25 May 2024

Sharing tips for staying healthy during the summer season. Discusses remedies for sunburns, advises on sun exposure and tanning, emphasizes the importance of electrolytes, and offers advice for moms on self-care and community building. Also touches on hydration, alcohol consumption, and planning ahead for road trips with nutritious food options.

Highlights of the Podcast

00:39 – A high grade essential oil

02:41 – The eyes kind of helps lighting a lot faster.

04:06 – A little bit of potassium

05:32 – The side of most likely heatstroke

06:39 – The electrolyte functions a bigger one

08:05 – Take some time for you

09:31 – A lot of times we’ll go on road trips

10:18 – The supplements and chemicals we need

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:03] So summer’s come around. And, for some of us, it starts like today for summer break. One of the big things that I want to make sure we know. Sunburns. So sunburns can be pretty bad. The easiest way I found to kind of deal with them is get aloe vera gel that has no alcohol. And big point. Big point. It has alcohol in it. It’s going to be terrible. It’s like 100% against what you’re trying to do. So find the aloe vera gel that has no alcohol in it. And take some, like a high grade. I use young women, but a high grade essential oil. Lavender. Put a bunch of drops of that in there. Shake it up really well. Mix that lavender throughout. That mixture will really help. Sunburns. Like, we’ve had people who’ve had burns, like it’s presenting. It’s bad. Put that on there. Go on the next step. So, if you’re going to on the side of, you know, too much or too little lavender, more lavender is better on this. It’s been really fantastic for a lot of people. So if you guys have that, I, we keep it in, an ice, like when we would take the kids to play lacrosse or we go to the beach or whatever it is, we keep that with us because sooner or later, people are going to get on the water, they’re going to sweat, they’re going to whiff off, you know, whatever, and they’re going to be fine.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:01:23] We don’t use a lot of sunscreen because sunscreen causes more cancers than the sun does. The sun is not that big of a deal as long as your body is healthy. You’ve got methylated B vitamins, you got your omega three fatty acids, you’ve got, you know, liver’s clean, hydrated, you get your electrolytes. Sons are not really that bad. Now, what I recommend that you do is you get some exposure to the sun. So go out 15, 20 minutes. You know, getting the sun come back out. That’s in 20 minutes. Can make out. A lot of us are super white because we haven’t been outside for a long time. And then we go from being super white to outside for two hours. Not a great option. Go out 15, 20 minutes, lay out your, you know, front flip over, you know, get that. That should help quite a bit. If you guys are looking to tan, one of the interesting little things we say is that your eyes are brain tissue. And so your eyes can help the body tell it what to do. So if you go outside and put, sunglasses on, then you dim the light coming in your eyes, it oftentimes decreases about ten you can get. So if you guys are going to be out and you’re trying to get your tan, leave your sunglasses off. Don’t look at the sun, but leave your sunglasses off. That extra bright light in the eyes kind of helps lighting a lot faster. There are options, with peptides to turn your skin substantially faster.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:02:50] So. That one needs a little bit of care. You want to be walked through that a little bit? So if you guys have questions about those peptides, call the office. And we can we can figure out how you should use them, where to go in my life and stuff. So just go to the pillars one second there. Let’s see what else we need. Electrolytes are a big player. Not just salt. And definitely not sugar. The sugar is that electrolyte. So when you guys are looking at all these sports drinks, have all the sugar in them. Knock that out. Dye. Also not electrolyte. So I don’t care if the Gatorade is pink or purple or green or whatever. That dye is not helping you. And so get rid of the dyes. That should be a big one. Pedialyte also not the best thing in the world. Better than nothing. But if you guys are wanting to make something that has. It’s really great for electrolytes for, functional like that, take you water, but, a high grade sodium chloride and some high grade salt, table salt, but don’t use white stuff. Use the pink salt. Use Celtic salt. Fish and black salts. Other. Fantastic. Not all Himalayan salts for the same. Some are rock, not crystalline. But those sort of salts are going to be great. And then a little bit of potassium. What we use is what, the, pink salt. We are in the office. We use the juice of a lemon. And then it will take, like a seal activator that has potassium and stuff like that. Or I’ll just take the mineral.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:04:21] The superior mineral, that has a bunch of stuff in it. And that’s really, really beneficial. Now to tell if you’re hydrated, but your electrolytes are low. When you’re sweating, taste your sweat. If it’s salty, you’re good. If it’s not salty, you really need to start up your electrolytes because that’s the big piece. A lot of people. So there’s a big you know, in the sports world, you have to be able to distinguish between heatstroke, heat exhaustion and, hyper hydration. And so what hyper hydration is, is like when you’re drinking lots and lots of water. We see this a lot when people are running marathons or they’re out, you know, exercising or doing something for the first time and they’re drinking all the water they can find. They’re not watching their salt intake, their electrolyte intake, their salt tabs, things like that. That creates a pretty big problem. So keep track of keep track of that, because a lot of times people will look, like having heatstroke. Their gums aren’t sticky. If your gums are sticky, extra gums are nice and moist. You’re hilarious. There’s a good chance that it’s, electrolyte imbalance. So that’s not actual hyponatremia. It’s not super easy to get. So on the side of most likely heatstroke, but that’s the other, sirup you select for the electrolyte function.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:05:38] Alcohol makes us all worse. So if you’re gonna be out, you’re gonna be drinking all day. Make sure you throw some water and some electrolytes in there. Easiest way to do that. Take some snacks, eat some salt, even stuff like that. It’ll be fine. If you guys are going to be out drinking all day, swing by the office and grab the tomorrow effects. So years ago, almost a decade ago, I developed something that completely block hangovers. I, I developed it for fibromyalgia. And it helps everybody, but it’s really good for drinking. So if you guys are going to be out drinking, swinging, grab a bag of that couple capsules. We don’t have a blackout drunk. Woke up the next morning. So if you guys are going to be out drinking and in the sun, which makes it all worse. So we’re going to grab some of that stuff that will help you out. Let’s see what else. A lot of the kids are getting are getting started to get, you know, heat exhaustion. So like that, kids will take an extra day or two to kind of get over that. It feels like you’re all hungover. Water is not always the best option for that. Obviously, they need to drink water with the electrolyte functions a bigger one. A lot of times we’ll have to increase their, the load of their carbs. So what we’ll use, depending on the kiddo, depending on their tolerance. Potatoes, or so French fries kind of work.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:06:54] Be careful. The oil. It’s fried in tallow air fries can bars. Don’t drive through stuff. I’m going to cut it. So make the stuff yourself, air fry. Or like I said, tallow. Be fantastic. The white potatoes are pretty good for that. Sushi can be good because you can also be bad depending on the patient’s, you know, the person’s tolerance. But those are great. Getting that in a food end. So those things will be beneficial for all these kids. See what else we what else we do for summer? So that’s about it. The big thing that a lot of you moms need to recognize is that while you’re shuttling the kids around and still taking care of the house and the husband and this and that, you need to make sure you take care of you a little bit. You know, because when school, it was school had its own insanity, right? But they were gone all day. Now they’re here all day. And so you kind of have to factor that into, you know, how am I gonna get everything done? How what’s all going to go on? Make sure you take time for yourself. Get with your girlfriends, do do book club. Do that. Whatever. But take some time for you. Because if you get burnt out, summer gets a lot longer, really fast. So some of the Vacation Bible School starts are similar to the stuff because your friends with their friends get them all apart. You. I’m sorry. Get them all together.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:08:19] Apart from you. And one of the other things we’ve seen that’s really helped out is if the moms will get together and put the kids somewhere, and the moms get together are going to stop. That’s a great way to not only network and build kind of your, your, your group, because you’re always going to need to like, hey, I gotta hand this off. I need some help doing this. I need some help on that. That will help out with that community piece, which is Hypercritical life. If you do any of the research studies on longevity communities, one of the top five things that you have to have to maintain a high quality of life, throughout and a lot a lot of the moms, at least of our moms, my circle, are doing a phenomenal job of, you know, staying together and, you know, doing stuff together, doing their book club, do stuff like that. But that’s gonna be a big one is make sure that you keep your community tight, because you guys are gonna need each other here and there for lots and lots of stuff. So that’s a that’s a pretty big one. That’s kind of more or less what’s going on? If you guys get injured and stuff, you know, make sure you get you get taken care of immediately. So there’s lots of fun things for the summer. You guys have a good one that you guys are taking long road trips. Planning ahead a little bit. Make sure you guys have good food and some trash, because a lot of times we’ll go on road trips and then I’ll think about it. They don’t take food with them, so they’re eating, you know, trash food all the way there and all the way back and they’re like, oh yeah, we are here.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:09:40] The kids were sick when they got back and they had this, you know, they were they were terrible at bad attitudes and stuff like that. The chemicals we put in our body have a massive effect on how our body. Right. So if you plan that ahead a little bit and you take some food with you for the for the car trip, if you plan the places where you’re going to go, if you plan, okay, once we get there, we’re going to go, you know, get some actually clean food for the Airbnb or for the hotel or whatever. Great option. So think a little bit about the food that you guys can have and take yourself with you. We’re going we’re going on our trip and I’m making I take all the toppings. I put them in a little individual breakfast, lunch, dinner, baggies, so that we have the supplements and chemicals we need. So if you guys are doing that, great. And we’ll guys have any questions, drop in the comments or his the questions at Chalmers Wellness. Dot com. And we’ll see you guys tomorrow. Have a fantastic day. Thanks for your time.

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