20 May 2024

The use of DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) and other psychedelics like ibogaine and ketamine for mental health improvement. He explains the profound effects DMT can have on consciousness, aiding in the resolution of deep-seated trauma and providing clarity in one’s life. The importance of proper set, setting, and intention when using these substances to ensure a transformative experience. Also discusses microdosing benefits for conditions like ADD and anxiety. He advises seeking professional guidance for safe and effective use of these therapies.

Highlights of the Podcast

01:06 – The three levels of consciousness

02:52 – The important stuff is right in front of you

04:42 – The intention are really important

06:07 – The setting is the place you’re doing it

07:23 – The intentions and the moods of what you’re trying to do

08:17 – The pharmaceutical version

09:32 – A lot of things in your past that have been damaging you

11:51 – The microdosing helps tremendously as well

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:04] More Mental Health Week. So we’re going to talk about DMT today. So please. DMT is ayahuasca. And it is the kind of the big one that, we use when we talk about. Real quick, I want to throw out ibogaine is fantastic for addiction. I’ve had a lot of guys we’ve worked with who’ve used it, and they were addicted to something hard. Opioids, cocaine, like massive stuff, like uncontrollable addictions. Like, go through the process and they’re clean. Like, they come out. They’re good. So if these guys are spending 50 grand a month on Betty Ford and then not getting fixed, like, not the past, I’ve tank. So ibogaine is a really big one for addiction. But DMT, he’s the one that we use for a lot of other things. DNA. So when you start talking about. That DMT stuff you have to recognize kind of, young, young fashion of the, of the three levels of consciousness. So if you don’t know who, Carl Young is, if you familiar with Doctor Jordan Peterson. Peterson’s a giant fan of young. Young was Freud’s partner for a while, Sigmund Freud’s partner for a while. And then they had a falling out over something. I’ve read the following out, and that there’s had to be a lot of other stuff because, like, the philosophical differences are not gigantic enough to make them all pithy. But anyway, young says there are three layers of consciousness, the conscious that we’re all aware of. You’re talking, you know, we see the of the room, that sort of thing, the subconscious, which is kind of driving and has underlying tones of why we do what we do. And then the universal subconscious.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:01:46] Now the universal subconscious is cool because the universal conscious idea is that there is a. Underlying force, the connection bind all of us. It’s a universal intelligence that we can tap in to change the frequencies of our brain, tap into that frequency, kind of like changing the tune on a radio station. We can get profound, massive change, insights and, into the world and into the universe and how things really work. And it will 100% change you as a human being. That’s his passion. And that’s what we see with Dante. We’ve had a lot of people who use DMT. Yeah, I’ve. I have colleagues here. Friends. Not they even think of that. You know, typical stoner guys like these are CEOs. These are, you know, big time, high end guys running massive companies. You know, Aaron Rodgers did this as well. And it changed his life. And what I did, it changed mine. And it kind of helps you focus on what’s going on. Like all the, all the important stuff is right in front of you. The the stuff is not as important. Is kind of fades away. But a lot of times will end up happening if we hear stories of this over and over again is like my favorite story was, one of our guys. He said, you know, sitting there and he was like, you know, guys, we did this injection wise. There’s multiple ways of doing it. And he was like, and this guy comes in, sit down in front of me and he’s talking to me and he’s telling me all of his problems.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:03:17] This guy’s an idiot. Like, these problems are super easy to solve. Like, and he’s here’s my problem. Boom, out the park. Here’s my problem. Boom. Out the park. Here’s the problem. Boom. I park is like, just super easy. He was like, they’re about a fifth or sixth question. I realized that’s me is like, I’m hallucinating. I’m like, I’m talking to myself. Like I’m, I, I’m sitting in front of me myself, telling me all my problems, and I’m solving them all. Like they’re just like, the easiest problems in the world. Like, I’m a two year old with two year old cell problems. And he was like, yes. And he went back to it and he relived some of the things that massively traumatic things in his life. And now he is over them. And he was like, it was a rough experience. He’s like, but when I got through it, he was like, my entire life was just crystal clear. What I needed to do, where I needed to go, how I needed to do things. And so that’s one of those things that when you build up to and you do the set, the setting and the intentions, right. With DMT, it is a it is a life changing experience. The other cool thing that we see at DMT, and one of the things we use it for microdosing for is brain regeneration. So we see actual brain regrowth, neurologic regrowth, of damaged tissue, with DMT, the the shamans who do this on a regular basis, they have a very interesting, neurologic growth pattern from research that we’ve seen of their brains. So it is a is a big, big deal. But and I keep mentioning this, I want to go into it now, the set, the setting, the intention are really important. So I would tell you that. It’s a 7030 drug to set setting intention thing and it might be more 6040.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:04:54] The reason I say that is because. The the when you’re working on your mind and these are these these compounds help focus and attenuate and change the way that your mind is working, the way you think that things like that. So you have to be kind of open and ready for it. And that’s one of the big things. And it’s I realize how weird spiritual this sounds, but this psychology is how kind of things work. The more open you are and ready for change, the more you go, look, I like who I am or I don’t like who I am, but I need to change to be the person I want to be, right? The more open to that idea you are, and the more I’m willing to do whatever it takes to change. And I am willing to allow the universal intelligence to help guide this path, however they choose, if that is kind of the intention. You go into it with that, you’re going to see a lot of change, a lot of significantly beneficial change. So that’s that’s the big piece that we kind of have to get ready. So the fact is the mindset like, I’m ready for this, I’m ready to go. I’m accepting of any change that is beneficial to my life. The setting is the place you’re doing it. And so you want to feel comfortable as you’re handing your, your, your consciousness over to the universe.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:06:18] So you want to be in a, you know, place you’re comfortable and safe. You know, if you like, when we do academy and stuff like that, I tell people, you know, if there’s an issue, like with your mom, like you had issues with your mom and your life, and you’re trying to deal with that. Bring pictures of your mom, bring pictures, be like a rosary. Something like something that ties you psychologically and mentally to that person. Or to that is that fact, that kind of helps kind of ground everything and bring it back to that point. Like we had one of the guys that had an issue with his mom. You took pictures of her in, and he’s doing his ketamine, and he said he is. I had a, like, what seemed like forever long talk with my mom, and, you know, all the issues. Kind of like, I was able to tell her how I felt, and I was able to tell her what was going on and was able to apologize. And he was like afterwards. He was like, I feel totally different. Like, like that, that pressure of, you know, the issues you have of his mom or gone. And so that kind of helped set, like I said, from talking about that have set the, the, the intentions and the moods of what you’re trying to do.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:07:25] So, you know, if you’re gonna start doing any of these things, I highly recommend you do it in a clinical setting. You do it with, you know, a therapy team who’s done this before, a shaman group who knows what they’re doing. You know, people are like, oh, it’s fun. Go do it. Okay, maybe, but if you’re doing this for for growth and you’re doing this for what you need to be doing or for, I would grab it. I would grab some guys who know what they’re talking about, know what you’re doing to set setting intention, and then kind of play out from there. One of the big things that DMT, if you have not heard, if you’re doing the natural function, there’s there’s different ones to do. There’s some that, you know, we get our stuff from the 600 year old vines, but we’re doing natural stuff. Some of our team has that and then some of our team, we have anesthesiologists who just make the DMT, as pharmaceutically. But when we do it with the pharmaceutical version, usually it’s cleaner. We don’t have any purging the natural stuff. You’re gonna have a lot of purging.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:08:23] So vomiting, you know, you’re going to have your lose your soul. Yeah. That’s a that’s a fairly common thing. So be prepared for that. If you if you’re going to a high wash or retreat or something like that, if they don’t tell you, if they don’t tell you that, you probably don’t need to be working with those guys. But. Heads up. You know, just as you’re going into it. Can I keep that? If I keep that information, you know, in your head. But that’s one of the things that you have got to work through. I like to kind of work out because when I did mine, I did the ketamine first, and then I did, then I did a separate, separate worm when we did ketamine, MDMA and DMT, and that one was pretty spectacular. So I would highly recommend that you guys are going to. You guys are looking for some of these things to do. Kind of work through that, get through a get with a team that, you know, know what they’re doing and try to figure out how you’re going to play that through. But it can. I highly recommend anybody who’s getting to a point where their mental state, mental function is important, where you know, you’re ready for a higher level of mental growth. So check it out. If you have a lot of things in your past that have been damaging you, you’ve got repressed memories, you’ve had trauma, and a lot of us have had trauma. Like, people keep thinking, well, you know, no one’s shooting at me. Like I’m not a military veteran, that no one was shooting at me. So I must be okay.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:09:45] The daily day to day stuff is just as damaging. So, you know, when you’ve got, you know, how am I going to make grand? How I’m going to make the bills. Hey, you know, I got this issue with my dad and my mom, my kids, you know, all these other things that are weighing on you and eating away at you. You know, those sort of things are easy to get knocked out as well. So, you know, the easy way to do that is to just Google ketamine near me, you know, go in and get some I.V. injections. On that one, those guys should be using, some kind of monitors. So one of the things that happens with ketamine and also, you know, Alex doesn’t agree is it will increase your blood pressure, your heart rate, things like that. So if you do it in a clinical setting, it’s where it’s safe. They can go, oh, your blood pressure’s up and they can give you something that will bring your blood pressure back down. Like, oh, you know, you’re having heart rate issues. You’re tachycardic your heart’s beating too fast. We can slow it down. And so that’s really important. So make sure that you’re working with a team who knows how to do that. And a lot of these ketamine places will actually have a lot of more I.V.. You’ll be able to do I.V. so you get hydration, you get everything else.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:10:48] So, you know, there is more than just, you know, take the meds. But it’s really, really beneficial. So if you have anxiety, if you have depression, if you have any, you know, anything that would resemble PTSD. Definitely. Definitely going to look into this stuff because it is something that will be game changing for you. Now there are some, you know, contraindications. You know, if you’re bipolar and you’re having a really manic or really depressive day, not the great the best way to do it kind of find it in the middle. There’s some other things that, you know, we’ve got to kind of worry about, but a lot of these guys will kind of check that. They’ll do the medical intake, make sure you’re okay. But it is a is a big, big deal. If you guys need any help with it, you know, here’s, questions. That’s all response like, dropping in the comments. If you guys have done some psychedelics, this helps you somehow drop in the comments. The other thing we can talk about is microdosing. So when you take a large amount of either total five and a DMT of your ketamine, whatever, and you have these euphoric, you know, you see things and it’s a whole deal. That’s that’s more of a macro dose. The microdosing helps tremendously as well. So psilocybin microdose.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:11:56] We’ve seen people who have A.D.D. who have, you know, anxiety, who have all sorts of issues where those micro doses kind of help them get back where they need to be so they can function at a much higher level. So microdosing is definitely a thing. It’s going to do a little bit different function than the microdosing. You’re not going to get as big of a, you know, oh, I figured out the, you know, my purpose in life. You know, you’re not gonna get that as much. But the daily, you know, my A.D.D. issues, my my anxiety issues, like the little, the buzzing, the tension, you know, stress that helps calm down. So, if you guys have any questions about that, like I said, drop them in the comments and we’ll go over. But it’s, it’s a big deal. So if you guys are looking at your mental health, it’s not where you want it today. Start doing some research into psychedelics. I think it’ll help you tremendously. So thanks for your time. We’ll see you tomorrow for questions. So I was gonna say.

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