I could look better so I could date better. So honestly, on the table, that’s why I was doing it wasn’t necessarily for health.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:06:02] But I like the idea that was going to suppress my my fertility decreases my sperm count so that I wasn’t going to actually get somebody pregnant. And then whenever it was time to have children, I jumped on it. KG got fertile again, had kids. And so the option I give people all the time is we can put you on Clomid and cyclopean. We ever raise it that way and make you super fertile and have a bunch of testosterone if you want to have babies now, or we can put you on testosterone and then when it’s time, make the switch. Bring your nutrition, bring your health of the testicle whole body up for EKGs. And now you’re right. Okay. Guess that’s in a nutshell. There’s a little bit more. There’s a that’s that’s a natural. That’s what guys that’s that’s how easy the guy creases. As far as the women piece, it’s a lot more complicated. So and I will go into this a little bit more. But one of the big things we see is that with all the accuracy, with all the, you know, glyphosate, with all the inflammatory chemicals, with all the, you know, vaccines that most women have had who are, you know, 18 to 30 years old and wanting to have kids. Right now, we have a giant amount of mess and nasty. In their bodies.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:07:10] They’ve been eating junk food. They don’t understand how to eat. They don’t, you know, they sort, you know, they mostly to absorb all the insane nonsense of calories. And so, you know, which, you know, I always tell people, if you if you start working with a nutrition person or a fitness person and they start talking about calories, you need to run away because they have no idea how the body works. Because if you’re going to tell me the proteins and carbohydrates or even you have no basic understanding of how biochemistry works and you should not be working with people. But anyway, so again, they begin with lots of bad advice. They’ve been getting bad foods, they have bad chemicals in them, and they all need be detoxed out. So typically when we start working with women to get them ready to have a baby, we’ve got to go through and clean up the entire system kidneys, liver, gut like the whole the refill, all the nutrition, make sure their iodine levels are high. So they’re thyroid levels are high cholesterol levels, equate directly to intelligence. And the research with with babies with mom has high thyroid levels. We see a higher IQ in the babies, make sure are omega three fatty acids where they’re supposed to be.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:08:12] They’re methylated folic acid or methylated B12 or methylated B6. You know, the B6 is a big piece for nausea. So because the liver gets all messed up, there’s so many things that are that are encompassing, making a healthy woman so that she can make a healthy baby, that it’s one of those things. But when couples come in to do counseling, it’s like, have you had your sperm checked to the right? Not really to get your sperm checked. And if that’s not where it’s supposed to be, we can triple it and you’ll be good. Woman. Have you had all of these tests? Are you sure you’re where you’re supposed to be? Are you ready to go? Are you on any medications? We need to verify and clean up. How do you get on birth control for, you know, months to years? We need to clean that issue up. Like, there’s so much work we gotta do to make a healthy woman so we can make a healthy baby. That it’s it’s staggered. However, with guys, it’s really easy. Are you fertile? Cool. Let’s move on to her. But that’s that’s kind of how that goes. So, a lot of times I feel it would be healthier for women to get pregnant and carry a successful pregnancy and have a healthier baby if their testosterone levels are where they’re supposed to.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:09:18] That, just because that is part of being a healthier person. And you can’t argue that testosterone is good for you to be healthy, and it’s part of a natural way of being healthy and then say, you shouldn’t have this thing while you’re doing the most important thing that your body does, which is produce other babies. That’s my stance on the testosterone with women while they’re getting pregnant. Now the the which form do we want to go with? Do we want to go with, you know, pellets and creams this and that is still kind of up for debate. I’m still doing injection, fam. That’s just where I’m at. So that would be the thing. So if you guys have questions about fertility, if you’re wanting to get pregnant, if you’re thinking about doing a detox to get pregnant, if you’re thinking about, you know, where your hormones are at to get pregnant, we can go through that. So when I said so progesterone is job is to increase blood flow to the uterus. So we get more blood, more oxygen, more nutrients to the uterus to feed the baby. This is one of the reasons why if you look at the cycle progesterone cycles up and then all of a sudden the progression cycles back down. That’s when we have the exposure. Excuse me.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:10:28] I inhaled the powder from a solvent couple days ago, and I’m still getting rid of it. That’s that’s that’s as the progression from cycles back down. That’s when we have our release. That’s when the, you know, when we have our period, our initial cycle, estrogen keeps everything healthy, ready to go. But you have to then factor in the, the atrazine, the BPA, all the all the other chemicals that are acting as estrogen. muckers. As we go through that, and then we’ve got to make sure that the body has all the chemistry it needs and the breasts are healthy, because that brings a lot of these things up. One of the big things that people don’t know is that the gut actually migrates bacteria through the body to the breast, so that when the mother breastfeeds, we get, specific bacteria that help seed the baby’s gut and get the baby’s gut going so that it starts doing these things, if your gut is not healthy, that doesn’t happen. And so when we start looking at why are all these babies so sick now, it’s because the mother, the factory these babies are being built in, they’re unhealthy.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:11:29] So we can’t divorce. You know, we hold this, you know, two month old baby. And we’re wondering why it’s not as healthy as it can be, but we don’t turn directly around and look at the state of the mom and be like, how healthy were you when you got pregnant? And she goes, well, I wasn’t throwing up. I didn’t feel like I had the flu. That’s irrelevant. That doesn’t mean that you had all the nutrients you needed. Think of all the people who have heart attacks and die or end up waking up one day and oh, I have cancer. I didn’t know that, but I was healthy yesterday. No, you had cancer yesterday. You just said no. So that’s where a lot of this is. So if we if you’re worried about, you know. You know, the testosterone you’re missing a giant other piece of how clean is your body to begin with. So. And we can go through this a little bit more on Monday. With what we do to kind of clean women up. But newsflash, it’s the same thing. We clear cut is clear. The liver reset the gut refill nutrition and then now recognize so that’s the base. And then we go okay now we know where you are. What’s your goal. Healthy happy pregnancy.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:12:31] Fabulous. What are we going to do to get from where you are today to as healthy as you possibly can be, have all the nutrients, have all the things ready to build baby, right. So we have to have all the nutrients mom needs and then we need to have all the nutrients baby is going to need at the same time. And so we’ll run through that on Monday. If you guys have any more questions, drop in the comments or hit us up questions at Children’s Welcome and we’ll catch you guys knocked out. And share this one because this one on Mondays, I think it’d be important if there’s so many women out there. Somebody who ever, when you’re pregnant, either can’t get pregnant or they’re worried about the health of their pregnancy. Nobody’s really speaking to this that I’ve seen. I’m sure other people are. But we can walk through it and make sure everybody understands some of the things that we do, that have been really, really beneficial and helpful over time. So thanks for your time.

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