31 May 2024

Discusses various aspects of preparing for his bodybuilding competition. Addresses questions about his carb-up strategy, the impact of ketosis on glycogen levels, and how barometric pressure affects his body. The importance of maintaining a healthy diet, even while indulging occasionally, and highlights his preference for keto-friendly foods. Shares his plans for the day of the competition, his thoughts on spray tanning, and his excitement for the event.

Highlights of the Podcast

01:24 – The way the chemistry works

02:54 – One of the biggest pieces of what we’re doing

03:48 – The diet that everybody has

05:15 – The barometric pressure

06:49 – Bodybuilders are the least healthy when they’re on stage

08:18 – What did I use to carb up with

10:03 – One of the things I’m going to do

11:53 – Fat oxidizing state or a keto state

15:04 – The thing I’m looking more forward

16:07 – Getting healthy

16:56 – The thing I love about this diet

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:00:03] It’s peak week. So we’re going to do some questions from questions at Chalmers on the sitcom about Peak Week. And people are asking lots of lots of questions about segmentation. One of what I’m taking, why that’s the thing. So, when we get back, we will definitely start going into all the things from taking why we’re taking them and things like that. There’s a lot of stuff that I take to prevent getting sick. This novel. Allison. Allison, lysine, things like that. And you can get all that stuff in here as well. This website. And again, the profits from that go to, the charity. So we’ll do, we’ll do a lot more stuff on that. We’ll go into the different stuff we’re taking, when I get back, we’re going on vacation, family vacation. And so we’ll post all sorts of fun pictures from that. That should be a good time. But I’ll post the pictures of the big bags of Solitude talking with us. Because I guys make sure that, regardless of whatever the crazy foods we’re going to eat are, that we stay as healthy as possible.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:01:10] So, a couple of questions. The one of the questions I got was if I’m going to carve up for the, for the show. Yes. So. The way the chemistry works is that your body produces its own sugar. My glucose levels, my blood glucose levels were high. I started glucose monitoring for the whole, carb up thing, because, you know, this show is really important for a lot of reasons. One. It’s my first show. And so the most important thing I can do is learn from this. So I’ve never had this right hand. I’ve never done a show. You know, I don’t know that you’re walking through things, helping people do a show chemically, like supplementation hormone, so that that is different in every way from doing it. So, you know, I worked with a lot of pro athletes. I’ve never played in a program. So it’s been one of those things that, you know, we’ll go through this process and going through the whole the whole process the way that, you know, Steve and, Cuchillo and this other those guys have kind of in you’re giving me information on. So I want to try it this way first. I don’t know, we’ll see how it plays out. I don’t know if I’m going to need to carve up, because of the way that your body, if you, if you stay in ketosis, if we stay in a fat exercising state, and you do it properly, your body produces all the sugar. It’s gonna need to run, glycogen function. The whole deal can be dealt with.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:02:43] The easiest way to explain that is your body. Your liver produces all the sugar it needs. Your body can sustain itself. It was designed and it was created to do that. Which is one of the biggest pieces of what we’re doing, which is why everything that what I do works is because your body was designed. It was created to do these things. It was designed. It was created to utilize the the, the nutrition of the earth. So, you know, we, you know, we were put here, we we had very specific chemical needs, this chemical, these were scattered all over the place, making it very, very, very easy for us to maintain the biological and physiological function that our bodies were designed to have. When we really start to see, you know, problems with our health is when we go against the design that we have, which is pretty easy to see. Which is why when I make a comment about, you know, if everyone in the in the United States would move to a keto diet, 80% of a lot of the disease would go away. And that’s because not because keto so great, but because the diet that everybody has is so unbelievably bad.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:03:52] The glyphosate, the atrazine, the high, the all the all the massive amounts of chemicals that play on all your endocrine function. So your insulin receptors, you’re keeping your testosterone low, your cortisol high, keeping your insulin levels through the roof so that you guys, we all go just slightly diabetic, all designed to keep us as unhealthy as possible. So we have to keep buying the drugs and we keep having to be dependent upon, you know, government, everything else to function. So, you know, obviously by design, you know, most of our food is illegal in every other country, which is actually kind of funny because, you know, normally we, you know, avoid gluten, we avoid breads so much. And I’m going to eat a giant amount of bread and pasta and stuff when we get to Europe, because glyphosate has been banned for about 25 years in Europe, which is why people who have celiac and things like that can eat the breads and pastas and things in Europe and have no issues because it’s not the gluten, it’s the life of say, but anyway, the the other thing is, so, am I going to carve up for the next one? I don’t know, we’ll have to see how this one goes.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:05:00] The problem is, is that barometric pressure plays with me a lot. I think a lot of people, I can relate to that. I’ve had patients come in all the time. They’re like, whoever it rains, I get this headache, my nose clogs up and this and that. And, you know, it’s because of the barometric pressure shifts as the pressure around your body changes. The pressure inside your body is also affected. So like, that’s why I tell you, if you’re out in space, you know, without a suit, you can blow up because the pressure on the inside is much greater than the pressure on the outside. You just kind of pump. So we’ll see. Like, right now, I’m not super happy with where I work. I feel like I’m puffier and fatter than I was yesterday, which I think I am, but I think that’s more barometric pressure than it is the carbohydrates we started using. So we’ll say, but that’s kind of where that is, or my taking anything special on day of show. No, not really. I don’t like to do new things on game day. I don’t think that’s a good idea for anybody to do. So all the stuff I’ve already been doing, we’re going to do all the way through,.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:06:04] I will probably stop consumption of entire food around 3 or 4 or 5:00, which I cannot see. And so whatever’s there is there, but we’ll see. We’ll see kind of how everything goes and where, where we’re supposed to do, the only thing that depending on barometric pressure in the whole deal, that I’ve never. Done that I might do are some, diuretics that, you know, potassium sparing diuretics to help move some of the water out. Don’t know. We’ll see. As far as how I feel. Feel fantastic. Feel great. Everything’s been fine. Didn’t get a ton of sleep last night, so I’m a little bit tired, and the weather’s crappy, so outside of that, I feel great. The as far as the comment that ever, you know, bodybuilders are the least healthy when they’re on stage, I’m sure for a lot of the other guys, that’s probably accurate. I don’t think so. Either. Will be great. It’s kind of funny just planning my Saturday. And so people have told me he was like to be on stage about nine. You’ll be off around 11. And I’m like, great. Like, because there’s 1 or 2 guys who talked about doing some podcast, and I’ll do some pictures and stuff like that. And I was like, I can be home by about one, which is cool, cause that’s when I work out. So I was like, I’ll grab a workout on Saturday. So we’ll see. The only thing I know that I’m going to want really bad after the show is a shower. Because I have never been spray tan, but I’m pretty positive I’m going to want it off me as soon as it’s on me.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:07:34] ANd one of the funny things that, you know, it’s one of those things that you learn as you go. And so after you learn it, you know it. And so you don’t really talk about it. But we’re opposing practice. And somebody made the comment about just the stuff they’re taking. They’re like, I got to get new sheets and they’re say of that’s hotel. I was like, what? They’re like, oh yeah, like, you’re so spray tan that you’ll ruin any sheet you touch. And I was like, that’s that’s really good information. Now I’m glad that, you know, that one came out because I don’t want to ruin my sheets. And, so that’s how much spray tan I’ll have on me. So that’ll be fun. Yeah. It’s gonna be sticky, gooey, nasty. Anyway. Let’s see, what did I what did I use to carve up with, pineapple? So, the way I did it was I introduced a bunch of carbs, but, I wanted the. I wanted to trickle the glucose out a little bit more. I didn’t want to get a big spike of insulin push and that sort of thing. Because I just don’t like that plan. So I took a bunch of fiber.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:08:41] So some of the some of the, chips I don’t really eat. I gotta talk about the chips. I with the keto chips I make that are amazing, that are, from a macro standpoint, basically free. I eat those all the time. They’re awesome. I had some of those with pineapple. I dipped the pineapple in a in a. Keto, chocolate. And the reason we did Quito chocolate was because I didn’t need to add any more sugar. The pineapple has plenty of it. And I have some French fries. That was that was the, that was the big bulk of the, you know, potato French fries. And so that’s that’s kind of where it is. I’ll have some cream of rice, today, that is, if you’ve never had cream of rice, it is horrible. It is the most bland, terrible thing I’ve ever had. I have a I have a giant tub of it. So. But I’m putting. I’m putting the confectioner’s, swerve on it. So no glycemic function, but it does change the flavor, so I’m hoping that’ll make it a lot less terrible. I’m planning that to about lunchtime and then kind of doing it, you know, everything else. Workout today. Not really supposed to work out. That’s not part of the plan. However, I’m going to go and do this is the one thing. I’m not doing everything on the plan. This is one of the things I’m going to do. A 30 to 40% less weight. One set, 15, kind of everything.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:10:10] So I’ll do, you know, single leg squats and some dumbbell bench and some shoulder press and some lateral raise and some lats and stuff like that and snap. So just to kind of get the muscles active and then to suck in any glucose that’s in the area so my body can make glycogen out of it. That’s kind of the idea. We should see hopefully we’ll see some movement of, of water across that membrane. So the idea of the carb up, is your muscles are depleted of glycogen. Mine. We’re not but typically that’s, that’s where you are because people are basically things of calories. And so they’re not feeding their body. And what ends up happening is that you get this giant, you know, push of glucose, of glucose that comes in, and glycogen is just a bunch of glucose strung together. So think like a pearl necklace that will each individual pearls of glucose. But when they’re tied together now it’s a necklace or now it’s glycogen basically the same structure, but it’s very hydrophilic. And what that means is that it loves water. And so the idea is that since we’ve cut the water that we typically intake down today is your body will go, ooh, we put a bunch of glucose in the glycogen in the muscles. And it really likes water. And so it’s going to reach out through the muscle into what kind of the interstitial space.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:11:27] So here’s the muscle here’s the skin all the water here. It reaches out and grabs it and pulls it from this basically under the skin into the muscle, making the muscle look bigger, fuller and puffier and reducing the distance between the skin and the muscle, making the muscles, making you look leaner. This is the idea, the reason why I don’t know if I’m going to do this next time is because it’s very easy to be in a fat oxidizing state or a keto state and have your body completely full of sugar. And I know how that sounds silly, but your body makes you sugar. And so if you understand how the chemistry works, you can adapt and you can push that in. And so all that stuff kind of increases function, increases, you know, production of glucose that’s within you. Right. So that’s that’s kind of where I’m thinking I don’t need it next time, but we’ll see. Like I said, this is the this is the first one of the experiment.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:12:23] So we’ll see. You guys are welcome to, you know, come down tomorrow. It’s going to be at Grant Park here in Frisco, Texas. It’s like 121 and legacy. It’s that that Helton. I’m apparently going to be on stage between 9 and 11. We’ll see. And so should be fun. We’ll be posting pictures. I know that, I’m pretty sure positive, Google is going to live stream it. So if you guys want to see the live stream, go to, you know, Steve Q Club or Cuzco Classic and kind of follow them on social and we should see it. Max West, it’s an ex WBA state. She’ll be there as well. Christmas is so Cisco will be there. Christina Heath will be there, I think. I don’t know if Chrissy is in town. And then we’ll post lots of pictures, and so it should be a good time. The the the craziness will be will be full. I’m looking forward to everybody who’s going to be there. I’m looking forward to the guys that I met opposing practice. And I’m looking forward to seeing who else there because I have I obviously have a matter who’s going to be there. I will probably tomorrow. But it’s I think it’s a good time. I’m not nervous.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:13:37] People keep asking, like, are you nervous? Are you scared? Now, once I got over the idea that I’m going to be live stream on the internet and and basically a thong, once that kind of got through my head, I was like. What? What else could I be worried about? So. But the funny thing about that is that, like, when I’m doing my my check ins, right now, I’m still recording those, which seem like I’ve got to move my underwear around so I can see all the lines, and it’s I’m almost in the same spot with my little whatever the bathing suit thing is going to be. So it’s not not that big of a deal. It’s more of a technical thing of, you know, go out, go through the steps, learn the stuff, figure out how it is and see where we’re land. You know, I don’t I’m very, very happy with where I’m at. I’m really proud of myself. This is this is one of those things where, you know, I, I tell people because people like, do you think you’re going to win? And I’m like, I don’t know, it depends on who shows up. Like, you know, I think right now it’s gonna be a little bit difficult for someone who’s in my age bracket to be bigger than me, but it wouldn’t be that hard to be that much leaner than me.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:14:42] So if you’re roughly my size and you’re leaner than me, then I think that you’re gonna win. And I think you rightfully should. I think that I will be ready for the next one. Substantially more than I am for this one. And so I’m excited about that, but. I’m not. I’m not nervous. If I win, that’s fantastic. If I don’t, that’s fantastic. The the thing I’m looking more forward to. About. So Lulu asked me. She’s like, do you need me? Then I was like, no. And she’s like, all right, I want the kids there. And the reason I want the kids there is because if I win or if I lose, I want them to watch that. I want them to see how you win something important or how you lose something important. Because I think that’s a that is a as a teachable moment that I’m not going to get back. And so that’s kind of the, that’s, that’s the that’s the one thing that I want the kids there for. And as soon as that’s over they can go home. And I will tell you this. I really want my oldest to go home. And the reason I want him to go home is because he’s the one making me my hero. Pizzas.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:15:47] So it it’s funny because I tell people this all the time when we design these plans for people, when we help people, you know, get healthy. I always tell people, bring me your ten favorite foods. You remove your ten favorite foods. There’s a really solid chance that I can replace 7 to 10 of them. And I can put you into a diet that’s just going to help you get healthy. And by getting healthy, you’re gonna lose that. But you’re also going to be very excited about foods. And so the shirt when the show’s over on Saturday, everybody key like everybody on stage is like, okay, your diet thing is over. You’re insane. Crazy. You know, restrictions are done. You can go eat anything on earth that you want. You want to go to the Cheesecake Factory, have an entire cheesecake. Don’t do that. You need it really sick. But if you did that, that’s cool, because you’re, you know, you you show’s over like you got your next one, like in six months or three months.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:16:37] So go, go relax and however you want to. And so when people start talking about the things they’re eating, I was like. I’m going to have Zane make me some keto pizzas and some keto garlic bread, and I’m going to have. You know, all the keto pie and cookies. And I will definitely take pictures of all that stuff. That’s what I want. And that’s the thing I love about this diet is it’s, you know, you can have anything in the world. And I’m like, I want this stuff. I get to eat every day because I love the diet I’m on. I’ve said this a bunch of times. The thing that’s, you know, cutting my body up and helping me get healthy and helping me get where I want to go is not some weird, restrictive diet where I don’t get to have the things I want to have. It’s I get to have all the things like literally my biggest like diet irritation is, I don’t know, do I want pizza tonight? Do I want my egg scrambled tonight? Do I want, you know, the lasagna tonight? Do I want, like, you know, how many cookies do I want? Do I want to live in Turkey with the butter cookies or I want, you know, the or if style cookies.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:17:35] So I want, you know, what do I want because I’m going to get full. And so that’s, that’s the my favorite part of this is that the diet that has gotten me where I am is the diet that when all the restrictions are gone, this is when I can’t wait to get back to. So, you know, that’s that’s a really fun thing. So, we’ll take pictures of all that stuff. I am going to I will promise you this. I’m going to eat until I’m very uncomfortable at least once, if not twice on Saturday. And probably once or twice on Sunday. Because like I said, we’re leaving Tuesday and we have a bunch of stuff. We have key lime pie, we have pecan pie, we have cheesecake. We’ve got we’ve got a we oh, she made these little sticky bun things. If you go to Market Street and you get there like sandwiches that they like covered in that, that glaze. We have keto versions of those and I cannot wait to eat them. So yeah, I’ll take pictures of all that stuff. But that’s that’s kind of where it’s at. If you guys have any other questions, hit us up. Drop in the comments. Maybe I’ll see you guys, Saturday, but, should be fun. Look for those pictures. And, should be a good time. So thanks for your time. I’ll see you guys Saturday.

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