18 May 2024

Various factors contributing to mental health issues, particularly depression. The importance of checking testosterone levels, as low testosterone has been linked to depression since 1935. The significance of sleep studies to address sleep apnea, which can impact overall health. The role of gut health in mental well-being, noting how antibiotics can disrupt gut flora, affecting serotonin production. Detoxification, dietary changes, and addressing parasitic infections are crucial for restoring gut function. The therapeutic potential of psychedelics like psilocybin and DMT, stressing the importance of proper preparation and counseling to maximize their benefits.

Highlights of the Podcast

00:31 – Testosterone has been used since 1935 to treat depression

01:45 – The mental issues they have is when you’ve taken a lot of antibiotics

02:48 – The parasites eat the probiotics

04:31 – The chemistry and so the calories

05:47 – The psychedelics to reset the mind function

07:18 – The omega three fatty acids, everything the brain needs.

08:16 – The setting and the intentions have to be right

09:47 – How are we going to position our mind?

10:41 – The things we gotta get the body healthy

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:03] Continue with mental health stuff. Since it’s Mental Health Awareness Month. And that’s kind of all the things we do. Some of the stuff is going to be kind of review stuff, but I wanted to kind of put it all in the same box. So if we look for mental health stuff, it’s easier to find, when people come in with depression. What sort of depression some people are having with depression. There’s a couple of things you gotta check first, just normal system function, testosterone levels. I’ve made this comment hundreds of times. Testosterone has been used since 1935 to treat depression. There’s one of the number one ways to fix depression. So if you have depression, which is classified as your apathy, you don’t have the energy to do things. You don’t have the desire to do things. You just kind of want to set your bum on a log. Check your testosterone levels first. It’s a big one. Next, sleep apnea creates a lot of these issues as it creates heart attacks and strokes and cancers and low quality of life and all sorts of other things. So get a sleep study done. That’s another big one. Now, here’s the big thing on that one.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:01:03] So if you get a sleep study done and you’re bad, bad. Really. You know, in the mid 80s, once you get your CPAp and you get that issue resolved until you have your CPAp and you’re used to using it, give yourself a month, maybe six weeks, check again, because if you’re not in the high 90s, you might want to add an oxygen concentrator to your CPF like I have. And really kind of boost up the oxygen you’re getting more oxygen is always better. So check that one up. And then the next one is we see that we see this one rate of biotics. So this is why a lot of children end up with depression, anxiety. This is why they end up with, you know, 80. This stuff is why they have, you know, the mental issues they have is when you’ve taken a lot of antibiotics, what ends up happening is that it messes your gut really bad. So it kills off the probiotics, allowing for the body to radically increase the amount of yeast that’s produced. And so we have bloating and gas and constipation, things like that. However, the bigger issue is that your body can no longer term tryptophan into five HTP and then take that and turn into serotonin.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:02:10] The vast majority of the serotonin that you have for your brain to use is made in your gut. So if your gut is messed up, inflamed, know the paradox or whatever, you’re going to have issues with depression. Which is why lots of times when we get people in for gut issues, celiac, IBS or whatever, and we fix them, they come through and they tell us, you know, life is more peaceful. They don’t feel stressed. They just feel better. Overall. It’s one of the big reasons, because you’ve radically increased the serotonin production from the gut. So that’s another really big one is watch the serotonin levels. You. Here’s the problem. Because you have a parasitic infection, you can’t just start adding probiotics in because the parasites eat the probiotics. So you’re gonna have to kill the parasites, kill the yeast, then restore the probiotic function. Then give it the tryptophan to turn into the serotonin. However, in order to do that for most people, you’re gonna have to watch the detox organs, kidneys, liver, get those cleaned out real well. Otherwise, we’re going to have detox reactions and things like that. So, the other one is detox reactions.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:03:10] So if we’re sensitive to the foods we’re eating, if we’re eating toxic stuff, if we’re having, you know, glyphosate actually, and all the other bad stuff come in processed foods, things like that. What that is doing is it chemically messes with the gut. And so we don’t produce the chemicals we’re supposed to have. We have a lot more waste products then we have nutrients then. And over time it makes you start feeling just kind of blah because as your liver gets jammed up, it decreases the amount of waste it can pull out of the body. And so you have higher waste in your blood, in your tissues. And so over time, you’re right. Just kind of discharge decreasing its functionality. So that’s one of the reasons why when we do like we start reassessing and changing and fixing things and people, the base is always the same. Clean the kidneys, clean the liver, kill the parasites, kill the yeast, restore the probiotic function, heal the gut, then go off and fix whatever else you’ve got Alzheimer’s, you’ve got dementia, you’ve got an S, you’ve got celiac, ulcerative colitis. Whatever it is, we’ve got to get that good good chemicals in vacuum goes out thing fix first, get those pathways reset. Then we can do anything else we want to So that’s a general overview. I like to then pull people off and change their diet. If you, if you start, working with the, the chemistry and so the calories again, I know people hate this.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:04:34] There are all calories in the way. Calories that way, we don’t really care about, you know, the fact that proteins and carbohydrates do not work the same in the body. If you start focusing on the function and you decrease the glycemic function of your carbohydrates, not only will you lose fat, but your body will be much, much healthier. And your function, your hormonal function will be better all the way around. There’s no real argument for that with chemistry. So that’s kind of where all this stuff has to be. So resetting that the, the dietary function, what you’re eating, the toxins in your diet. So for instance, if you’re consuming lots of American wheat and gluten. It’s not the gluten you’re allergic to. It’s the glyphosate that’s causing the inflammation in the gut and decreasing functionality throughout the whole body. And then obviously long Covid issues, long Covid is going to radically reduce oxygenation. So you’re going to have more heart attacks, strokes, cancer, more anxiety and depression, all sorts of neurologic issues and things like that. So, working that long Covid stuff back through is going to be another big piece that we’ve got to work on biochemically. Once you fix those, can we see kind of where we’re at? That’s when we can start kind of really focusing on the other stuff. That’s when we start kind of going into, the psychedelics to reset the mind function. The psychedelics are cool because they will lift over a transfer function.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:05:54] So the way the medical community tries to do it is they try to sell you a monoamine. So dopamine fix or a serotonin fix like an SSRI or, you know, a Wellbutrin or so, something is going to change one amino acid or one neurotransmitter. That has been shown in multiple studies to not work very well. Because your mind, your brain as a function of the rest of your body. And so you use the oxygen, it uses the amino acids, uses the blood sugar, it uses everything that the rest of the body provides. They think of it this way. The rest of your body is entirely here. The only reason it’s here is to work this. So this is messed up. This is going to be messed up pretty much every single time. So when we have issues here, we got to fix this. Then go try to work on that. So, you know, when we start talking about, you know, using psych psychedelics like psilocybin on a daily basis, like microdosing. It’s phenomenal. Now it’s going to help reset amino level, neurotransmitter levels. It’s going to provide your body with nutrients to actually rebuild similar things. We’ve seen fantastic work with DMT and with psilocybin to a degree, on rebuilding myelinated functions or rebuilding nerve paths. DMT has been done really well to repair and regenerate brain tissue. So we have tragic brain injuries and things like that. We get the body chemically ready and then we. So it’s detox. It has all the other chemicals it needs the ATP, the omega three fatty acids, everything the brain needs.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:07:21] Then we end up feeding it with the DMT, and it resets the way the brain works and actually starts regrowing and regenerating, brain tissue. So that’s a fantastic way to do it. Now, anytime you work with psychedelics, we have to understand something. First, gifting the body chemically healthy says the brain can actually heal repair. Okay, that’s who said that for time. So keep that in mind. Then we have to get the mind ready. And so there’s counseling that’s involved. And you know, this is what this is the type of things you’re going to see. This is what you’re going to experience is how you’re going to feel when X happens. Then you need to understand that this is what’s going on so that you can do y and maximize your benefit, return of health of what’s going on. Some of these stronger psychedelics that get you in touch with the universal, subconsciousness or the universal consciousness, however you want to say it, you’ve got to be prepped for that. You’ve got to be kind of ready to understand what’s coming on your what we call the set, the setting and the intentions have to be right. So you have to be in a setting where you’re comfortable, you relax, you’re ready to heal. Your mindset has to be in a position where you’re ready to accept healing. You’re ready to let go. You’re ready to give control to the universe and to God.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:08:30] How everyone say it. And you have to let these things. You have the faith that you’re what you’re receiving is can be beneficial in what you’re receiving so that you can actually work on and make better. So the setting is very, very important. And then the intentions again, what do you want out of this? What are your goals? What are you trying to achieve when you start focusing on these things. And then you you give the brain the power to actually change these things and function. That’s when really big change happens. So there’s a good amount of counseling. That’s that I would tell you is. Critical, not required, but critical for benefit. So, as you’re going through it, make sure you’re working with a team who understand psychedelics really well. Some of the really well trained shamans are pretty good at this. We’ve got a number of different therapy counselors that are great. There’s lots of guys who’ve been using psychedelics and ketamine in their therapy practices for a while. Some of them are actually starting to advertise that. So you can start searching for that when people talk about it, do a little investigation. Like how much have that that therapist personally done? How many sessions have they done with people, you know, that sort of thing. So make sure you walk through that. And then, you know, once that’s kind of done, that’s when we can start really working on the more fun stuff, which is the mindset stuff, which is the how are we going to position our mind? How are we going to choose to think so that we start moving forward mentally? Now, this is one of those things I’ve mentioned several times.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:09:57] We always work on this last. And the reason is because of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. So basically if you don’t know what it is, look it up. It’s actually a really cool piece of psych. But what happens is that when we’re when we’re starving, when we’re cold, when we’re, you know, when it’s windy outside, if we don’t have shelter, if we don’t have enough water, that’s our primary concern. That’s all we can think about. So if you’re hungry and your kids are hungry and you don’t know when your kids are going to be fed trying to figure out, you know, the questions of why are we here in life isn’t as important to you as how are we going to eat to that? So once we start knocking off some of these needs, you know, then we can start working on expanding the mind and kind of growing ourselves forward. So that’s one of the things we gotta get the body healthy. We need to get ready to go. We feel good. We have to be psychologically and chemically ready.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:10:48] Then we can start moving forward with, you know, the really important mental work, the, you know, the questions of why we say, okay, why am I doing this? What is my purpose? Why is that my purpose? What am I doing to push that purpose forward? Those type of conversations happen best when all your other needs be met. We’re talking about purpose and stuff. Tomorrow. We’ve got a couple more days. We’re doing this. And then for 15 days before the the Chico Classic, or we’re going to start doing this so that we can, kind of do that whole. Oh, look, we did the daily check ins and everything for all this time, and we get 15 days off. And then it’s kind of a surprise when we look at the show. So it is for a couple more days. And if you guys have questions, this have questions at charter. Welcome. Drop it in the comments and we’ll be able to, knock those out. So we’ll, see you today for the check in, but we will talk to you soon. Thanks for your time.

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