11 Mar 2024

The importance of preparing the gut for overall health and wellness. He emphasizes the significance of addressing gut issues, such as ulcers, before focusing on mental health concerns. Sress can impact gut function and lead to conditions like PTSD, stressing the necessity of balancing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. The role of hydrochloric acid in gut health and discusses strategies for addressing issues like parasites and yeast overgrowth, including coffee enemas and specific supplements. The vital role of detox organs like the liver and kidneys in maintaining health and emphasizes the importance of supporting the body’s natural processes for optimal well-being.

Highlights of the Podcast

00:31 – Health and wellness or fat loss

01:04 – Learning about psychedelics

02:57 – Interpretation of PTSD

04:57 – The same type of PTSD

06:20 – The body HCA hydrochloric acid

07:49 – The amount of methylated B vitamins your body

10:19 – The spirit detox

11:36 – Kill the parasites

12:17 – The good chemicals and the bad chemicals out

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:04] All right. So we’re live. Wanted to kind of, go back over, a couple of quick things real quick. One, we’re going to do questions and comments and stuff on Fridays. We’re already getting a whole bunch about the calories and calories out today. And I, I’m super excited about going through all of that. Very rarely do I just straight up and correct me like you’re wrong. But if you’re basing all of your your health and wellness or fat loss or energy function off of calories in, calories out, you’re wrong. So but we’ll go into that and every all the fun hate that I’m getting for that on Friday. We’ll go through that.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:43] Today I want to start with something really important. I know I said we were going to talk about supplements. We’re going to talk about a of that today. But the most important thing we have to do is get the gut ready for everything we’re doing. So I did this a little bit out of order because that’s how I learned things. I’ve been working on gut stuff and nutrition for 15 years. And I didn’t start learning about psychedelics and, mental function and all of that until very recently. So, the way that we do it now is differently in the clinic, or at least different than the way I did it. So I’ll kind of give you the way that I do it now, cause I think that’s a better way. When we evaluate gut issues, if you’ve got ulcerative colitis, IBS, celiac, Gerd, if you’ve got actual stuff going on, ulcers in your gut, we have to fix all those first. So we’ll fix those then, because maintenance is really difficult with mental stuff. We’ll come back later and then do the mental and then do the maintenance. But if you’re like, my gosh, not that bad. I mean I’ve got, you know, gas and bloating and this and that, but you know, it’s not that big of a deal. But we evaluate, we find out that your stress level, your chronic stress level, your your your past stress level has been really high. That’s what leads to more PTSD stuff.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:02:01] So anybody can have PTSD. You don’t have to be in a battle zone and getting shot at. You don’t have to be a firstrillionesponder, you know, seeing horrible things, fishing in the four year olds on the swimming pools, like all the horrible, terrible things our firefighters and paramedics and police officers have to deal with. You don’t have to be that guy. You can be a mom who just has to deal with being a mom and making the bills work and dealing with the constant stress of. Hey, mom. Hey, mom. Hey, mom. Hey, mom. Like, it drives me nuts. And I’m not the mom. So, like, that type of thing. Dealing with the world, dealing with, you know, what’s going to happen this year. You know, everybody’s. You know, unless you’re living under a rock, you’re talking about how horrible and terrible this year is, probably end up being just because of everything going on in the world.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:02:49] There’s lots of things that create stress. And that can push us closer to a sympathetic state, which is really kind of in my interpretation of PTSD does is it’s we’ve had all this stress and this stress has shifted us into a hypervigilant state, which is a sympathetic state. Neurology wise, you’ve got to stay sympathetic, which is fight, flight. Freeze. Parasympathetic which is resting, digesting. So think of it this way. If you go, you know what my daily life and laying on the beach with a mai tai, my hand watching the waves roll in, I see no difference in my stress level there. Like it’s the same thing to me. Well, then you’re in a parasympathetic state and if you’re like, that doesn’t sound like me. It’s kind. It’s not like nobody unless you live on the beach or you’re retired, you know, billions of dollars is in that state. We live in a world where it’s constant pressure, constant stress, constant go go go go go. Constant threat in every type of imaginable, function.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:03:47] And so most of us, 99% of us live in this highly stressed out world that causes, at the end of the day, PTSD. And so the way I kind of explain that is you can have two types of stress. You can have flash fry, which is I just got shot at or oh my gosh, there was a horrible wreck. And this person I saw dead in the, you know, in the seat looks like my sister like that. That’s like oh my gosh. Like all of a sudden horrible, terrible instant hit. And then there’s this flow like so the flash, right. Took something that was 10,000 degrees for, you know, a second or these flow constants, like like a smoker or 200 degrees for ten hours, right. That slow every single day you wake up, you got to figure out how to make the bills work. Every single day you work out, you got to deal with that terrible manager. Every single day you work out, you wake up, you know, you get kicked in the teeth by life. That’s also the type of stuff that creates PTSD.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:04:44] And so depending on how bad that is, because it really shuts off gut function. And there’s all sorts of neurology and research on this. I’ll give you some. But it’s there’s a ton of other that’s that over time can create the same type of PTSD. So that’s why the psychedelics and the ketamine are so radically important. So we’ve got a lot of people who. Come in and we’ll evaluate them and I’ll be like, well, we’re going to start with some nutritional stuff for your gut, but we got to fix your mind cause your mind is in direct control, your entire body. And so we’ll go with the ketamine, psychedelics first, then we’ll come back to the mind stuff. I’m sorry to the gut stuff.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:05:17] So, having said all of that, the number one thing that I see that people have as an issue because of this constant stress in this sympathetic state that we’re always in, is it shuts off parasympathetic, which is resting, digesting. So it decreases hydrochloric acid production. So hydrochloric acid production is there not to digest your food necessarily, but more to clean it to kill the viruses, kill the bacteria, kill the parasitic eggs, kill the parasites, kill called amoebas. Go all that jazz. So like, for instance, if you look at an ulcer in the gut and ulcer in the gut, the stomach is is created by H. Pylori.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:05:53] H pylori cannot survive in a pH less than three hydrochloric acid H of two. So lactic acid and things that cause Gerd are roughly four. So H pylori lives just fine. If you’re stressed out, you start producing hydrochloric acid. You start producing weaker acids. Which is why you have heartburn and Gerd and ulcers. So the way that we fix this is real simple. We just give the body HCA hydrochloric acid that had to work. Acid will kill the the H pylori. It’ll kill the parasites or kill the parasitic eggs or kill all that stuff. The problem is, is that it’s hot. It’s burning. And so if you have an ulcer in your gut, you’re going to know it because it’s going to burn. It’s going to hurt. So if you do we go through we use stomach complexes a, T and then we go back and use the HCA. So that’s just that’s just the stuff. So you’ve now got because of this decreased neurologic state, this lack of parasympathetic function, you now have parasitic infections in your gut.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:06:55] Well when you have a parasitic infection it kills the probiotics. It eats them and it creates an environment they can’t live in. So regardless the probiotics start to die. Well, nature abhors a vacuum. If you’ve heard that before, it’s true. What happens is that you’re that yeast that’s always in your gut starts to take over so you get a higher yeast issue, so you get gas and bloating. And because the parasites and the parasitic waste they produce, the gas, bloating and the yeast issues, oftentimes not every time, but oftentimes what we see is you’ll go back and forth between, you know, constipation, loose stools or, you know, they’re just not regular. They’re bloating, gas, stomach issues, and they just hurt. And it’s it’s always kind of a super irritating but not like freak out type of stuff most of the time. And so that’s typically what we see. So the way that we go through and do everything is the other problem with that is that it overloads. It reduces the amount of methylated B vitamins your body is producing and utilizing. So bile salts start to congeal, and as the bile start, salt start to congeal. We start to lose liver functionality. We start we start methylated our B vitamins and everything starts kind of falling apart. So real quick I do this all the time.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:08:07] If you’ve ever heard of gallstones, they’re they don’t really exist. And this is an important point. I’m not trying to make a small piece. This is the fact. This is my ring. This is my hand. This is my ring in my hand. There’s not a hand ring. It’s a ring I put in my hand. The reason I make that analogy is because gallstones are really liver stones. The gallbladder is a bag. It doesn’t make anything. It just holds stuff that’s put into it. Now the liver makes bile and puts that bile into the gallbladder for the gallbladder to squirt on to the fat you eat, to emulsify the fat and allow you to digest it properly. Well, what happens is when you lose methylated B-6, your bile salts fall out of suspension. They start to congeal. When they start to congeal, they go from this like really cool, slick WD 40 type consistency into a like a rubber cement type of thing. And so they congeal in these little tiny balls and the little liver tubules as the liver tubules kick them into the gallbladder. There’s a bunch of these little balls, and the color squishes them together into larger balls. And then as those larger balls of bile salt start to dehydrate, they will also start to calcify. And so that’s where this whole process starts. So it’s really a liver problem, not a gallbladder problem. So we kept the gallbladder out thinking we fixed the problem. Hey you didn’t you still have lack of method to be sick. You’re not methylated properly. You’re gonna have all sorts of liver issues. So taking a full spectrum methylated B6 that will help with that. But parasite that. So you got to kill the parasites first.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:09:37] The number one best way to do that is with coffee enemas. So you’re talking about and inside the bowl you’re going to put there’s links to somebody’s YouTube page a Doctor Chalmers one. You open up the capsules of Antiparasitic, you pour it into the coffee pot. When the coffee falls in on top of those powders, it makes a good tea. And so you have this coffee enema that has anti-parasitic properties as well. So. And time pillars. It’s all over the place. Like you guys need it. We’ll send it to you. But we might even post it in the analysis on Friday. We will post on Friday. So that’s how we do that one. Now there’s another one that’s on my website. That’s really good. It’s the severe detox. The spirit detox will help clear out parasites. Really, really well. But it still leaves you with yeast issues. And so after you kill the parasites, you gotta deal with the yeast issues. RFA is really good at that one. The, the reason I like to copy enemas on top of those is because it also cleans the liver. And so you have to recognize that the liver and the kidneys are your detox organs. So the pathway out of the body, you have to feed these things so that they will work better. So kidney complex we use kidney cancer packs are fantastic.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:10:48] You know, if you guys have cash back, you use a favorite heat source on top of the cash pack. So three layers of cotton flannel, each one individually soaked with castor oil. And then on the skin, take a clear piece of plastic over that farm for a heating pad or farm for sauna with direct radiation, that’s fine. On top of that, 45 minutes or so, then throw the cash back away. Great thing to do for your kidneys is on the kids all the time. You know, if they’re sick, if they’re getting like, you know, they’re becoming a little jerks and you’re like, what is wrong with you? Because they’re starting to get sick. Their energy is being taken away from their body to fight whatever’s going on. So if we allow the detox organs to drop faster, the body can pull that trash out of the body, put it in the detox organs to expel faster. So that’s what you do. You got to make sure you clean the kidneys, then the liver, then kill the parasites, then kill the yeast. RFA, by the way, on the website. Fantastic. For yeast issues. And then once that’s done, then you can start putting in collagen B vitamins, and. College environments and the probiotics back in. That’s that’s kind of how you walk through that one. So that’s kind of cleaning up the gut.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:12:00] Here’s the big thing. You know, we might do a little bit more on this. I’ll definitely answer questions on this as much as you guys want. This is the biggest change. I don’t care what you’re eating. I don’t care what else you’re taking. If your gut isn’t where it’s supposed to be, you’re screwed. If your detox organs aren’t where they’re supposed to eat, you’re screwed. Because you got to get the good chemicals and the bad chemicals out. That’s health and wellness. It’s. Did you get the good chemicals? You badly needed them. Did you get the bad chemicals or the waste out? Your body’s a chemical engine. If you don’t, if you want health, you have to start learning chemistry. You have to start understanding. This is a chemical machine. This is a chemical engine. And if I don’t understand what chemicals we need out and what chemicals we need, then you’re never going to be healthy. And I don’t care how you get them. If you’re going to eat them from food, fantastic. You’re taking them. Supplementation. Fantastic. The bottom line is that you got to get the good chemicals in and the bad chemicals out. And so we’re going to spend a lot of time talking about that. Talking about why I take this augmentation I take.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:12:54] But that’s the basis for my whole thing is good chemistry and biochemistry out. And people get healthy because the body was designed in a way where it knows how to fix itself, and it will fix itself if you just give it the chemicals it needs to fix itself. So, I told you to try to keep this in ten minutes. I’m always going along, I apologize. So, we’re going to do questions on Friday. I’ve already got a bunch of stock out, so, it’ll be fun, but, share this video with your friends. You think it’ll help? Anytime that we have more questions, we’ll go a little bit in more depth on that. But I’ll see you guys on Friday for that. And we’ll drop the research then talk to you guys later. Thanks.

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