Slipped & Herniated Disc

Slipped disc, herniated disc, and bulging disc are all terms for more or less the same issue. While most people use the terms in the order bulging disc, then slipped disc, then herniated disc there is no real measurement difference. For this reason if you have been told that you have a “bulging disc” it is possible that you have a serious problem just as if you have a “herniated disc”.

Herniated discs are a significant problem. They can obviously create a great deal of pain, like sciatica; however, they can cause other substantial problems. If you have a herniated disc or even a “bulging disc” in your low back you can lose the ability to walk normally. Our chiropractors have had patients that report that they feel clumsier and trip over stairs or their own feet.

The herniation can put pressure on nerves that help the gut to function. The pressure on these nerves can cause loose stools, constipation, bloating and stomach pain. Our chiropractors have even seen herniated discs decrease sexual function with symptoms like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation issues, loss of sensation and pain with intercourse.

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