Holistic Healing

Very often the term natural and holistic get used interchangeably, however they are not the same thing. Natural means you do not use any medication, medical imaging or processed supplements. Holistic healing means you take into account everything that is going on in the body. Not just looking for the fastest way to eliminate a symptom, but rather getting to the cause or the foundation of the issue. Very often long-term issues are due to a system that has failed due to more than one problem. This is the reason you will often have to work on multiple organs to achieve a long-term solution. Holistic healing means that when you add in a supplement or medical drug, you understand what that addition is going to do to the body and if there are going to be side or secondary effects. Holistic healing also lets us take a look at how thing are going to be in the long term. It is impossible to have a long-term view of health without understanding how the entire body is functioning and repairing. At Chalmers Wellness, we do all of this with blood work, exercise, diet, supplementation and specific muscle testing. This allows us to develop a solid picture of what each individual person needs and create a custom plan for their bodies. When you take the time to evaluate the person as a whole, it is much easier to create the right plan. Holistic healing is using information from the body to get the right approach and plan.

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