30 May 2024

The importance of in-depth medical research, proper coaching, and personalized supplementation for optimal health and fitness. The significance of understanding biochemistry and physiology, tailored approaches to nutrition and training, and the critical role of safety in achieving peak performance. Shares insights from his extensive experience and collaborations with top experts, advocating for a thorough and individualized approach to health and fitness, especially in challenging endeavors like bodybuilding. Encourages questions and active engagement to ensure a comprehensive understanding and effective implementation of health strategies.

Highlights of the Podcast

00:25 – The knowledge I have

02:03 – One of the reasons why I did this

04:02 – The way your body works versus the way my body works

05:10 – Your body is a machine that is based on chemistry

06:15 – Supplementation

07:46 – Everything that I’m doing is very safe

09:19 – There’s a safe and effective way of doing a lot of stuff

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:00:04] A couple of things I wanted to write to remember. I don’t think I’ve gone through this yet, but I want to go through as we go through peak week in the race, theoretically, to start seeing anything. I know a lot about what I’m doing. So I’ve spent a decade or more waking up at 4 a.m. reading medical research for two hours. That’s how I got all the knowledge I have. That’s how I know why the body works, how I know the calories and calories out of trash. That’s how I know how the macros work. I understand all the chemistry. I understand the fermentation. I’ve been working with people, fixing celiac and Crohn’s and lyme’s and yeah, fibromyalgia and Covid and chronic fatigue and all the mess and all the things research, studying physiology and things like that. So when we start talking about, you know, testosterone, we start talking about lifting and the biochemistry and everything. When we do this, you know, it’s because we have a substantial amount of knowledge and I have access to people who have tremendous amounts of knowledge and insight, different doctors, chemists, supplementation groups, things like that.

[00:01:07] So, there’s a lot of things that I don’t mention that are real important because I just don’t think to mention them. And or it’s three layers down and you guys wouldn’t get it anyway. This is, and some of these guys tell me all the time who I like. You talk up here, you need to bring it down. And I’m like, I have brought it down. So, yeah, there’s a lot of that. So when we start talking about because people ask me all the time, I got some questions about safety and stuff like that. Yes, I understand safety is a subjective function. It is not a well, now it’s safe for everybody. It’s. Well, you know, do you know what the you know what the red flags are? Do you know when you know this thing becomes a problem? Do you know when that one thing becomes a problem? This is why it’s so important to have a coach that you guys can trust, and you guys can work with. You know, it’s funny. And one of the things I wanted to one of the reasons why I did this is, so I’ve had some friends of mine helping coach through this, Max West, Chris is, Christina Heath. And then, of course, these two clubs have had phenomenal insights into what we’ve been doing. And it’s funny because the other day I was talking to Steve about something. He was like, I know you’re doing your own thing. And he like, but. And he gave me some more advice. And it’s always funny cause, like, they will give me all those guys will give me phenomenal advice.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:02:31] So what is work for everybody else? What hasn’t worked? You know why they think something works or doesn’t work or something like that. And I might not do the thing they told me, but the thing they told me was invaluable to me because it gave me a chemical pathway to look into. If they don’t understand, like cannot function the way I do, they don’t understand the biochemistry the way I do. And so they would tell me, hey, this is what this these three guys did, and it works really well for all of them. And this guy, it didn’t work very well. I could kind of figure out this is why it would work. This is why it wouldn’t work. This is the type of person it would work best for. And so it won’t work for me, but this will work for me instead, because I understand the chemistry behind it. And they’ve been invaluable. I’m sure it’s been irritating to them for them to give me advice. Me go. That’s awesome. Thank you. And then not do it from somebody who coaches people. So that is irritating. And I know they feel like, yeah, I’m not listening to them, but I’m listening intently. And it’s very, very, very important. And they’ve helped me more than I think they can imagine.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:03:31] So, thank you to all of them. Max is in great season. Phenomenal. It’s funny because people throw things out, they’re like, oh, okay. And he does, I think, picks up on how important some of the things he says are, just because from a biochemical standpoint, he’s just like, this is just how things are. I’ve done this for 20 years. I’ve been around this for 20 years. I’m like, oh, that’s genius. And I’ll go, no, like puts all the chemistry together and be like, oh, you went this way. I should go that way. So there’s 20% less because the way your body works versus the way my body works. So that’s been spectacular. But again. You know a lot of those because I’m working with people, like I said, who are the very best at what they do. Like my my whole thing is I’m the very best guy. Who’s that? Who does that thing and learn as much as you can from. You know, I work with the surgeons, I work with the best neurosurgeons. I work with the best. You know, everything. I try seek those guys out. Like the guys who just love what they do. And if you didn’t pay them for it, they would still get anyone like those guys. Like, those are the guys that, you know, we get information from and pass on. So if you guys are feeling like you might not be safe, you probably aren’t. Because again, it’s subjective. You know, you ask me like, well, it’s what you’re doing safe. It’s very safe for me. It’s silly safe. I, I didn’t do Tuesday because I was doing my blood drawn to check on, make sure everything was really exactly where it was supposed to be.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:04:57] So, you know, there is a safer way to do things and that’s, you know, make sure you have a the of mentation in your body, a chemical engine. Remember this, no matter what anybody says, no matter what anybody tells you, your body is a machine that is based on chemistry. If it doesn’t get the right chemicals in, it cannot do the things you’re supposed to do. It can’t build muscle. It can’t build new cells. It can’t make your brain work. It can’t make your heart work. It can’t make anything of your body do it. It’s supposed to do. Now, it might need these new chemicals that, like, reach over here and steal them from over here and stick them over here. But now this thing is well on chemicals. And we see this a lot with low testosterone because of what’s called cortisol. Feel your body needs the testosterone. But it’s like, sorry, healing. Regeneration is not as important as buffering the sympathetic escape that we have. It’s radically damaging the body. We need more cortisol. So you make more cortisol because you’re in an emergency state. So if you relax some of that, I can get more intriguing. Tricia parasympathetic function testosterone comes back up.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:05:57] But again that’s the thing. So as you’re going through these things, as I’m going through these things and I realize that my amino acid needs are radically higher for gluconeogenesis, for muscle protein synthesis, for, you know, liver function, for viral function, for everything. I brought in more. I used supplementation for that. When I see sick patients all day long, you know, whenever I test three people and I like you guys all tested for Allison. I start taking Allison so I don’t get sick. You know, the amount of things that I take on a daily basis is really high. Again, because I’m fasting so much. So a lot of people are doing the same things that I’m doing, but they’re not doing it in a safe manner. So when you hear about people having issues with fasting or with using, you know, steroids or using, you know, different supplements or lifting or whatever they’re doing or, you know, anything they’re doing and like, well, we watched these five guys screw it up. And so, you know, and they were all 18 and didn’t know what they were doing. But we don’t think you should do this anymore. That’s that’s that’s foolish. You know, if you guys want to do stuff, do it. Just do it safely. You know, find somebody who knows what they’re doing.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:07:09] You know, you know, if you guys need help with peptides, I’ll put hormones, help with diet. How? You know, you can call us like, we can like we have something we do. If you haven’t had the echocardiogram, you haven’t had the sleep study. You have had those things. You got to get them done. Like this is not just a bodybuilding things, is it? How much? How long do you want to live? Do you want dementia? Do you want heart attacks? Do you want strokes? Like, do you want to be healthy? Like, these are things you have to do. So all I’ve done is taken everything that we do to make people healthy and turned it up to 11. So, like I always tell people, as we increase the pressure on the system, we have to increase the maintenance, we have to increase the supplementation you’re taking to make things safe. So yes, everything that I’m doing is very, very safe. Everything that we’re doing is repeatable in other in other people, as long as they do the work. You know, that’s that’s kind of where it is.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:07:58] So when people are looking at, well, that’s not safe. That’s not helping. And I will tell you, a lot of the guys we’re in on stage with are not going to be healthy when they’re on stage. They’re just not. I feel really bad for them. I wish that I could have told half of these guys how to do this differently so they wouldn’t feel miserable, and I wouldn’t be as sick as they are. They wouldn’t last 1,015 pounds of muscle in their cut, but it wasn’t the time or place for me to do that. So they still have to come up and ask. And I’m, I generally have to ask all the time, like, well, how come you didn’t say anything? I’m not going to say things. If you want ask, call the office. You know, jump on the website. You know, ask questions because, you know, I’ll try to give you guys advice as much as I can, but sooner or later, you know, you have to ask. You’ve got to do the work on your side.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:08:45] So, you know, if you guys are looking for supplementation, go. First of all, A.com jump on the search. Search. That’s we’re going to be posting soon. Hopefully all the stuff I’m taking. Why some of the research where that, you know, just so you guys will have that. But at the end of the day, what you particular need might be different. If you guys haven’t done so, for instance, a lot of the stuff I have on there doesn’t have any anti-parasitic stuff. Or if you haven’t cleans real parasites half, that’s not gonna be it’s beneficial. So yeah, there’s lots of things that you’ve got to make sure that you do to get yourself where you need to be. There’s a safe and effective way of doing a lot of stuff. You just got to make sure that you have the right coach. You guys do the right stuff. So, you know, when we talk about some of the things we’re doing and we you see some of progress and you see some of the things you’re like, oh, I want to do those things. Make sure you have the whole map, because a lot of times we’ll give you the high points of all the points and leave out the 6 or 7 things that the support system, that’s super important.

Dr Matt Chalmers [00:09:45] So when you guys have questions, ask then the questions that ask the Holy Grail. You guys have asked a lot of questions about supplementation where I’m taking advice like that. And so, you know, I’ll do some tomorrow. And when we get back, I’ll go through everything. I was taking what it is, that type of thing. We’ll start doing more of product stuff and supplementation stuff and why it’s important. And the social, because that’s you guys been asking for. So we’ll go through and do some of that. But keep your questions coming. I love to answer questions so, you know, questions that Chalmers welcome or just drop them in the comments. So, we will do some questions up tomorrow, and then we’ll do some live stuff from the show and then we’ll, you know, show lots of pictures and some videos from the show. So it should be, one actual day. So we’ll see you guys then. Thank you for your time.

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