05 Apr 2024

Approach to treating COVID-19 and the controversies surrounding vaccines, cancer risks, and potential treatments such as quinine and hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The origins of the virus, the role of government, and offers advice on preventative measures and health screenings for those who have received the COVID vaccine.

Highlights of the Podcast

00:10 – How I treat Covid

01:27 – The Covid vaccine

02:43 – Market in China

03:55 – The conspiracy theorist

04:28 – United States government funding and research

05:21 – The United States government

06:31 – The lungs literally stick together

07:23 – The tissues have no oxygen

08:18 – The flow of blood

09:15 – Hyperbaric oxygen increases oxygenation

11:30 – Build muscle tissue and burn fat faster

13:09 – The LDL cholesterol

14:56 – The body that can create free radical damage

16:47 – The worst in the world

19:06 – The cardiothoracic surgeon

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:04] So, I’m only putting this on next because, like I said last night, well, I posted, how I treat Covid. I posted that in like 20 or 21 and, it messed me up on all my socials for a while. So I had this conversation over the weekend. So Kate came out and, mentioned that she had cancer and someone posted that, you know, she was so excited about the post from when she was so excited about getting her Covid vaccine. And then she made a comment about the link of Covid vaccines and cancer. And I commented on it and I said, you know, it’s a thing. If you’ve had the Covid vaccine, you might want to get tested for cancer. And people just got so mad, they were like, how dare you tell people that they should get checked for cancer if they have had Covid vaccine? Like, that’s so rude and so unbelievably, you know, disrespectful that, you know, this this very famous person has cancer now, and you’re telling women and you’re telling everybody else to get checked because it might, you know, if they have cancer, they might die early. Early detection is the greatest way of prevention.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:01:15] Yeah. I’m going to stand by that. Here’s the thing. I get it a lot. I get it. A lot of people were very, very nasty. And they were wrong telling everybody that they had to get the Covid vaccine and this and that. And there’s people who are. Who said that the only reason that society open back up was because of the vaccine. That’s a lie. The reason society open back up is because we, as the people forced it to. The government would have loved to have kept us shut down forever. But the thing is that like Florida never closed down, Texas shut down for like a week. I never stopped working. I went to I worked for the whole thing. Like they would have to arrest me. Actually, kind of one of them to. I thought they were being oppressed. But the whole thing, the reason we have a backup person is the vaccine. It was because we were like, no, we’re done with this crap. Now, California and New York, yes, we have we have states that are very, very tyrannical, very, very authoritarian. Yeah.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:02:07] They’re going to take every chance they can to suppress freedoms and liberties. So yeah, they didn’t open back up until they got the vaccine, but that’s how that went. So let’s walk through kind of what we know, from Senate hearings and from the Senate. So. What happened was, at first we had this virus. We were talking about the whole time. We’ve still got a virus. It’s a bioweapon. It’s not a virus. It was manmade. It was made for war. It’s a bioweapon, not a virus. Anyway, we’re done with this virus. And we were told it wasn’t that big of a deal. And we were told that it came from a wet market in China. And I love I love our, you know, die. You know, our media. That’s so, like, so culturally appropriate that just they were berating like, oh my gosh, look at how horrible the sanitation is. And this and this Chinese wet market like oh I’m just making me sick just looking all that fresh produce, fresh fish.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:03:05] And, it’s just sitting out there for people to come by and by. And so they were just massively, massively denigrating Chinese dietary culture, the entire time. Oh, they’re so horrible. I can’t believe this is so disgusting. Like, they should have more government intervention. Like it was. So it was Solaris. And they kept with that motif, even though Fauci and all of our guys knew that it was a it was a virus. It was a bioweapon that was made in a lab, with American funding, American supervision and American dictation. You know, Rand Paul showed the emails. It was like, thank you for the funding for gain of function research. In fact, I was like, that’s you know, that’s not what that was for. And our Congress was like, okay, so they’re complicit in it somehow. We don’t know. But basically what we found out was that, yes, in fact, the conspiracy theorist. Right. This was made in the lab. It was made with American knowledge and American funding, at our at the highest levels of National Zoo.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:04:04] And also the guys who were telling you that it was from a bat knew that was a lie. And then once it started coming out and it was the evidence was irrefutable. They were like, I find it was made a lab, but that was that was super hushed up. There was about there was 50 times more. It came from a bat in a wet marker than the news actually reporting the truth that it was a bioweapon that was made in the lab, with government, with United States government funding and research. So that gets out how how it spread throughout the United States and how the, the world, everything else we don’t really know. If, you know, it could have just did this house of house, like it’s possible that someone mishandled it, maybe caught it, didn’t know left, spread it around the area. And then over weeks and months, it was just everybody in Wuhan got it and they thought it was a cold. And then it just grew from there. That’s possible. You know, it’s also possible that the conspiracy guys were right again and that it was spread across the world, and it was done on purpose.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:05:01] Okay, either one of those is fine, I don’t care. I don’t really think it matters how it got around at this point. It’s got around, and then what end up happening United States was we used, and the Twitter files confirm this, which is again, you know, Dan Crenshaw got up and lied to everybody and said the United States government, the American intelligence agencies have never, you know, suppressed information because when we’re talking about TikTok and, like, we’re going to ban TikTok because they can’t control it. And we’re like, the reason you’re trying to ban it is because you guys can’t control the information that comes out of it. And others like, American, American, agencies have never, ever withheld information from you guys. Well, the Twitter file said the exact opposite was sick. People were suppressed, people were banned. People were all sorts of things.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:05:49] If they were talking about anything, whether it was Biden’s laptop or Covid or anything that the government didn’t want out, the government was actively suppressing. So, you know, that’s why we don’t like the TikTok ban. Is the government now dictating what we can and can’t say again? So if it wasn’t for Elon, not yeah. Which is why the only reason doing this on X. So we fast forward. So I figured out that quinine. So let me walk you through how I figured this out. So I had it. My kid had it. My son, I had to be in a hospital for double dose for it. And when I kept saying was that they kept saying it was respiratory and they kept saying who needed on ventilators, ventilators, who cannot breathe. So like pneumonia, that’s inside the lung, it becomes sticky and the lungs literally stick together. And so you have to like it takes a lot of work to, to actually inhale. And so the because they’re stuck together has to like literally like unstick them as they every time you breathe. So it gets very tiring. And it would just get exhausted from breathing. And they literally stopped breathing and died.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:06:48] There was nothing on the inside of the lungs what was happening? Cause I was I was treating patients, I was reading research, I was reading notes from other docs, and I kept saying. And people were laughing. They were joking, they were talking. Everything’s fine. Breathing wise. The actual mechanics of I’m actually breathing air in was fine. However, their pulse ox were low. And so what you have to look at from a biological systems, when you look at it and you go, okay, there’s a lot of fuel in the tank, but none is getting to the engine. Where do you look? You look at the fuel lines. Well, same thing happens in people if the lungs have a lot of oxygen. But the tissues have no oxygen. You look at the fuel lines, you look at the blood vessels. So that’s how I knew it was vascular to begin with. So once you know it’s vascular, you go. All right. Cool. What do we use for vascular dilation? Because the only way that vascular is going to keep you from having oxygen is if the blood vessels constrict down and get really tight.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:07:40] Well, we’ve been using quinine for years for vaso spasm. So invasive spasms of blood vessel that spasms and closes up. We give them quinine. It opens back up. Quite. I was actually banned a couple of years for this use. A couple of years before, Covid came out, because they said that the groups of people that were given quinine to for muscular vaso spasms were having clots. And so they said, we have to pull quinine. Yeah. People have vessel spasms are gonna have a lot more clots than the average person because what happens and we see this in Covid is that when the blood vessel squeezes out here and squeezes down here, it stops the flow of blood. When blood stops flowing, it coagulates. We’ve seen this with deep vein thrombosis or DVT. This is like all people should have been on airplanes the whole deal. So we know that if the blood slows down at all in your blood vessels, it will start to coagulate or clot.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:08:35] Micro clotting, the whole deal. So we’ve known this for a long time. So when you look at a group of people who have vaso spasms throughout your body and you’re like, wow, so bad, they’re super painful. This wasn’t a they were getting clots and dying. This was a their legs hurt bad. And so we gave them quite an eye for their legs don’t hurt anymore because it radically reduced the vaso spasms. Well of course they’re still going to have clotting here and there. So yes, that that group of people who have bad visual spasms are always going to have a higher incidence of clotting and embolisms and things like that. So I think it was blamed on the quinine when it really shouldn’t. And so that’s why I was using quinine from the get go. And we know that hyperbaric oxygen increases oxygenation of the tissues by 1,000% because it’s just and this is just standard physics. This isn’t some fancy chemistry.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:09:23] It’s Boyle’s law. When you put pressure, if you put gas in or pressure, it will multiply that gas into the fluids. And then once they’re in the fluids, then you’re fine. Think of carbonated water. Do I give normal water to the CO2 cartridge? You put it in, you push the button and all of a sudden the gas, it’s emulsified in the water. We have bubbly water. Same concept. Less gas. And that’s how we put oxygen in the tissues, because that’s what we’re using. The office. I would have people come in with. Pulse ox is in the high 70s. Low 80s. I was literally carrying people in. I would give them we had liquid quinine. It was colloidal form. I’d give them the solution we made. We would get them in the chamber by the Tennant bubble. I filled up with air about 10 or 15 minutes with them under pressure, under what’s called a dive. Their pulse ox would be back in the 90s, like people like incoherence. I was carrying them in from the chamber and, like, 15, 20 minutes in the chamber. And they were like, oh, hey, how you done?

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:10:17] They were back in the 90s or five. They would leave the office at about an hour and a half or so, two hours, and we come back, bring them back in the night, 3 or 4 days of this, they were all fine. We traded lots and lots and lots of people over the course of, you know, two years. That was Covid really bad. We never lost anybody. We were pomelo hospitals who were literally leaving hospitals against medical advice, to come get treated because the hospitals, even though most of the hospitals in my area in Frisco, Dallas, have high traffic chambers, they weren’t using them. So that was my big argument, was like, you guys have chambers that are specifically designed to increase oxygen to the tissue. You guys know this because this is how we do a lot of diabetic wounds. So diabetes research blood flow in the body. That’s why that your body falls apart so they get cut on their foot or something like that.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:11:05] And their foot wouldn’t heal because they didn’t have the oxygen. And so they’d have to get the toes, the foot, the whatever amputated. So the diabetic amputations is a big deal. If you put those people have very chambers, that won’t happen. So and we’ve done this for a long time, a lifelong research. That’s why I started using them for my athletes. And we’ve been using hyperbaric chambers for my pro athletes for a long time to aid in recovery and regeneration, so they can actually use them on myself for the bodybuilding thing to build muscle tissue and burn fat faster. So I have a very, very common it’s just it was not used for this. I was using quite often have never, ever lost anybody. And we were, you know, finding out later was that the research showed that the quinine was not going to spike protein off the Ace2 receptor site. So basically what was happening was that the Ace2 receptors, like it’s activated one little squeeze down. And then this is what happens. So you don’t get any blood flow. So you’re in hypoxic. You’re in a hypoxic state.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:11:58] Hypoxic safely to heart attacks strokes, cancer, arterial plaque, king dementia Alzheimer’s all sorts of things. So when that happened that’s what was going on. And so that was the issue. And that’s still the issue with the vaccine because the vaccines basically just. The a permanent form of Covid. And so what you see with the vaccine is you see much higher incidence rates of heart attack, stroke, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s, things like that, because we’re restricting oxygen to the body. Now, the highest concentration of Ace2 receptor sites are in what’s called the Rest system, the renin angiotensin aldosterone system, that is the heart, lung, brain and kidney, which is where do we see the vast majority issues from Covid? Heart attacks, strokes, kidney damage, things like that. So that’s where it is. Now, anytime that you restrict oxygen, you end up with what’s called reactive oxygen species or OS. I talked about react Ros all the time. You know, it’s free, radical damage, that sort of thing. When you have free radical damage. Let’s just talk about the heart for a second. When you have free radical damage, the free radicals oxidize the LDL cholesterol, collect LDL cholesterol is not going to plaque normally.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:13:13] It has to be oxidized. That’s been damaged by free radicals. And then the epithelium of the blood vessel, the actual cells of the blood vessels have to be damaged by oxidation as well. When they do, they start to kind of shrivel up. Think of like a wood floor if it gets wet, like how the wind warps up. And when they work up like that as the LDL, the only supposed to go through the blood vessel into the tissue, because your LDL is the number one fuel source for things like your heart. Your heart beats because it has LDL and VLDL cholesterol. That’s its fuel source. That’s why we have so much of it. LDL is natural. It’s supposed to be there. Our body uses it to make things like the three LDL is created in the liver. The two is created in the liver. They push the together. The LDL cholesterol goes through the whole blood system ends up in the kidneys, drops the D two off in the kidneys, D two is converted to D three in the kidney. That’s how it works. Your LDL is super critical. You need LDL. You need the LDL.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:14:06] It’s not bad. It’s natural that our medical system loves to blame the body, because then they can go over the reason to destroy the body, which is what Stanton Gross. They damage the liver, making sure it can’t produce LDL cholesterol properly. But that’s not even the problem. Like I said, the problem is actually oxidation. We get the oxidation from lack of oxygen and from what’s called free radicals species. So also eating seed oils and things like that. Lipid oxidation. So that’s how all that stuff ties it ends up happening is that you got your Covid vaccine or you got Covid, because Covid will do this too. It’s just vaccine makes it’s much, much bigger, faster thing. So as you get that, but it’s happening as you start to get the oxidation, the blood vessels, then you start to get the plaque, then you start to get, you know, that becomes a heart attack and stroke risk, decreasing oxygen levels. Right now, if you have decreased, you know, oxygen to other parts of the body that can create free radical damage, that can then lead to things like cancer. And we see lots and lots of cancer after people have gotten this.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:15:06] So, for instance, just as a case study, a large swath of my family, my, my married into family, wouldn’t listen to me. And they decided that even though there’s a 99.8% survival rate of Covid, they had to get the vaccine. Five of the men all have cancer. One has already died of brain cancer. One has kidney cancer. What? It’s pancreatic cancer. So many of them do, in fact, did in fact get cancer soon after they got the vaccine. So. These are the things I’m Tom tell you. If you’ve had the vaccine, you should probably go get you can go get screened. I mean, where like, isn’t all cancer? You know. Surprised now. Like, it’s like hard attention. Stroke shouldn’t be a surprise. You get a calcium CTA, you get an echocardiogram. You can see the problem. You can prevent the problem if you get genetic testing. Brackins probably the best example. There’s a lot of people who’ve gotten bracket testing for breast cancer come up double positive and went, nope, that’s it. And they had a restaurant. As radical as that idea is, I’m not against it.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:16:10] If you get if you get testing back. This is why I’ve been to much testing. You guys get testing that says you’re going to. There’s a really high chance you’re going to cancer that goes from not a problem to dead real fast. You know, taking out the organs that are that are offensive, that could kill you isn’t the worst thing to do, even though it is a radical decision. So no, not all cancer is a surprise. Like, I’ve talked to people who had it before and it’s come back and they’re like, I was waiting on this. And I asked, and it’s funny, this is like, I talk about chemo all the time and I’m like, so are you just going to like, you did chemo last? And God, I’d rather die. And I’m like, are you serious? Like, oh yeah, well, chemo was the worst in the world. Other. They’re just. You know, check some travel stuff off my bucket list. Tell my friends I love them and I’d rather just die. But I heard that lots of times. So that’s why I tell people. Get your testing done. Figure out if you’re in line for some of these things.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:17:02] Do the things now we need to do to prevent some of this stuff, and it’ll be a lot better off. Chances are a lot better. So for instance, if you’ve had a Covid vaccine, my recommendation is that you really up your antioxidants. You get your sleep. Say that. So this is the other thing. Vaccines cause inflammation, systemic inflammation, which means inflammation all over the whole body. That’s their stated purpose. Well, one of the things that’s if you inflame the brain, which is part of the whole body, it’s called encephalitis and cellulitis, we know damages the frontal lobe, which is executive function. So there’s your autism. We know that it damages, cerebellar function. So there’s all those athletes who are now, you know, they can’t move around very well. Their athletic performance is dropped or, you know, they’re just walking around. You see this a lot in the Gardasil vaccine as well. But the biggest thing you see is sudden infant death syndrome.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:17:48] And people are like, well, that’s the way you laid the McRib. It’s the way you breastfed them. It’s what you fed them. So it’s always the parents fault, isn’t that you can never be the vaccine? Well, now we’re starting to see sudden adults of death syndrome. Well, here’s the thing. That encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain, damages everything. So in the brainstem, there’s a thing called the pons. The pons is responsible for autonomic respiration. The reason we’re asleep. Well, if you damage that gas, well, you don’t breathe so well when you’re asleep. It gives you centralized sleep apnea where you just stop breathing. And children, it kills them. And it called sudden infant death syndrome. In adults. It kills them. It’s called sudden adult death syndrome. Did you notice how we didn’t have sads before we had the Covid vaccine? And now we’re talking about, oh my gosh, Ted was or Susan was completely healthy. Went to bed on Wednesday, just couldn’t wake up. How weird is that? It’s not weird. It’s damage to the ponds cause in central isolate happening. That’s where it is. Now, here’s the thing. It doesn’t have to kill you.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:18:46] Centralized sleep apnea. That’s why we do sleep studies. Centralized sleep apnea can just radically decrease the amount of oxygen to your body, giving you things like dementia, Alzheimer’s, seizures, arterial splashing, heart attacks, and strokes. So like I tell this story all the time, when I first was learning about this, about 7 or 8 years ago, ten years ago, I was talking to the cardiothoracic surgeon we were using we were working with at the time, and I said, how big of a deal is sleep apnea? And this is a guy who works. He does surgery on your heart and you’re like, for heart attacks and stroke issues. And he was like, at least half the patients I have seen for this cardiovascular issue, he said. I would never have met had they didn’t have sleep apnea. That’s how they actually got me it. And we’re inducing it with these vaccines. So if you’ve had to have a vaccine, getting a sleep study is also a very good idea to do. So this is the preventative things, right? So the thing is, is that. Yeah.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:19:41] Okay. Many, many you had the best information at the time. Or maybe you were scared or maybe with lots of my patients I have they were forced to take the vaccine. Well okay. Regardless you had the vaccine regardless it was a good idea. Bad idea to force it. You had it. Okay. The reason is irrelevant at this point. But you had it is now telling people you should go get checked. I think it’s a good thing to do now I get it. A lot of people are unhappy because they did horrible, terrible things and forced people to get this done, and now they feel bad about it so they don’t want to talk about it anymore. I get that, but still, let’s save some lives. It’s not, you know, you know, hide our head in the sand and act like everything’s okay. So yeah, if you had to come on vaccine, sleep study, you know, radically increase your, your, your antioxidants. And here’s a problem with antioxidants.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:20:31] It’s not like, oh, I did watch a green tea. Gravity works great for a subset, and then other things are better for other stuff living. Oxidation is, you know, vitamin D is really good for that. But there’s a whole host of things and getting tested for it’s important. So you guys, that’s why, you know, I made the comments as well. I was trying to do it. I wasn’t trying to be mean to Kate. I’m sure her life is, you know, really, really hard. And she’s got stresses of her own. I’m not I’m not mean facetious. Like. Yeah. Everybody jumped all over. You know, the other one that was in, this is how much I follow the world anyway. The other one that was in six, where we’re hurricanrana. I don’t know, Jim, so I’ve never been. Oh, I’m sure it was so hard. I’m, I’m sure that that the stresses of that family are not small. So, you know, I’m sure she’s under a lot of stress too. And it’s terrible. And I feel bad for. Yes, she’s a mother and I don’t want her to have cancer. I want her to live. I want her to be attached and healthy, I really do, but I’m not going to not talk about something. They could save thousands of our lives just to save her feelings. So that’s where it is. You guys have a good one. Thanks for your time.

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