24 Apr 2024

To questions regarding health concerns, including vaccine regrets, calorie misconceptions, and cholesterol myths. The importance of understanding biochemical processes and suggests strategies for addressing health issues such as sleep apnea and cardiovascular health.

Highlights of the Podcast

00:37 – The mRNA actually starts changing the DNA

02:13 – The more complex and the more severe the symptoms are going to get

03:53 – A lot of people are burying their head in the sand on this one

04:57 – The muscles has to be stored as fat

06:05 – The macro function

07:04 – The muscle tissue to produce sugar for the blood

08:19 – How you position the other levers to get to burn the fastest

09:29 – The kidneys work and turn into D3

10:16 – The most lipid oxidation

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:04] so we’re answering questions from questions at Chalmers while Scott. You got a couple of them. One of them. So this one’s about, vaccine. So the question is, I got the vaccine two years ago. I regret getting it now. I’ve been having health issues since. What is it? What is the best way to clear? Basically, you’re wanting to get rid of the vaccine. There’s no way that I know how to get rid of the vaccine. The mRNA actually starts changing the DNA, changing the way your body does things chemically. From the moment it’s put out. We know there is certain things. We know it damages the ponds just like MMR and the vaccines damage the ponds. Which is why we get sudden infant death syndrome, in a large part of sudden infant death syndrome with the vaccines they give early on, damage to ponds and, creating massive sleep apnea, and they just stop breathing at night and they don’t start again. That’s how they die. That’s how babies die, is how people with, the Covid vaccine die. What that actually does, as well as if it doesn’t kill you, it radically, decreases oxygenation of the whole body. So the first thing we want to do is, is sleep study, make sure that that issue is either not there or that we get your CPAp to take care of that.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:01:30] The next thing I always like to do is get an echocardiogram and a calcium CT. The echocardiograms can show us myocarditis. We have to if you have lingering issues of the heart, the one that we see the most is the ejection fraction is lower, which is the amount of blood that’s kicked out of the heart. Quite often helps quite a bit with that. You’re probably going to be on that forever. Malachi Knights is also a big player in AC. Those three things we’ve had to use every single time. There’s other things we’ve had to use. You’re probably going to be on those for the rest of your life. We need to quit calling this a viruses is a bioweapon. It was specifically designed to do exactly what it’s doing. So can I keep that in mind? The longer you go without treating it, the more complex and the more severe the symptoms are going to get. Cleaning the liver clean. The kidneys are also important to get your testosterone in your do three of, testosterone is gonna help your body heal. So right now, what you have with the vaccine is you have some that’s actively decaying and chipping away at your body. You need to get everything else in your body up, all the health function up as high as you can to offset that. We don’t know how much you might offset it. We don’t know how long it’s gonna go, but that’s the thing. So just say if you were smoking and taking a lot of medical drugs, you’re gonna have to be healthier to offset that damage. So those are the things you have to clean up your diet.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:02:53] So no seed oil, low GI like, there’s a lot of things. But the three NSC now, kind of X and Y nine are most likely going to be the things you do get that sleep study that calcium CT, that echocardiogram. The calcium CT is very important because we have sort of baseline, how much planning we have today versus how much do you have, how much planning you have a year to, we’re going to start working on getting your testosterone levels up so you can eat the plaque out of the arteries. We’re going to start worrying about, not letting any, free radicals or erect oxidative stress. And, meditation and relaxation is in a big piece as well. So if you got the vaccine because you were forced to, which I see a lot all the time, or because you chose to made a mistake. Either way, it doesn’t really matter why you got it. You did. And so we need to start working back and, getting and getting tested and going through Thera is gonna be really important as well. So, gas as you can. Let’s get started working on, so the only thing to do, a lot of people are burying their head in the sand on this one, and that’s the worst possible thing to, so make sure that you guys did get the vaccine or had to.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:04:04] Again, doesn’t matter why you’re gonna start getting treated for it. It’s it’s one of those things that if you give yourself a little bit more time to see if things are bad, when you find out they’re bad, it’s, oh, you have cancer. Oh, you had a heart attack or oh, like something terrible. So get in, get checked on that, start working that back out. The other one is, explained. Please explain how calories don’t matter anymore. Okay? Calories double the amount of food that you intake does matter. So what? The reason why calories don’t matter is because calories are not part of chemistry. So if you, for instance, say, all right, well, show me why carbohydrates can make me fat. I can walk you through the entire chemical process. Right? It’s carbon. Sugar goes in. Create sugar in the blood. Blood has too much sugar. Insulin pushes the sugar into the cells. Whatever doesn’t go in the muscles has to be stored as fat. That’s how you get fat from from sugars or from carbohydrates. Fats. You have fat absorb because a short like a 6 to 9. So the short mean change requests rise. Those are absorbed directly through the intestinal lumen because right into the body bloodstream hold the body can use them for longer than that.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:05:17] They have to have a micron, in the intestine and shove through the body. Your liver also makes LDL cholesterol. For this very purpose. So that’s how facts, you know, get stored. Proteins. Proteins are not going to get that. They have to go through gluconeogenesis to the point where they create an insulin response. That’s just not going to happen. Calories. The definition of calorie is the amount of energy required to move one kilogram of water one degree Celsius. So it is a is an energy measurement kind of like a degree, or a Kelvin. It’s the amount of it’s not of heat energy that’s in something. There is no chemical path where a calorie produces ATP. So. You’re gonna have to show me how it functions. So get away from that and get more into the macro function. The macro function are the proteins, fats and carbohydrates. And then in that in the fats you split those up into omega six fats. So like your seed oils and things like that, your saturated monounsaturated those sort of things to figure out how they actually fit in. And then sugars you have to look at carbohydrates. Look at the glycemic index.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:06:27] So that’s that’s how that function works. Right now I’m eating once every two days to increase the amount of burn from the fact that I’m currently burning. Now, if you’re going to do any fasting like we talked about when we talk about fasting, make sure you’re getting your collagen in, because if you don’t, your muscle tissue will be eating away to provide sugar for your blood. Your blood cannot run on. It’s the only thing that can’t run in on fats or on ketones. It has to have sugar because it has a lot of time. So, for instance, the reason with some gluten is impact. The reason why people lose so much muscle mass is because their body still requires the sugar breaks and the muscle tissue to produce sugar for the blood, and it continually does that. And that’s where your problem. So taking the college will give you the amino acids it needs to make the sugar through gluconeogenesis without tearing hurt your muscles tissues. So that’s kind of how that one plays out. If you can show me how like what a calorie is and how it works chemically, that is fantastic. But that’s why they don’t matter. So, like, for instance, fiber doesn’t matter at all. It doesn’t get absorbed. Protein doesn’t turn into fat. You’re going to get some small pieces of energy out of it, but outside of blood sugar for your blood, it doesn’t really produce an energy. So it’s basically free to eat.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:07:44] Turkey, pork loin. Those side of things are fantastic. Very filling, high protein, very clean. Very good for you. As long as it’s from clean sources. Eggs are also fantastic. So, you know, those are great as far as, fat goes, as far as cleaning up that little thing. So if you can get yourself to the point where you can fast like I am for you once a day, or you eat once every two days or something like that, that’s going to help tremendously. Because as your body has to find a fuel source to produce ATP, that’s why you carry the fat on your body. How you position the other levers to get to burn the fastest, most efficiently, cleanest, and, without damaging your muscle tissue is kind of a process that everyone has to. Everyone’s body works a little bit differently. And so whenever I start working with people, we can tweak that as we go. But that’s generally the basis for what’s going on with that. Okay, so I talk about free radicals causing. Hold on. Okay. I say it’s not cholesterol. It’s free, radical damage that causes plastic. How is that true? Okay, so what ends up happening is your body produces LDL and VLDL cholesterol as a main fuel source for your heart.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:09:08] It also uses it to carry things throughout the body. So, for instance, one of the reasons I don’t like certain drugs, one of the reasons that certain drugs, do more damage than good is because when they reduce the LDL cholesterol, your body cannot take D2, which is making the liver it to the LDL cholesterol and use the LDL cholesterol as a transport mechanism, which is one of the main purposes for LDL, to the kidneys work and turn into D3. So you decrease your D3 hormone, which is going to decrease the iron control to your heart, to your kidneys, to your adrenals, to your bones, your immune system, all those things. The the thing about the LDL, maybe LDL cholesterol, is that it’s not ever going to hurt you. Like lots and lots of people have high LDL, high LDL, and have no plaque. We’ve known this for a long time. The issue we get into with planning is that the arteries are damaged through reactive oxidative stress. And then the the LDL cholesterol is also mutated and damaged and altered from the reactive oxygen stress.

[00:10:06] So if you’re worried about packing in a calcium C to reduce all inflammatory, stuff like seed oils, those are the biggest one because they cause the most lipid oxidation. Lipitor oxidation is damage to fats. LDL is a fat. So you really want to start with that one. Vitamin E is a great one. Pecans work great at one of the sites. Much for compote. Yeah, the other 90% of the reason is because it’s super delicious. But that’s what you’re really looking for on us. I would highly recommend everybody over the age of 20 get a calcium CT for no the reasons, just to get a baseline of where you are today. We’re starting to see people with planning and, you know, in the teens and early 20s. So there isn’t really a too young age to do this. If you get a zero great one, just kind of keep going on from there. So, those are some of the big issues. I’ve got a couple more questions later, some of these just via email. But when you guys have questions sent to us. Questions at children’s law school. I want it going. Thanks for your time.

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