30 Apr 2024

The concept of an alpha male mindset. The importance of mindset in achieving goals, shares personal anecdotes about encounters with powerful individuals, and emphasizes the significance of introspection, purpose, and resilience in shaping one’s mindset.

Highlights of the Podcast

00:45 – What is your actual goal in life

02:14 – Alpha male stuff

05:30 – When you start working with people

07:13 – What you’ve chosen to follow in a manner?

09:23 – The whole alpha thing

11:07 – Why is that important to you?

11:54 – Mindset is everything

13:17 – Build your mindset to the point where you can do great things

14:40 – Uncomfortable place trying to better yourself within a purpose driven

16:25 – Maybe you guys have felt something different

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:04] I want to talk about alpha male mindset. Now this is going to go a long as I can tell you that, because I can’t not make a lot. This is also one of the reasons I don’t talk about mindset very much. So I like health care. I like wellness. I love psychology, philosophy and religion. That is that is. That’s my bag. That is the thing I love more than anything else. So you can’t do a lot of the things I’ve done. You can’t do the health wellness thing without the proper mindset. We just don’t get into very much. That’s one of the things I really enjoy doing the most with people is when we work on, the real big, real important stuff, the, you know, core philosophy, the who are you really the what? What is your actual goal in life? What are you trying to do? Build your build your morals, build your your family values. Build the things that are going to make you and your whole family. Solidified in heart and, like, ready to go. And weathered storms in the whole nine yards. It’s it’s by far my favorite. I’m a big Nietzsche fan. Big Peterson fan. Big young fan. So it’s I spend lots and lots of time on that one. So. When I got an email the other day. And what I always have people do is when we start working together, I say, okay, I need a picture of you in a bathing suit and I need a picture. I need a picture from the internet where you want to go physically so we can see what body shape is.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:01:28] Bigger muscles, less fat, you know, whatever that is. We do that all the time. And. And so we can kind of I would have to have, you know, a goal. And I asked my Michael, what is healthy to you? Because with healthy to me is what I’m willing to do with each of those points is different than what matters to you, because it doesn’t matter what I care about, what you care about. And so I have to understand where you want to go and where you are now. Those are the two most important points to start with, because if you don’t know where you are and you don’t know where you want to go, you can’t develop a plan. I don’t care who you are. It’s impossible. So we have to know where we are, where we want to go. So I got an email because I asked this guy some stuff and he came of acting as I want to be an alpha male like you. I don’t think I’ve ever spoken about alpha male stuff. I can tell you so. And I try not to say this because when you. It’s a mindset thing, but when you start talking about being great at something, you start to it. It’s impossible to not let your head go that direction. But I’m really good at what I do. And which has got me in rooms with people who are very good at what they do.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:02:38] Ring of honor. You know, cowboys, you know, lots of Hall of Fame athletes, like names. Everybody would recognize, politicians, billionaires, really high net worth people. And know the alphas of the world. And I can tell you. No one. I can tell you this for sure. If someone tells you that they’re an alpha and someone tells you that they’re the top number one badass, they’re not. Flat out. No one has to say that they’re badass. So to illustrate this point, like I said, rooms full of people who are just the most powerful people you’ve met. And. The most powerful, most alpha, most in-charge person I have ever met was a 58 year old woman, 120 pound woman. This is beautiful. Just elegant. Massively just. You could just. When she walked in the room, the entire pressure of the room changed. It was just like, you know, when an Alpha walks in the room, you know, like, no one has to tell you. When the lion walks in the room, no one goes, oh, I didn’t see the giant lion that could destroy me in the corner of the room. No, you felt it. You heard it. You saw it. Everything all at once. And that’s how these people are. And when she walked in that room, we knew it. So we’re sitting there talking to people, different people, you know, the two guy, two men in front of me, you know, decent size, you know, six foot, six foot one guys, 200 pound guys.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:04:05] They’re pretty big guys. Once worth probably a little over half $1 billion. Humans getting closer to $1 billion. And she’s sitting in the back of the room, and we’re having this discussion back and forth. And halfway through, everybody realize that the discussion I’m having with these two men was kind of pointless. I’m having this discussion with them so she can overhear it, and she can make the decisions from the back of the room. And it was one of those things that nobody said that. But it was instantly everybody knew, like it was, you know, who’s in charge? She is. And you can feel it like I have never been more scared of 120 pound girl in my entire life. So the whole, you know, I want to be alpha. You got a long way to go in mindset, man. Long way. Because if you think you’re going to become something and walk into a room and tell somebody you’re a bad ass, you’re not, you’re not. That’s the whole thing. The reason that the the actual thing of being alpha is that you just are that guy or that woman. In this case, you walk into the room and you’re in charge. Like, that’s just where it is. So yeah, there’s no, you know. You know, cam would do this thing, and, you know, I’ll teach you to be an alpha. That’s not. That’s not what it is. You develop that.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:05:22] You also don’t teach mindset. You build it. It’s it’s one of those things that when you start working with people, like I said, when you start working with somebody, what are your core beliefs? What are your what what makes you what drives you? Why is that a thing? Why is it important to you? Back that up. Show me how that’s important. You know, you go through those things and you build that stuff and you’re like, well, yeah, this is my this is the thing that I want that I think is important. All right. Great. Defend that to me. Definitive. Why is that important? Like, people come in all the time. This is why I don’t do this publicly. I feel like I want to be a great person. Fantastic. Why? Because it’s important. That’s that’s a crap answer. Give me the reasons. If you can’t, let’s design those reasons, because a lot of times you will feel a truth. They’ll know it’s the right truth, but they can’t articulate. They can’t tell you why. The problem with that is that when someone comes to you and they say you’re something as important as religion, tell me why I should be Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or whatever. And you go, because it’s the best. Well, that is the trash is the answer I never heard my entire life. You have to be able to explain these things like that.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:06:36] Makes sense. A reasoned, logical, functional. You know, it doesn’t have to convince the other person. It just has to be something that is true to you, that you actually stand by, that you actually were built your castle on. When talks about building on the rock, that’s what we’re talking about. Why? Why is this rock important to you? Why is this important to somebody else? If you were going to sit down and someone was going to say, all right, I’m going to choose a philosophical path, you explain to me yours, and you explain me yours, and you explain me yours and that. Choose one of these patterns. Could you sit down and explain your path, what you’ve chosen for your life and for your family, and what you’ve chosen to follow in a manner? That’s when we go. Yeah, that’s that’s the way. That’s what I want to do. Let’s do that. But if you can’t, how solid are you in your core beliefs? So this is one of those things where I don’t talk about a whole lot because it’s a very personal thing. And we go like when we start going through this, those are the questions we start asking. But it’s, it’s it is funny to me when we start, some people start wanting to do that. How little they put into it. How little they’ve thought about it. Because no one, when I ask the questions where we’re told, don’t talk about politics, don’t talk about religion, don’t talk about sex, don’t talk like here are the things you’re not allowed to talk about.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:07:54] What you can’t talk about is your brand new car, your new house. You know how much your Gucci belt was like materialism things. Let’s talk about that. Let’s promote that. Let’s go with that. You know what makes you a better person, a better human, a better father, a better wife, better like that’s that. We don’t talk about that stuff. That’s that’s travel. We can’t talk about that because you can make a ring that the reason you make right now is because everybody is very sensitive about those things are very, very, very important. However, since we don’t talk about them, since there’s nowhere to go to discuss them, and since therapy has looked at very poorly, it’s like, oh, you must be crazy, you must be broken. There’s nothing wrong with you if you have to go to therapy. You talk about your mind, talk about the things that matter most, that more than anything else in the world, you know, we in this culture, in this society, we really push down on that. And that’s, that’s the worst thing. So we end up with these guys who tell people, you know, the way to be is to, you know, be this super hard. You know, that guy who sleeps with 400 different women a day and, you know, only cares about money and cars and that’s that’s the alpha. And if you’re not Alpha, you’re worthless. It’s like, yeah.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:09:01] All right. So sex materialism, that’s that’s your basis. That’s your thing that makes you that’s that’s your rock. You build your, your legacy on. All right. Fantastic. That’s okay. If that’s your thing, that’s your thing, I guess. Whatever. But. Yeah. So that’s that’s the whole alpha thing. Every time someone talk about how alpha they are, how, you know, that always isn’t always what I think. So I, I don’t I don’t comment on that because I’ve had more than one person ask me about being alpha, and that’s what I think about it. The guys that who really got it figured out, are amazing people to be around. People who’ve thought about the things I thought about the controversial things, the abortion stuff. The, the gay marriage stuff, the, you know, the trans stuff, like all the all the big stuff that people talk about today. And. You know, there’s all these bullet points, all these talking points, and people say that and then repeat it. And if you challenge them on it, they get angry and they get angry because they haven’t actually thought about it because they’re like, this is important. It’s too important for me to consider.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:10:21] So I’m going to go with whoever my leader is. I’m the president or, you know, this, this person on the, you know, who speaks. And I’m trying to make it a political, you know, who’s on this podcast or I was on this radio show or this thing, or I’m going to just divert whatever they say because, you know, they’re they’re the thought leaders, not me. I’m not capable of coming up with my own personal identity, my own personal thoughts. So that’s that’s the vast majority of people. So again, the yeah, the alpha male thing is I think, for. I would. I think it’d be funny to sit down some of these, you know, alpha males and be like, explain to me your actual philosophy. How do you feel about this? How do you feel about that? What drives you to do X, Y, and Z? Like, why is that important to you? Like, I think that would be interesting. Because I’ve sat down with a lot of guys who are more or less alpha. And the funny thing is, is that the more naturally alpha they are, the more open they are to discussing their core beliefs or philosophies and things like that. Because one of the things that makes you alpha is when you walk into a room and you’ve already got your shit figured out, you know who you are. Like, you know, rare.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:11:30] That is, it’s exceedingly rare to know who you are, to know what you want, to know where you’re going to have direction and purpose and commit to that direction. Purpose. Unbelievably rare. Less than 1%. Ironically, I think it’s the same number of multi-millionaires there in the US. That’s a different topic. Topic? But that’s the thing. That’s how I feel about the alpha male thing. Mindset is everything I get. And that’s why when we start getting into some of the stuff like, you know, hey, take these pills, do these minor exercises, do this type of thing, you’ll be fine. When people come in with larger goals, especially if they’re goals of I want to be a better person, husband, wife, whatever it is. We have to start working on the mind faster. The things, like the first thing that Cuchillo told me when I called him, I was like, I think I want to do the pro thing. I think that’s the that’s how I’m going to advertise, mark my charity, like, I think. And so we’re we’re raising awareness. Like, I think I’m going to go ahead and do that. And he didn’t tell me, oh you got the body for it. He didn’t say, well you know how to work out or he didn’t say, then you be great at, you know, chemistry.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:12:33] The first thing he said is you get the mind for it. Music, so I know you can do it. That’s all he said. He was like, you have the mind for it. And that’s the thing. So like, I don’t I know I’ve discussed this a little bit, but just as a FYI. So I take. 3035. I don’t count them supplements three times a day. I eat once every 48 hours because that’s. That was that’s the most physiologically sound path I can come up with to do this. That’s just the way it is, the way it works. I’ve done that for months and people go, oh my gosh, I could never do that. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you have to have a purpose, he said. A reason is to build your mindset to the point where you can do great things. Tortoise. You work your mind like you work anything else in your body. And the more you’re taught to work out, the more you’re taught to grind against that. The more you’re taught to, you know, dedicate sacrifice. You know, you know, put off tomorrow what you want today so that you can get a better, bigger result tomorrow. You have that, you know, delayed gratification, gratification. The more you do those things, the stronger your mind gets.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:13:43] And like I said, just like anything else, you can do that. And the reason that that’s important to build your mindset is because life is going to throw stuff at you. If you change your mindset from when something comes in, getting in your way to, oh my gosh, I’m a victim of look what happened to me, it’s because I’m white or black or brown or purple or Martian or whatever. It’s because of this. It’s because of that. So I like. I don’t care where. Why? The problem is here. Here’s our next problem. If you look at those problems, that’s one of the first issues is here’s the next. Here’s the next thing we’re going to fix. Here’s the next puzzle. Here’s the next project. So again how you look at things your mindset. What have you built your mind into. And the reason this is important is because like I said likes to throw stuff at you. And if you’re used to a level two, level three hard and life throws a little A5 at you, it’ll break. It will crush you. You’re done. That’s a sealer. But if you’re used to the force in the fives, if you’re always like pushing yourself, you’re always in that uncomfortable place trying to better yourself within a purpose driven set like this is my purpose is what I’m trying to do.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:14:47] I’m going to start making headway, headway through this path, because the goal of who I want to be is at the end of this path, not where I am today. If you start challenging yourself along that path and you get used to hard times, you get used to challenges. You get used to puzzles and you get used to solving them. You get used to figuring out how to become agile and how to deal with things as they come. When life throws you five sixes. You’ve been working on it all the time. All right. Cool. I’ll just sidestep and we’ll come over here. And I’ll use my friends over here that do this thing really well. And I’ll get them to help me here, and I’ll come over here and I’ll do this. And also a problem. It’s just a puzzle. That’s all it is. Yeah. And you get to the point where you enjoy the puzzles. I like when people bring me health care. The stuff is really hard. I love that, like, you’re like, nobody else has been able to help us. I’m like, oh, I like this. Bring this to me. I like the big puzzles. But that’s that’s kind of where that is in the alpha mindset thing. Yeah. Anybody who tells you they’re an. Fastest way to tell you that they’re not.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:15:52] That’s just. That’s how I feel that. So, I’ve been around, like I said, you know, some of the baddest guys, you know, football, baseball, basketball business, politics. I’ve been around all those guys, and I can tell you that not a not a single one of the alphas has ever told me they were an alpha. You just know it. And so, like I said, every time something someone told me they were the Alpha, they were, they weren’t. They weren’t even the best alpha in the room. So, that’s personal experience. Maybe you guys have felt something different. So, yeah, that’s the, that’s that’s how I feel about that. But, so I’m sure made lots and lots of people angry, but, that’s what it is. So if you guys have any other questions, hit us up. Questions at Chalmers, Walmart.com. Drop them in the comments and, we’ll keep going. We’ve got some other stuff coming up. Next week. Should be fun. We’ll, see you guys soon. Thanks for your time.

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