Hormone Therapy

Hormones are the chemical messengers of the body that tell our organs how to function. Need more bone, turn up the metabolism, heal the muscle, decrease anxiety and increase energy are all things that hormones do. Unfortunately, as stress or age increases, hormones, like testosterone go down. Properly measuring and correcting hormones is critical to a person’s overall wellness. Overall quality of life and wellness requires your body to be firing on all cylinders. In order for your body to be operating at its highest possible function, all hormones need to be at optimal levels. Having low testosterone can cause anxiety, depression, metabolic issues, fatigue, osteoporosis, brain fog, low sex drive and low sexual function. Correcting these hormones can radically change a person's life for the better. However, it is critical that this is done in a safe and holistic manner. If you do not fix the gut, detox organs and deal with psychological stress, you cannot achieve wellness. If you do take testosterone, your body will require specific nutrients to stay clean and operate at the highest levels. Ensuring that all hormones are where they need to be and working on a holistic plan is the only way to improve your health.

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