09 Jul 2024

The pervasive issue of heavy metals in everyday life, from car exhaust to food and water. It emphasizes the importance of detoxifying kidneys and liver before starting heavy metal detoxification using binding agents like zeolites and clays. The discussion includes the health impacts of heavy metals, the need to remove sources like silver fillings, and the importance of detox before pregnancy. It concludes with advice on safe detox methods and the necessity of addressing heavy metal toxicity for overall health.

Highlights of the Podcast

00:04 – Introduction to Heavy Metals Issue
01:15 – Heavy Metal Detoxification Process
03:44 – Case Study: Ovarian Cysts
04:52 – Sources of Heavy Metals
06:13 – Heavy Metals and Pregnancy
07:21 – Proper Detoxification Methods
08:30 – General Recommendations
09:59 – Risks and Safety Measures
11:06 – Testing and Misconceptions
12:12 – Conclusion

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:04] We’ve been seeing lots of heavy metal issues lately, and so I want to kind of walk through that one. The problem with heavy metals is everyone’s like, oh, don’t have metal plates. Don’t don’t just jump into a heavy metal plate. We see lots of damage from that. Now, if you want to do chelating agents and stuff like that, that’s fine. So, binding agents. So, you know, the clays, the, the zeolites, that type of stuff. Those are fine. Those are going to bind and pull out. That’s how we start all these things. So, when we first start talking about heavy metals, we have to understand is that they’re ubiquitous in our society. They’re all over. They’re literally being sprayed on us and raining down. They’re in the car exhausts. They’re in, you know, they’re in the fluorescent lights above your head. If you’re in a place that’s of fluorescent lights, not LEDs. They’re all over there in our food. They’re in our water. They’re in our clothing. The BPA stuff, like, you know, those are those are not necessarily heavy metals with the toxic chemicals that are there. So, but they’re all over the inks that we use, like, they’re just they’re all over the place. They’re going to be you’re drinking water, showering in them the whole deal.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:01:15] So is that one of the things you have to detox out 100%? Now think of a think of a heavy metal like a ball with spikes on it. And your body will grab it, wrap it in fat and stick it over here just like bubble wrap to protect your your body from it. If you break those free with like chlorella or some of these, you know, heavy metal detox stuff, it comes out, it bounces around destroying things all around it, and then your body will finally grab it and stick it back somewhere else so you damage the tissue that came out of you, damage the tissues around it, and then it bound it again and stuck it back somewhere in your body to damage things all over the place that never came out. That’s one of the risks that we run. So the first thing that we will always do is I will clean your kidneys or clean your liver. Get the detox pathways open, make sure everything’s ready to go, build your gut back up so we have the proper gut flora. So everything’s kind of ready to go. Build your jasmine almost back up. So your body is a lot healthier and ready to actually detox. Because one of the things we see. A lot of times when people have that heavy metal issues is we see detox issues from heavy metals. So as you’re doing this, make sure you’re doing this properly. You’re not just creating more problems.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:02:26] So you clean all that stuff out then you buy. So we use zeolites. We use we use different clays medically as well as we use, they kind of absorb the heavy metals are just sitting in your blood and we’ll pull those out for, you know, a week, three weeks, a month, depending on the person, how bad it is, that type of thing, how weak your system is. So if you have, you know, if you have a weak system, if you have lives, you have five miles, you got something else going on. We’ve got to take that into account. But we’ll pull out. The heavy metals are just sitting around. Right. Because the ones you’re constantly bringing in, you’re breathing in, you’re you’re getting through water and foods like that, or soak those up and pull those out for a time upfront weight, like I said, a week, a month, whatever. And then as those levels start kind of calming down, then we’ll continually give you the binding agents. Then we’ll start giving you the liquid heavy metal stuff, the capsule heavy metals of the stuff that is designed like chlorella, and then nice stuff to actually knock that in metals out of the tissues. That can then be bound by the stuff floating around waiting to bind it and then carry it out the body. So, that’s really, really important. Now, one of the things that we’re seeing is it’s attacking. Whatever issues you’ve already got.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:03:44] So, for instance, I had a lady come in and she’s. She has massive ovarian cysts to the point where, you know, there was conversation about having a hysterectomy, even though directly the organs were fine. So what, what we started looking at was, okay, what’s your heavy metal toxicity load? And we started we found out that there’s a general in the metals, but they were really concentrated in her uterus and ovaries, which, you know, that would make sense about the cyst. And so we’re pulling those out. Now, the fun thing is we this is one of those people that we did the whole thing. Everything’s cleaned, everything’s going to go. And we wanted out bad, like because it’s it’s creating significant issues. And so as we’re pulling them out, she calls me after like the third night and she goes, hey, the heavy metals affect your dreams. And I’m like, they can, because there’s a lot of heavy metal that gets stuck in the brain. Like, a lot like when we talk about Alzheimer’s, we talk about aluminum, heavy metals being stuck in the brain. And guess where you get aluminum from your deodorant? Actually, I’m sorry. Your antiperspirant uses aluminum to paralyze the, the body’s perspiration. That.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:04:52] So, yeah. You’re perfectly using aluminum to paralyze and disrupt bodily function. And that’s where you’re getting a lot of it in. So your makeups usually are things like that. Definitely. Where you’re getting a of this stuff that, so it’s in the bread and so it can mess up your dreams. It can mess up your mood. It can mess up, you know, things like that as we’re pulling them out. But here’s the problem. It’ll mess that stuff up if we don’t pull it out too. So the problem is, is that if we as it messes up your dreams and messes your mood up, makes you look grumpy while we’re doing it, it’s just temporary. If it starts messing up your mood and the way you act and things like that without pulling them out, that means there’s such a high concentration, you can do nothing else with it. That’s really bad. That’s going to take a long, long time to pull out. If we can pull it all out. So this is one of those things that if you live in America, there’s a whole list of things that if you live in America, you have to do it. You got to submit. You gotta pull the heavy metals out. You got to you’re probably going to be on the from because all of our water is full of atrazine and stuff like that. But on the heavy metal front, you’re just going to have to do heavy metal detoxes. So that means taking all the genitals. So yeah, there’s an argument that one of the reasons that men, the left that we all have low tea is because of heavy metals, and that’s 100% true, but it’s not the only thing.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:06:13] So if you were able to wave the wand and how you have no more heavy metals, I think 5 or 10%, especially the younger guys, 5 or 10% of the people, their test would come up probably. But you got a lot of other things pushing back against you as well. But having only one of them, now, when we talked about pregnancy, heavy metals are a giant plague pregnancy problem. Because, again, think of it this way. A woman’s body is the factory in which the baby’s being built. If the factory is dirty and doesn’t have enough nutrients or doesn’t have enough. Your parts to make the baby. You’re going to make a less healthy baby. So anybody who’s like, I might get pregnant, you know, next year, in the next couple months. Doing the pregnancy detox is really, really important because you got to go through clean all the got to clean all the detox organs. Get the your gut flora backwards. Supposed to be so everything’s where it’s supposed to be. Then pull all the heavy metals out, make sure the hormones are balanced, get pregnant, stay on the protocols that you have all the nutrients in your body, and then have a healthy baby. But, you know, pulling those heavy metals out is gonna be really, really important.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:07:21] But what I always, I always mention this to people. Any time that we’re going to start fixing something, we have to stop poisoning ourself first, right? So, you know, if you’re worried about arterial hacking, we got to stop giving ourselves the things that we actually have stress that damages cholesterol. If you want to have heavy metals pulled out of you, you got to stop putting heavy metals in. So if you have silver fillings, you have to have those removed. Silver fillings. Go watch the video Smoking teeth. It’s a pretty good documentary on how much Mercury and stuff is is out and gas from those silver fillings into your whole body. And they did studies on sheep and monkeys where they took took the mother who already had babies, tested the babies. Babies had no heavy metals. Took those sheep and monkeys, gave them mercury fillings just like they do people, and then got them pregnant and then tested the offspring and the offspring were loaded with heavy metals. So if you’ve got silver fillings in your mouth, you got to get those out and you got to go to the right dentist to have those pulled out, because you don’t just want to grind them out and vaporize that stuff.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:08:30] So they do a dental damage with latex back behind your mouth so you can’t swallowing that stuff. High vacuum, high vacuum suction to pull any any vapors they pull out, they have to crack them and pull them out that way. Then clean the teeth. I like to use lasers that you can use for oxides and stuff like that, to clean the teeth and then put the, the composite, filling back in. Then afterwards, I still tell people after you do that, let’s do a heavy metal detox, because you’re going to get just some of that, like pieces going to lay on your mucosal membranes and get sucked into the body. So we got to get this stuff cleaned up. So like I said. Organs and clean the kidneys in the liver. Get those detox organs open and ready to go. Get the gut, reset the hormones, reset your body. Can handle and rebuild and regenerate and heal from any issues that the models create. Then start doing binding agents. Then start doing the agents that knock yourself out of the tissue into the binding agents and pull that out. Then your then your gut. So that’s the path I’m heading. Models. Very very important. Every single person should be doing this. It just depends on where it fits in your priority list, I guess. And if your practitioner knows how to do it, your people are doing things like EDTA pushers and doing these big medical things where. Oh, I’m gonna pump you full of stuff. Research EDTA and kidney damage research, heavy metal detox and kidney damage.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:09:59] There’s a reason we have to clean the detox organs first. There’s a reason to get them able to open. There’s a reason why, as you’re doing this, we have to maintain. Are we pushing too hard? Is this more than the body can handle? Heavy metals are super dangerous. And if you don’t play with them, right, you can hurt yourself. So, you know, be very, very careful on this. Binding agents are pretty much okay to attack. So like I said, the the clays activate charcoal, I guess kind of works. It’s not I would never use as a binding agent, but it it can help. But the clays, the zeolites, that type of stuff, those are fine. And here’s the other problem with that. Zeolites and clays on that type of stuff don’t work for all the heavy metals. So you can’t just take one thing and be like, I’m going to get all the heavy metals. Depending on the ionic charge, you’re going to need different things to pull out different heavy metals. So, you know, and the thing is, you can do your analysis and be like, oh, look, I don’t have any heavy metals, mayor. Okay. That means you don’t have any heavy metals in your urine coming out of your body. It doesn’t mean you don’t have any heavy metals in your body, in the in the sweet crystal structure of your body.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:11:06] You might have a decent amount of nails in. So in fact, if you if you’re urinating out large amounts of heavy metals, that’s actually a good thing because they’re coming out of the body. Now, I would make sure that you’re not bringing too in and leaving and getting one out. I would massively investigate your surroundings, you know, air quality, food quality, water quality. You. Yeah. What’s in your clothes like? Everything that’s in your area to make sure that you’re not getting those things in. And then, like I said, taking two and getting one out. But you want to see having those coming out in your, in your urine and stuff like that. So that’s why sometimes heavy metal testing isn’t the most accurate function. Because you’re like, oh, look, someone’s coming out. You must have a lot. So we have to do a whole bunch of metal testing, having our plants. And which is fine, because you can always do more cleansing. But sometimes, like, well, you don’t have any heavy metals in your urine, so that must mean there’s none in your body. I don’t if you live in America, I don’t I don’t think it’s possible. You have to convince me otherwise. But you have no heavy metals in your body.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:12:12] Like I said, it’s in our food, it’s in our water. It’s in a lot of the containers we used to ship stuff. You probably have some from your parents. You know, it’s in so much stuff. Just Google what has heavy metals in it and you’re going to get, you know, if you spend some time researching that, you’re gonna get a longer list. So everybody’s got these. It just depends on how much we’re getting out and how well we’re getting them out. Your brain’s one of the number one places to like the high, because the. Guess what? They like to hide it. Fat, brains. Fat. So. Big, big issue on that one. So if you guys have not started doing anything metal stuff, ask us questions as a thing. Get in, we can help you kind of put that back together. It is always something we do later in our protocols because like I said, you’ve got to make sure that it’s safe enough to do. But it is very, very, very important. So if you guys haven’t done this, start looking into it’s going to be important. Thanks for your time.

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