Weight Loss/Body Transformation

Weight loss is about fat loss. Too many people become fixated on a specific number and that is not healthy or productive. If you lose 5 pounds of fat and gain 5 pounds of muscle, you look better, feel better and are healthier despite the fact that the scale has not moved. At Chalmers Wellness, we look at body transformation as the healthier way to make change.

First, we find out how your body works and that helps us design a program and approach that is right for you. We start by finding your resting metabolic rate, which tells us how many calories your body needs to have per day just to carry out normal daily metabolic function. You cannot go beneath this number of calories in a day without triggering starvation mode which shuts down your metabolism and stores more calories as fat. We can then look at your daily life and get a close estimate at total number of calories you should eat if you want to lose fat or gain muscle. Exercise can be one of the more important parts of all body transformations. If you want more muscle, you have to exercise. If you want to be toned and not soft, muscle is going to be critical. The other thing about adding muscle is that adding muscle is the fastest way to increase your metabolism and thus increase the speed at which you reach your goals.

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