04 May 2024

The complexities of heavy metal detoxification, highlighting the importance of understanding both active and passive damage from heavy metals. The significance of preparing the body by optimizing liver and kidney function before initiating detox protocols, cautioning against potential risks of releasing stored metals too quickly. The importance of addressing environmental sources of heavy metals and adopting a holistic approach to health.

Highlights of the Podcast

00:20 – A passive form of damage from heavy metals

01:32 – Liver function and the kidney function first

02:54 – The stuff that’s bound in your fat

04:06 – The other things that we always do

05:06 – Quit drinking fluoride

06:17 – A thermometer can tell you when you heat mercury

08:26 – A lot of mercury fillings

09:30 – The person into account of what’s going on

10:39 – A decent amount of cadmium

12:07 – The amount of in your blood

13:30 – Questions at Chalmers

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:03] So we’re talking about some stuff. And, when somebody asked me questions about heavy metals that are like, detoxification of heavy metals. I always do heavy metals. Like, the thing that we have to understand about heavy metals is that they kind of attack the body in two different ways. You have an active and a passive form of damage from heavy metals. The active is really bad. So we get a big flush in. Thank you. Obviously, autism isn’t just about vaccines, but, think of it that way. You know, kids, normal vaccine, massive amount of damage from aluminum and from the heavy metals in it. And we instantly simplify this and then boom, autistic. You know that that big that big barrage up front. Okay. So that’s one. And then what also happens is you accumulate heavy metals over the course of your lifetime to the kind of in you slowly are rating away at your health. Now the biggest thing we want to work on is the big ones that are going to hit hard or are are hitting or something like that.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:01:05] We are flush those things out. That one’s a little bit more immediate and emergency situation. So those are a little bit more. You gotta deal with those now. But I like to do the the slow erosion, the stuff that’s just found in your body last. And the reason for that is because heavy metals are dangerous all the way around. If they’re wrapped up in fat, if they’re bound in your body, then they’re not as dangerous. And so we want to work on them last. So we’ll we’ll bring up that liver function and the kidney function first, because if you’re trying to get something out of your body, you’ve got to get the pathway out of the body open and flowing and ready to go. So liver and kidneys are primary. Once you get those done, you want to start allowing the body to decrease all total inflammation. So again, the liver and kidneys have less to work with. So they go to gut clean the gut up. Killer parasites, kill the yeast, restore the probiotic balance, keep the body kind of functioning again. Reset all the hormones. Your testosterone levels come up balanced. The cortisol balance and everything else is your adrenaline.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:02:07] Adrenaline function back ups or adrenals? Once you get that done, I like to sit and kind of wait. And the reason for that, like a month or two. Because just because you clean the liver and clean the kidneys doesn’t mean that you’re set. Yeah, Instagram’s terrible for pausing connections. So once you’ve clean the liver and clean the kidneys, the liver and the kidney still have to clean the blood in the left, the blood in the lymph start to clean all of the tissues that got the brain, the heart, everything. And so you want to give it some time to flush out all that stuff it hasn’t been flushing out yet. While you’re restoring nutrient levels and building the body up, then you can really start going after heavy metals. That’s the safest way to do it as far as long term stuff. So, I don’t like big hard EDTA pushes. A lot of the stuff that’s bound in your fat, bound in your body is creating damage, but you’re creating a lower level of damage. If we try to push that too hard, too fast, you create massive issues. I really like zeolites. Zeolites. So. Easier. Think of it. Think that, like, stacked plates actually sit like this.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:03:14] They’re stacked one on top of the other one, and they have a very, very, very magnetic core. And so what ends up happening is that as they cycle through the body, they suck in all these metals and they can’t get out. And then everybody just excretes the zeolites and it carries the heavy metals with them. I love those because that binds them and it keeps them from damaging you. The other thing that we’ll use these chlorella, we’ll use, Allison, I like garlic for a lot of things. It’s very antibacterial. We’ve seen it really, really helpful right now. There’s a bunch of stuff going around where Allison’s really, really helpful. And there’s a there’s a there’s a number of other little things that we’ll use. And one of the things that we have to kind of understand. Is that there’s targeted paths for aluminum versus mercury versus cadmium and things like that. So we’ll flush those out. One of the other things that we always do, is we will use frequency, high frequency work to desensitize your body to the heavy metals, similar to what we do for allergies. And so that process works really well.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:04:19] Now, the most important thing you have to do, and this is a big deal for mold and a big deal for heavy metals. This is the thing that I see miss more than anything. And when you explain to people they go, oh, well, that that’s an obvious thing we should have done first. Quit poisoning yourself. So if you if you’re like, I think I have more, find the mold in your house and get rid of it before you start detoxing your body. If you’ve got mercury fillings in your mouth, have them removed properly before you start trying to detox from your body, because there’s no reason to try to flush things out of your body as you’re adding new stuff in, that’s that you’re defeating. You’re wasting money and time and energy and your health. So stop, get, stop the entrance of the chemicals. Like I said, if it’s mold, clean the mold out. If it’s heavy metals, get your metals out. Quit drinking fluoride, Cuzyou. Get that stuff out. That’s me. One of the one of the most important things. Now, when we talk about the dentistry of taking out heavy metals, this is really, really critical. The way it’s done is super important.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:05:21] Whenever you. Mercury vaporizes pretty easily. And so if you drill these things out, you’re going to vaporize them. And then all that mucous membrane, you’re under your tongue and in your mouth, they have all the same metals. You’re going to get 50 times the heavy metal damage that you have gotten and you just left them out. So they need to be kind of chipped out, cracked out, pulled out. You want to have a full dental dam system? Basically it’s a latex or rubber bridge in the back of your mouth. So you don’t inhale or you don’t, swallow any of the pieces. You want to make sure that you have high vacuum suction. So you have a tube that’s really second hard. Normally, it’s a lot harder than the normal. Suck the fluid out of your mouth. Dental stuff. But it’s a high vacuum. Really? Pulling any vapors that are coming off of that out of your body. And then once you get that mercury out, typically what I like to see is, you want to go in with a laser and decontaminate the area. So Mercury is everybody who’s seen a thermometer can tell you when you heat mercury, it expands.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:06:21] When you cool it, it contracts quite a bit. And the problem with that is it’s cracking your teeth. So if you if you take a tooth and you hollow it out and you fill it with mercury, whenever you eat something cold or drink something cold, or eat something hot or drink something hot, the metal moves. And as it moves, it’s going to crack your teeth. And as it does that, you’re going to allow more and more and more spaces for bacteria to get out. As that bacteria gets in, we end up having, you know, actual enamel damage. We get root damage, we have all sorts of damage and death to the teeth. And it holds that that lower level of infection, and then it will actually seep out of the tooth. And so you have many major infection issues that go up. It’s funny because sometimes, like when people come in who have who have these issues, we’re working with them. And you can take thermographic and you can literally see the, the line from the tooth coming down the body. It’s really, really crazy. But you want to get those things cleaned out. And so get those reset, get those cleaned out.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:07:21] Then use the there’s a white, basically epoxy. It’s a composite filling that your dentist. All of this is that it’s not that big of a deal. They’ll go and they’ll knock that out. And that seals a lot better. So those would be the things I would tell you to do. Spend the money on this one. Don’t cheap out on getting your mercury, fillings removed. And if you guys want to see what mercury fillings will do, the body. Go to YouTube and look up smoking teeth. They did a bunch of research where they took a bunch of, animals, and they gave them mercury fillings. Or the silver fillings. And then they got them pregnant. And when they took the when they did radiographic tests of the of the babies, the babies had tons of mercury. So which is goes back to the thing I said about vaccines when we talked about vaccines. Now they’re, damaging the when we talk about mercury and how they everything are we talk about atrazine and we talked about all these things are in our environment. You have to understand that these things are compounding. And so when we take people who have a lot of mom, who has a lot of mercury fillings, who has not detox her body before she got pregnant.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:08:31] And then she gets pregnant and then we do, you know, we’re feeding the kid formula from tap water that has atrazine in it and all sorts of fluoride, which is wildly damaging to the brain. And then we give them vaccines. It’s a little disingenuous to say it’s entirely from the vaccine. The vaccines create a giant problem, but we’re toxic fire kids before they’re even born. Because if mom is carrying a bunch of heavy metals. And a bunch of toxic chemicals. And she’s nutrient depleted. And she’s stressed out because she’s got a job she’s going to go to. And she’s eating junk. And then she gets pregnant. And then we wonder why the babies aren’t healthy. Well, the factory that the baby was built in was messed up. It was all dirty. It didn’t have the parts it needed, so it had to, like, kind of figure it out. So in law, these are the issues we’re starting to see. And so this compounds the issue over time. So that’s one of the things we’re also seeing when we talk about heavy metals, recognize that it’s. You have to take the entirety of the person into account of what’s going on. So again, this is one of those more functional things, more holistic type of things, where you have to look at it from a bigger standpoint of what has been going on pre-birth.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:09:43] Because a lot of these kids we see, we see a ton of kids for psoriasis things, that’s vaccine related. So they get their vaccine a couple days later, they got psoriasis right smack because it’s, you know, one of those inflammatory autoimmune issues that happen. And a lot of that is because you trace it back and you’re like, well, mom, what did you do for detoxification and for nutrient absorption before you got pregnant? And while your baby was gestating and they’re like, nothing. I took prenatal vitamins. You’re like, well, okay, that’s you know, that’s not nearly, you know, enough for what we need to do. But those are some of the things we have to factor in. So if you guys are super worried about heavy metals, the first thing you gotta do, make sure that you’ve taken out all your mercury fillings. Make sure that you’ve you starting filter your water. You get that fluoride out your water. That’s is terrible. Make sure you’re not using toothpaste with fluoride in it. You know, if you’re if you’re in a plant, if you’re in an office building that has fluorescent lights, those things emit a decent amount of cadmium and things like that. That type of stuff. So keep that stuff from getting in the body.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:10:47] First of all, then we can start detoxifying the body after we cleaned it up. Because again, I see people who are all the time, they’re like, oh, I read a thing, I’m going to go, do you had nettles? Or they went to some practitioner who was like, oh, you have heavy metal issues. We’re going to start with that. And it damages people or doesn’t work very well, or they start to get detox reactions and stuff like that. So they end up here. And so that’s that’s really the path that we kind of go through. If you don’t clean the exit portals out, you’re not going to get things to exit the body very well. That’s just it’s kind of a common sense thing. You guys start with kidneys and liver. So that’s kind of how that one plays out. There’s a, there’s, there’s a little bit more intricate and as, like I said, depending on what your heavy metal toxicity is, how clean your body is, how easily your body is to releasing these things and where your nutrient levels are. It affects the protocols that we do a little bit, but don’t just jump willy nilly into grabbing some stuff. Now, if you want to say spirulina and chlorella and things like that, and Allison, just as a healthy thing to do, that’ll chip away at a little bit, knock yourself out.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:11:50] That’s not going to be a big issue if you want to take some zeolites because they bind and they don’t cause a lot of mercury issues, they don’t release, and yeah, do that. But a lot of these things that basically promote the release or the, or the, disengagement of the metals from your fat, from your tissues, that’s going to radically increase the amount of in your blood. And the problem is, is that if you have this thing that’s dangerous and your body wraps up and fat like bubble wrap and it has six off to the side, well, it’s a lot less dangerous. And so what happens a lot of times is that you guys, when we when people take stuff, breaks it free and it starts bouncing around the body, it’s doing tremendous amounts more damage now that you’ve freed it than it was when it was bound. And so if you don’t have the exit portals open and ready, when you free it, you’re going to do a lot more damage than you did beforehand because it starts bouncing around. Sooner or later, body will grab it and racket back up. In fact, stick it over here so you didn’t get it out. All you do is you let it, you know, bounce around the body and do all sorts of damage and make you sick. And then you wrap back up and put it somewhere else.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:12:51] So that’s one of the big issues that you’re going to grow into is if your exit portal is your kidneys and your liver aren’t ready, or if you have too much inflammation, you to your kidneys and liver trying to deal with the inflammation and the heavy metals, you’re going to be in a bad spot. So, you know, if you’re going to do this at home. Spirulina chlorella fine. Don’t don’t worry about that. Zeolites fantastic. But if you really have some issues you want to get cleaned up. You’re you you need to work with somebody who understands how to prep the body, how to get the body ready, and then to detox heavy metals. So we always do it. It’s always part of our long term protocols. But when we have a specific issue, this is kind of the path we take. So, if you guys have any more questions, hit us up. Questions at Chalmers. Welcome. Leave it in the comments, because if you guys leave it in the comments, these things, it’s easier for me to hear other people get to see them. And we can kind of get this the get through these things faster. So I always appreciate what you guys ask questions because it’s always, you know, what specific things are important to you that at that moment, you know, they always say that the guy who, you know. You know, there’s a lot of people who want a lot of things, but if you’re unhealthy, you only want the one thing. You only want your health back. So if you guys have stuff, drop them in the comments, drop in the stuff, and we’ll, take a look at it. We’ll see if we can meet you guys. Back. We need to go. So, thanks for your time.

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