As in any sport, the score not always the most important element. Getting to the end of the game or event in the with best performance that you could have put into the event. How you get there is the team, coach and desire to win. The pillars of Wellness are all integrated as a way of life. Our treatments follow the Chalmers game in life – winning as a team. 

Massage Therapy

At Chalmers Wellness, we have 3 massage therapists on staff trained and supervised by Dr. Chalmers. So call and schedule an appointment today to take the next step on your path to wellness.

Massage therapy is one aspect of wellness that is sometimes overlooked. Studies have shown that some benefits are:

* Stress Reduction
* Lessen pain and muscle tension
* Increase relaxation
* Improve immune function

Sports Injuries/Wellness

Women’s Health



Hormone Therapy

Weight Loss

Holistic Healing

Slipped & Herniated Disc

Massage Therapy

Plantar Fasciitis

Frozen Shoulder

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