29 May 2024

Preparation for an upcoming bodybuilding competition during “peak week.” The process of carbohydrate loading to enhance muscle fullness and definition by increasing glycogen stores, which attract water into the muscles. The intricate balance of timing and quantity of carbohydrate intake necessary to achieve the desired effects. He also touches on the importance of proper supplementation, his post-competition diet plans, and his upcoming travels to Europe. The significance of sharing accurate health information to improve public well-being and criticizes the ongoing governmental resistance to beneficial substances like cannabis, testosterone, and psychedelics.

Highlight of the Podcast

01:07 – The muscle tissues

03:04 – The other problem we run into

04:16 – The great thing about this diet

05:47 – The health thing

06:34 – About supplementation

08:17 – The amino acids in aspartate to make new sugar

09:22 – The best option I’ve got for you is the pre-workout stuff

10:25 – The information I’m going to give you

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:03] So, yes, it was gone cause I had to go get, blood drawn. So I make sure that everything’s where it’s supposed to be. It’s peak week, which is, a big deal, because the show’s on Saturday, so we’ve got to kind of taper down our workouts, kind of figure out kind of where everything’s going to be. So we’re working on carbon up. Should be should be fine. This is, this is interesting, trying to figure out, you know, the glycemic function and you know exactly where carbs are going to lie when I’m going to eat. How many grams per per hour for, you know, two hours we’re going to do, to puff up. So the idea with it, with the carbs is so carbohydrate charger is normal thing. Glycogen is like a string of pearls. So glycogen. Glycogen. So it’s like glucose glucose, glucose, glucose all strung, strung together, packed tight. It also has that that molecule, like glycogen is highly, highly, attracted to water called hydrophilic. And so what it’s going to have happening is that as the, glucose gets into the muscle tissues, it will pull the water from the rest of my body, the exercise of the fluid into the musculature to kind of hold it there as well. So, the idea that you’ll puff up your muscles to get full, very more easy to see, and it should thin out the difference between where the muscle tissue is, where the skin is. So it gets tighter. That’s the idea. We’ll see kind of where it goes.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:01:32] I’ve never done something like this before. The, the the the cut, the fact that it was a whole lot easier because the chemistry on that was really, really self-explanatory. This is one of those where you’re like, could be six grams, per kilogram body weight. Or it could be 12g. Just depends on, you know, muscle tissue function and the whole deal. So, we’re going to say to be fun, I have all sorts of stuff planned out for, what I’m going to eat. This is probably the most fun I’ve ever set. Figure it out. You know how I’m going to eat the timing function of it and everything. So, lots of potatoes, should be very, very fun. Glycemic function around that 50, 60 range. Constant drip throughout the day. Because the other fun thing you have to understand is that once you once I switched from being a fat oxidizing state robot is burning fat for its major fuel source. It’s gonna switch into the carbs and and carbs. Manager fuel source. Here’s the problem more ATP is created from fat and it’s created from glucose. So I’m gonna need more grams of of carbohydrates than I do grams of fat to, maintain function. The other thing is, is that I’m going to try to store those and burn them at the same time, or utilize them for fuel at the same time. So it’s gonna be very interesting trying to keep up with my body’s fuel, demands and store at the same time.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:02:57] So there’s lots and lots and lots of things need be. So doing the math on it’s been been interesting. So we’ll see kind of where it goes. The other problem we run into is that glucose doesn’t absorb into the body at an even pace. And so sometimes it takes 7 to 2 hours to get fully, fully filled. So if I start eating Thursday night. We might not have full time to get all the way filled up by Saturday morning, because we should be off safe at nine a. That’s the idea right now. Things change. Could be 10 a.m., could be 845. We’ll see. So yeah. So that’s going to be that’s we really thought. The, my last workout to me, Thursday, because I don’t want to burn off tons and tons of the glycogen I’m trying to store. So Friday is going to feel very lazy. And I work out Fridays and Saturdays, so. So it’s also going to be interesting. And it’s funny because as soon as I. I’m done, my first meal back is I’m going to have just a normal, you know, keto pizza. All my career desserts because that’s what I like. To. Oh, okay. You’re done. You can have anything on the on earth. You can have, you know, any carb, anything you want to eat. I’m going back to the stuff I already eat because that’s what I like. Like, that’s the great thing about this diet is that it’s not like I have to give anything up. All the fun things I want all the the cookies, the cakes, the like. I will start taking pictures of all the things we eat. Like we have, like, an entire key lime pie left. We have, my my mom, who make me a pecan pie.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:04:35] My son, my 11 year old is going to make me from scratch. This is how he does it. He’s going to make me, a keto pizza. That is, you know, know. Mix, the mix, the wheat mix, the yeast mix the whole thing. Make the dough, let it set, spread it out. Hold the like. So he’s gonna make me one of those are some garlic bread. But it’s not one of those things necessarily chemically. I’m going to just jump right back into the ketosis stuff, because a couple of days later we’re going to Europe. And I’m going to eat everything I say. I the, my plan for the way we’re going to do Paris is that we’re going to go from pastry chef to pastry chef to fish shop. And we’re going to try and eat everything. We’re just going to you’re two weeks in Europe eating everything I can see. Then we’ll come back and start cutting again. So it’s not like the three days where, after the show, before I go to Europe is going to be a big burn the fat type of thing. Those are just the foods I enjoy. That’s what I like. The idea that I can have ice cream and pancakes and all sorts of these I’m very excited about. The cookies never not take pictures at all. But, you know, that’s to a healthier man. It’s not just, you know, it’s more about the health thing. Anything else? So, that’s kind of where we’re that’s kind of where we’re going. So it should be. It should be really, really fun. I guess I’ll take a bunch of pictures.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:05:55] We’ll put everything about it. Yes. Yeah, the Europe thing. So I’m getting comments so the Europeans can be really fun. We’ll take all sorts of pictures. Going to go to Greece just like that. I don’t know how helpful it’s going to be for everybody, but, so I know how many you guys are going, but we’ll tell you the stuff we did and if we liked it or not. But it’s going to be it should be really fun. I’m taking with me. I’ll take pictures of this. I’m taking all my supplements with me. So I have this giant bag of individual breakfast, lunch and dinner baggies of all these supplements and stuff. And so that’s always going to be fun to get through customs. But that should be interesting. We’re we’ll certainly make through. A lot of people been asking me about supplementation, stuff like that. We’ll make a big deal about all the supplements I take and everything else when I get back. The big stuff that I can tell you now, is the pre-workout that I do. You can find all this on Pillars of Wellness. I can’t remember anything you guys buy from Walmart.com that the money from that goes to helping. You guys to help feed the charity. And so all that money is going to go to help, you know, break PTSD and addiction, depression and veterans and first responders using psychedelics and ketamine. So if you guys are looking for something to buy, you know, looking for supplements, products like that, grab them from the website, get yourself some great stuff. The same stuff that I take. I feed my patients in my family. And helps some veterans and first responders. So pillars of water psychology. Check that out.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:07:20] The pre-workout, something I take is the energy that’s on there. I take the cardio flow, I take I mix those two together. Two scoops of the cardio flow, one scoop of the energy. And then I take about a handful. I see 4 to 6, capsules of collagen beforehand. And we’ll go into why I do all that later. They call it the big thing on the college that when you work out, I don’t care if you’re in a glucose fad. Say you’re fasting doesn’t really matter. What happens is that your body burns through that sugar that’s in your blood, not necessarily in the musculature. Because remember, your blood has to do stuff too. And your blood can only run on sugar. And so as that sugar level starts to drop in your blood, your body goes, oh, we have to make more sugar. And so either makes it out of proteins that you eat like collagen, or it tears part your muscle tissues to get the amino acids it needs to make more sugar because your blood isn’t. And it’s zero chance that your body’s going to let your blood sugar drop a lot. So that’s why we take collagen. The other thing is that as your body’s using the amino acids in aspartate to make new sugar, your body’s laying around with all the other amino acids to build muscle tissue right after you’ve damaged it. And so that’s why I take those. And then I do kind of the same thing I play college on throughout the day. So if you guys are looking for something specific to boost your workout, the superior energy, the spirit cardio flow and the college and give me the big ones that you guys want to do. That’ll that’ll help all the way throughout. You know, if you’ve got parasitic infections, esophagus and things like that, everybody else has, we can start clearing those out later.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:08:49] Those are going to be that that workout kit will be great for you. And then after. Sorry, the only other things after I work out, like I lift, walk in, wash my hands, and I take the tag branch amino acid. So, the other one that would be I would grab for workout is the Braxton amino acids. The Buckeyes from the labels on it’s tag. That’s our that’s the athlete group. That’s our sports, group that we have here. So that’s the one I take. And I take those, at night as well. So, if you guys are looking for workout stuff, that’s the best option I’ve got for you is the pre-workout stuff. The, there’s something to take around that because of the fat oxidizing state. But that’s that’s kind of where it is. When we get back, like I said, we’re going to start going through all the supplementation because that’s some questions you guys been asking a lot about. So I’ll go through each one. I go through why I take it, that whole thing. We’ll post that online. If you guys have any other questions for us up questions at Chalmers. Welcome. I’m, I’m videoing everything that we’re doing as we go through. And so after the show, I’ll be able to like here it is. Here’s what we did. Here’s why we did it. We’ll post that stuff, you know, while I’m gallivanting around Europe. So if you guys have any other questions, is up. Questions at Chalmers. What a sitcom. Drop in the comments. We’ll get everything going. If you guys could share this stuff with all your friends, it’d be beneficial. Because what we’re trying to do is get the information out. There’s a lot of health stuff build out now, and it’s literally killing people.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:10:16] You know, I gotta call it a day, and there’s 56 people on the call. But what I tell everybody is that if there’s 30 people on the call, the information I’m going to give you, statistically, it’s going to save somebody’s life on that call. Just because people don’t get they’re not getting the information. They’re not getting the credit reference system checked. Right? They’re not happening. So check. Right. They’re hormones checked. Right. So there’s going to be something in there that save somebody’s life. So if you can if you guys can share this information, share these videos, there’s a good chance that sooner or later you guys are going to help save people’s lives because they’re gonna get information they never knew at the very worst. You’re going to greatly increase the quality of life you have just because they get information they didn’t have before. This giant, you know, George W Bush came out and the federal government came out and just really hammered, hammer and hammered bad on, you know, cannabis, psychedelics and testosterone. Well, we now know that cannabis, testosterone and psychedelics are some of the greatest impacts to our positive impacts to our health. If you have psychedelics, you’re going to help, you know, with mental strength, mental stability, addiction, PTSD, depression, knocks it out really, really well. Super cheap.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:11:23] Testosterone helps heal everything in the body. And, cannabis should be replacing opioids for pack. So we know these things, we have them documented, but our government is still pushing back on them because it makes more money for pharmaceutical function. If we don’t have those, we just go, no more pharmaceutical stuff. So, and like the diabetes stuff, like how we fix diabetes and stuff like that. So share this stuff or try to get as many people as we can. Information. If you guys have any questions, hit us up. Thanks for your time.

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