14 May 2024

Provides an in-depth guide on steroid balancing, the iportance of proper knowledge and preparation. The need for detoxification, supplementation, and cardiovascular health checks to ensure safe and effective use of steroids and other hormones. Also highlights common misconceptions and offers practical advice for optimizing body function and health.

Highlights of the Podcast

00:53 – Fuel all those things

02:02 – The lack of understanding that the body

03:47 – How are you fasting and building muscle?

04:48 – The amino acids your body can make sugar

06:21 – The hands and the heart and things like that

08:00 – A cardiogram says you got some CCS

10:36 – The body works

12:14 – A massive heart surgery

15:13 – The type of levers that you guys need to start looking at

16:30 – Healthier to use these things

17:13 – The most important tool I have

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:03] So today we’re gonna talk about some steroid balance. And you talked a little about, steroids yesterday. And how they’re not nearly as dangerous as we’ve all made it out today. It’s usually stupidity. Basically, people who don’t know what they’re doing, including a lot of doctors, walking people through and hurting people. So, what we have to first understand is that when we start using hormones, peptides doesn’t really matter. Even when we start working out, what we have to understand is that we’re trying to make very specific changes to the body. We’re trying to increase anabolic function. Anabolic function means the body’s growing, catabolic means we’re shrinking. So we’re we have to remember everything is growing, not just muscles. We got ligaments, tendons, bone densities coming up. We’ve got increased blood vessel creation. We’ve got increased blood creation. Because you’re right. If you’re getting that, it gets bigger. It has to fuel all those things. Right. And so think of any time you’ve ever seen road construction, right. Or a house construction, a house remodels. Best option, best idea. Where do they first do? The first thing they do is they bring a big dumpster out so they can clean all that stuff out, and they can get rid of it.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:01:12] Well, when you start tearing apart muscle tissues, your body has to start rebuilding stuff. It’s gonna create waste. It just is like when you work out, you create weights, you create lactic acid, right? So you’ve got to get this stuff out of the body. So the first thing you want to do if you’re going to start doing these things, is you want to make sure that you understand all of the pieces that are going to apply. So you’ve got to, you know, work your detox organs. Is your liver where it’s mostly is your kidneys where it’s supposed to be. Get those things ready to go, what’s, you know, and then again, anytime you look at like especially oral steroids, what are you looking at? The alpha, the the the organization issues. That’s true. First pass where that’s where oral steroids damage the liver. So we’ve got to go through and be like, all right. We have to support that. That’s going to be vitamins that is specifically methylated B, vitamins B6, B to those are really important. But we have to start rebuilding the body. One of the things I think is hilarious is the lack of understanding that the body, the, the blood, has to require sugar. Your your blood 100% has to have sugar. There’s no way around it. It cannot run on fat. It cannot run ketones. It can only run on sugar. This is a very, very fundamental point. And why I think that Gary could be, oh, where he’s lying. And everybody telling everybody that whey protein, it breaks down into sugar. It doesn’t. It breaks into amino acids that your body then uses as amino acids to convert into sugar through gluconeogenesis.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:02:30] Where does it do that? In the liver. So that’s the thing. And so we’ve got to make sure we support the liver. Now again we’ve got to make sure we’re supporting the whole body. But the college is a big big example of that. The thing I just mentioned with the Gary Brack alive. So there’s a lot of things we need to make sure we’re giving the body. So make sure that you’re doing your detox, make sure your kidneys are open. There’s kidney complex. There’s caster packing for that. That’s fantastic. But the big one is just make sure you’re getting tons and tons of water. Right? You know, like I’m peeing all the time. Yeah, that’s the point. We’re trying to get the waste out. Now, if you’re like, man, I’m drinking, so much water and 10:00 in the morning and my urine is clear and has no odor. All right, you’re good. Like the. There is an upper limit to this stuff. You don’t want to push out all your electrolytes. Yeah. Don’t just, you know, if you if it’s ten in the morning and your pee is no smell and completely clear, you can back off the crazy amount of water later. So just keep your pee completely clear throughout the day, and you’re more or less good on water. So I try to get about two gallons and two and a half gallons. But I’m also 235 pounds and I’m training in extremely high levels. So does that helps you factor in what you’re doing? There you go. The other thing is we got to bring stuff into the body. People always ask me, like, how are you fasting and building muscle? Well, the thing is, is that I’m giving my body every single chemical it requires to build through supplementation.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:03:57] Like, if you guys have seen my list and I’ll post it somewhere, the probably my post, I will send it to somebody. They buy everything on it and they’re like. And I’m like, you didn’t have to do that or go offer. I read why you’re taking everything. I didn’t understand why I shouldn’t do it either, which is kind of my problem as I go. So when I do research, I’m like, well, I don’t have enough nark in me. And interstitial fluid of iron is really important, so I guess I’ll take that too. But the list of things I’m taking is to support my body chemically. So as my body is rebuilding muscle tissue, it is a lot more than just protein. In fact, it doesn’t even want protein. It wants amino acids. It takes that protein, digests it into individual amino acids, absorbs those amino acids, and then does things with those amino acids. So I take a ton of collagen. When I’m fasting, when I’m not tons and tons of collagen, because collagen has all of the, you know, acids your body wants in it. And so take all the amino acids your body can make sugar. And so hunger muscle tissues, they can fight off viruses with lysine. It can you know, it can help with liver detoxification with histidine. It can help your body make serotonin with tryptophan. So the college is a big, big play and not enough people are using enough of it. I don’t know if people are taking college. And I think, again, I don’t think they understand the importance.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:05:11] That was one of the things when I work with people and they’re trying to build. We spend a lot of time pushing on, these specific museums, curfew chains, also hypercritical. Curfew ten is one of the things you body uses to make AP. When we talk about how the calorie system is trashed and it’s made up nonsense. We have to start looking towards ATP creation. That’s what I’m talking about. Co-Captains a massive player not only as an antioxidant, repairing the damage done when you don’t have enough perfusion, but it also helps radically decrease amount of ATP that’s created so that you can actually build and control and be healthy and things like that. You know, the other method to be violent or hypercritical as well. 12 obviously for energy, six helps keep your bile salt from solution. And by the way, if you’re on a keto diet or a fat oxidizing diet, you really need to lean into that B6 habit because B6 makes bio bio emulsify fat. Your body’s running on a fat diet. You definitely need that B6. Natto training is a really, really big one for me because it helps blood vessel function. I also consume a ton of resveratrol. Research is a, is a keto sweetener. But the reason I take it is it dilates. To small blood vessels. When we dilate small blood vessels, like in the brain and the hands and the heart and things like that, we get more oxygen to things, so we’re healthier. We also get more waste out again, so we’re healthier. So another time, this is a big player. And I see I mentioned earlier for interstitial fire and to help keep everything clean and, and worry free.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:06:40] Those are also big ones. The other thing is, is that before you start doing stuff that’s gonna mess with your blood pressure and mess with cardiovascular function, get your cardiovascular system checked. You didn’t echocardiogram give calcium CT. So like when we do skipping a we’ll do skipping night without those. But any of the others the more fun packages the more advanced stuff, the more you know we’re cutting. We’re working really hard. You got you got to get you got to get your calcium safe. Because again, everyone thinks their heart is fine. But you should know your heart is fine. Like, I’ve had multiple echocardiogram with my kids, inadequate cardiogram. My son, like my 11 year old, had already had one. He had one. He was 9 or 10. I’m gonna have him do another one before he starts football this summer. Why? Because it’s his heart. You. How many kids die? Like, it’s not like every single day. 5 or 6 was enough. If it’s one and it’s yours, it’s enough. And so I’m want to make sure my kids get echocardiograms before they start again. And I recommend it to every single parent that they get an echocardiogram. Your ten year old doesn’t need the calcium safety. I hope to God you cut your tenure. If he’s had a vaccine, I would go ahead and get it. But if you guys know the Covid vaccine, I probably just need a car. Some ten or 11 or 12 definitely needs a cardiac. I’m sure you’re to go out, make his heart work real hard though. So if you’re if a cardiogram says you got some CCS before you supercharge your body and make sure your body can handle a super charge.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:08:08] So that’s another big one. The other big one. This is probably one of the biggest ones. We do this with our patients all the time. If you’re going to start supercharging your body, the number one thing you gotta have and we talked about this with Cookie Time. We talked about this antioxidants. We talked about this with blood vessel dilation. You got to have oxygen. Oxygen is by far the the the most important thing you can get in your body. And so you’ve got to have that oxygen. So do a sleep study I don’t care about well I don’t snore I don’t care. Are you are you 100% positive your oxygen is 99 to 100% nice I got you. It’s not because I do a tons of sleep studies. And the people we see who are 97 and above, maybe five, 7% of the population, we see, you know, we don’t see people who are as bad as I was very often. But we see people who are really bad all the time. In fact, we see some people. And here’s the weird part. So we get some people on the medical where we’re the medical and it and I disagree. Right. Because medical is the bare minimum to survive. That’s why they put D3 at 30 and sit at 90, the bare minimum survive. And so like, well you’re 90, you’re 92 on oxygenation. That’s fine. So I’m not going to argue with the medical community on that one. 92 might be fine. It’s not. It’s not where I want it. It’s not where I have my mindset. At 99, I have an oxygen concentrator hooked to my CPAp so that at night my oxygenation is 99 to 100% the entire time I’m asleep, because when I’m asleep is when I’m building.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:09:30] And so my body is regenerating and healing and doing all the things it needs to do. So it needs oxygen at night the most. And so that’s why I have mine geared up that way. So he had no sleep. So you don’t know where these things are now you can guess and you can assume maybe they’re great. You know, COVID’s Covid for everybody has made a big dent in all those heart issues. You know, we’ve seen all sorts of crazy things, people who just have Covid. If you’ve had the vaccine, you know, it’s real bad. You know, they actually had to come out and admit that it causes blood clots and it causes all these things because it was happening so often, they couldn’t not admit it. Because typically what has to happen. You have to have an actual study that proves it. Then you can sue them and make them make them say that they got it. But it happens so often the people are just like, okay. Yeah. Like we’re just use what’s happening to people as a case study, which is what we said the whole time you were the experiment. So, yeah, it is what it is. But that’s some of the stuff you guys got to do. The problem we get into is if people don’t understand what they’re doing about it. I mean, obviously it was something calories are a thing. And I’ve had that conversation a bunch of times with calories or nonsense, and that’s not the way the body works. Anybody who’s using calories, it’s actually because, like when I talk to a doctor, if they’re really big into, the BMI. I know that we should never talk to them because I have no idea how the body actually works. Same thing with fitness, nutrition, people with their, like, calorie deficit. I’m like, oh, yeah. You have no idea how the body works.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:10:51] No one should listen to you. But that’s kind of how these things go. We get really bad information. People who don’t understand the body works, and then things go sideways and they’re like, oh, it wasn’t my lack of knowledge. It was this thing over here. This is what caused the problem. They go, well, how come all these guys over here who are really strict on their diet, really, really clean, taking tons of supplementation, they never have any issues. Well, yeah. Yeah, well. And they have no idea how to combat that because they don’t understand how the body works. As long as you’re like, look, we’re going to increase the pressure in the system. So we’re going to increase the maintenance. You’re good. That’s the big thing is this, you know, again people come in like, well, I don’t want to spend too much money on the supplements. I don’t want to take any pills. Well, then that’s a choice you’ve decided to make. My. Which is fine with me. I don’t really care, but my job is to give you all your options. I mean, like what the safest way to do something is like this. The, you know, the less of these things you do, the more dangerous it becomes. You know, like I said, we found things in people all the time. Heart issues all the time, things in people’s lungs all the time that they didn’t know they had. Like, I’ll post this one, on Instagram later today. One of my one of my patients I really like. The guy is awesome guy. Really cool backstory. He’s a pilot. Awesome guy. We do custom CPR on this dude, and he has a tumor growing around his heart. Not like, oh. We should check that out some day. Like, legit.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:12:13] We found it, and he was in surgery, having a massive heart surgery five days later because it was going to kill him. So, you know, it’s one of those things that when we find this stuff, we need to fix it now. And the cool thing is, if we look at it, we’re like, hey, everything’s cool with your heart. Great. You can push yourself a little bit harder. We know you’re safe. You don’t have to worry about, I don’t know what if x, y, z. So get yourself checked with your echocardiograms 50,000 cts. You just leave studies before you start supercharging the body, and then make sure your supplementation is where it’s supposed to be. Make sure your detoxification pathways are open. Make sure your nutrition is really where it’s supposed to be. That’s the other thing. I keep telling people not to poison yourself. If you’re gonna start jumping on, you know, some of these some of these things to fix your body and make your body where you want to be. Quit poisoning yourself. Quit drinking all the alcohol. That’s a big one. Quit eating the seed oils. That one’s your biggest one. Like, people don’t understand how big the omega six is, how damaging they are. You’ve got to quit. Cut out all the seed oils because of all the inflammatory stuff. You know, try to get better filtered water. Reverse osmosis. Cut that atrazine out.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:13:18] Cut the fluoride out. You know, cut the things out that are poisoning you. And so like when I work with people, we go through their diet and we look at all the things that they’re eating, and I go, you can replace this thing with this thing and this thing with this thing, and you, you either lose no flavor function or you gain it because there’s a lot of things that when we make the change, we will come back and go, I like this one better and it’s better for you. And so we’ll go through and we’ll change those things. So, you know, it’s real easy because if you’re eating a lot of seed oil, a lot of processed stuff, a lot of chemicals that your body doesn’t work well with, and we change them to things that are not toxic to you, just that in of itself is going to radically increase the health of your kidneys and liver and your whole body function. And so it’s going to make the things when you’re trying to supercharge your body, it’s going to make them even safer to use. So that’s kind of how we do this whole thing. So when people come in and they go, you know, hey, I want to be in testosterone. All right. Cool. The first one is a natural, functioning body really knows what to do with it. We can we can get you that one. And I can make 1 or 2 small changes, and you’re gonna be fine. Plus, most of the guys who work with us have already done some supplementation work.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:14:21] They’ve done some QA work and done some work, so they’re in a good place. Plus they also have access to those whenever they choose to make that part of their program. A lot of like Latinos guys, they don’t have that option of, you know, here’s how to clean the body up and things like that. So at least they’re on a better path. But when people want to start doing like our cutting protocols that we use for, you know, like the same things we use for our. Can you models the same things we use for our our fitness and our, we the the women on stage who look like bikini models are just ridiculously beautiful. They’re not big, bulky men liking the stuff we used to cut them down, the stuff we used to cut guys down and give them six packs and stuff like that, those type of things. That’s the stuff that we really need to start looking at me like, all right, we gotta have the echocardiogram, we gotta have the calcium CT, we gotta have these things to make sure this is done right. But those are the type of levers that you guys need to start looking at. It’s not just the what makes me grow, but what makes me healthy. And so that’s the big piece that we try to get everybody on, because the idea is, first of all, I don’t want any of my patients, and I don’t want any of you guys to do something that’s trying to help your body in one way and hurt yourself in another because you just didn’t know. That’s not fair to you. But the other problem we get into is that if you take these things and you hurt yourself, that the medical community wants to find those people and splash all over the place because they don’t want people to do this, they don’t to get healthy.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:15:46] So if you hurt yourself through ignorance, which is not there’s nothing wrong. I just need you to know if you don’t know how to use these things and you hurt yourself, that makes the rest of us look bad. That makes the rest of them. It gives them the arrow to go, no, no, we should definitely search cracking down on these hormone guys. We should definitely start. Stop letting these guys have access to these meds. And the problem we get into is that the reason I started doing this wasn’t because, you know, oh, I can, you know, in the beginning it wasn’t, oh, I can help people do this. People coming to me and saying, I am doing this thing with or without you. So if I’m going to do this thing. Could you help me make it a little bit safer? And so I had to find a way to make it safer. And the thing is that through that process, I found a way to make it completely safe. Not only safe, but make it healthier to use these things. So that’s kind of the way it goes. I just don’t know. Anybody else has done all that, know all that research, because they’re not offering the studies or not offering something for this sort of thing. So if you guys are going to do this and you have questions and don’t do something stupid and hurt yourself, if you having a your test hit us up, we’ll help you guys get the testing, at least the bloodwork.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:16:51] And if you guys are, you know, around, you guys can come in and get your test with the muscle testing on this that the eastern medicine testing people. This is probably the greatest thing that you can compliment it with. The reason that I’ve been able to do the things I’ve been able to do is because of the muscle testing. But the reason it was I was able to figure out how to fix Covid in four months was because of the muscle testing. So it’s it’s probably the most important tool I have. So, if you guys are in town, you guys should get in and get muscle testing. We can put the whole thing together for you. Figure out where you are today, where you want to go, and so we can get you from point A to point B in a very healthy way. But that’s kind of how you do it. So if you guys have questions, hit us up. Questions at Chalmers want us drop in the comments and, we’ll get going. So, with a little bit longer, I wanted to today, but this topic is gargantuan. So, if you guys have any other questions, hit us up and we’re done. We’ll see you guys later. Thanks for your time.

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