04 Mar 2024

The concept of fat oxidizing state as an alternative to ketosis for weight loss and health improvement. Explains the process of transitioning the body to burn fat for fuel and the importance of supplementing nutrients while fasting. The need for understanding biochemical changes in the body and navigating lab results when adopting this lifestyle.

Highlights of the Podcast

00:06 – The internet selling issues

00:59 – Type two diabetes

01:11 – Calories in, calories out

02:15 – The fat oxidizing state

03:02 – The body to now have amino acids to produce glucose

05:09 – The easiest way to clear carbs out

06:05 – Body’s burning fat

07:07 – The majority of our lipid oxidation

08:05 – The other nutrients your body needs?

09:59 – The other big thing to know about both ketosis and fat oxiding state

11:34 – The broader chemistry from the labs is really important

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:04] Hey. Such Chalmers. A little trouble. Instagram, the internet selling issues. So I’m gonna go to tell you guys again. Go ahead and follow me on Twitter. A lot of the things we’re gonna end up talking about, I’m pretty sure going to get banned or suppressed or have bad things happen to them on the rest of the things, including what’s happening tomorrow. So what we’re going to start doing on, Fridays is we’re gonna do a little recap, you guys, a little recap, and we’re going to start doing questions and answers and stuff like that.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:33] And since we didn’t have a whole lot of that, I thought tomorrow I would start by going over what I do to treat type two or actually to fix type two diabetes. Doesn’t take very long to fix. You guys have a brief overview of how to do it at home. I give you a brief overview of how I do it. Figuring out how I do it has a lot more to it. So, you know, a lot of you are going to be able to do it at home the way I tell you to do it. So if you have type two diabetes, if a friend of yours has type two diabetes for you, just want to figure out how to fix it. Tune in tomorrow, 7:30 a.m. and we’ll knock that out.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:01:07] Today we’re going to talk a little bit about what’s with fat oxidizing state. So we talked about calories in, calories out. How silly of a model that is, because calories in, calories out and use carbohydrates and proteins exactly the same. They say they’re exactly equal in the way they work, which is the fallacy of September. About that. I don’t do calories in, calories out. We talked about somatic typing, kind of an idea, kind of research that can figure that out for yourself and to figure out where you fit on that chart, I’m going to know more. A lot of the things we’re talking about are based on, you know, more function, which is not a bad thing because everybody is talking about fat loss, weight loss, it’s all in there. So all the way to end up the extra morphs, I need to deal with that. If you’re an actor, you’re trying to gain weight. Call me. We’ll talk about that for you.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:01:50] So what a fat oxidizing state is, is basically the same thing as keto, but not really. The reasons the same says in both states you’re burning fat as fuel source, which is why people lose so much fat, so much weight while they’re in ketosis. I don’t personally like being in ketosis because your breath stinks. And I have to talk to people all day long, and lots of times I’m pretty close up. So I say the fat oxidizing state, which is the exact same thing, but I take a bunch of extra collagen so that my body can produce a lot more, glucose. Your body will produce glucose. When you’re in a fat oxidizing state for your blood, your blood cannot run off ketones. It can’t run off of, fast because it has no mitochondria. It still needs the sugars. So your liver will go through the process of gluconeogenesis using alanine. Malik. That’s the thing to create sugar.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:02:47] If you give it enough empty, really loose proteins like collagen, which is bone broth, where I just take collagen is pill. Your body can break those. And you know that those amino acids. So I break that protein down in amino acids very easily, allowing the body to now have amino acids to produce glucose. Well, a lot of times people talk about don’t fast without taking college. You don’t work out fasted unless you’re taking collagen or bone broth. That’s why they’re telling you to do that, because your body needs the sugar and it will make it because your brain, your blood, has security in your brain, so it will make it. You don’t have a choice. So either you can tear your muscles apart, or you’re gonna give it the amino acids it needs. So just give it the amino acids it needs. So yeah, taking collagen first thing in the morning is a great idea before you work out.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:03:36] However, where you go into later, working out any fat oxidizing state or in a fasted state is a really awesome thing to do. There’s a little bit of a difference between I haven’t eaten for 7 hours or 10 hours, and I’m fasted and I haven’t eaten for three days and on fasting. So that’s really what we talk about. We talk about the fat oxidize state, so kind of back to the calories thing. You don’t burn things. You don’t. There’s no combustion. There’s no fire inside you that you throw things in. Oh, maybe extreme heat. Like, that’s not how we work. We’re kind of over sheep. We oxidize. So it’s like I said, rust. You know, it’s not the things version of flags is that we can actually change it. So that’s a part of the talk. I’ve been using burn for a long time. I’m going to slip up here and there. But it’s we don’t burn things. We oxidize them. So what happens is that when you give your body no sugars or no carbohydrates, it has to find a fuel source. So it starts burning fat as its main fuel source. And so that fat, produces a lot more ATP. The energy you’re actually looking for is ATP. You make a lot more ATP from fat than you do from carbohydrates or from proteins.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:04:49] So fat oxidized instead of we’re consuming this stuff for energy is really the place you really want to go. So, the way you get into it is the same way you get into catalysts. And I could walk people into sometimes, but you stop using sugars completely. You you cut down your carbohydrates really, really low, or you cut them really out. Carnivores. The easiest way to clear carbs out. But you eat lots of me. You. I mean, I eat tons of dessert, so I shouldn’t be able to switch all the time. The way I’m cutting is I’m fasting. I’m burning 40, 71, but I’m eating, two pizzas, pecan pie and blueberry juicing. But it’s all made. It’s all. It’s all from the keto recipes, so there’s no sugars in them. And there’s a reference, all things like that. So that’s the way you do it. So you cut all of those out to ratios. Look, I have to have some to burn. I don’t have any more carbohydrates. I don’t need more sugar. So I have so burning fat for fuel. When you get into that state where you’re burning fat for fuel, you can stop eating now. So that’s one. That’s how I have everybody fast. I never have somebody fast. My glucose that sticks.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:05:54] So if you’re consuming carbohydrates or you’re consuming sugars, I don’t think you should fast. I think you should. Even for like a day. I think you should work yourself. Into a fat oxidizing state so that your body’s burning fat for its major fuel source. Then you should stop it. The way that I do my fasting with people is to actually think sex or walk them into eating. You know, all the good meats and all the good proteins, targeted fats and stuff like that. Cut out all the carbohydrates. And then once they’ve been doing that for a day or two, then we have breakfast and we haven’t skipped lunch. And then one thing you see eating once a day, which is what I usually write, which is a 22 to or 23 one, fasting schedule, then we haven’t set that name. And that’s pretty easy. What you use eating once a day and you don’t eat, then it’s easy to go into a, you know, a longer fast or you want to do the two day, three day, five day fast. It doesn’t really matter. I can get into that.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:06:48] There’s other ways, if you need to, that we can suppress hunger. We’ll talk about that in the time. But that’s basically how we get into that. Actualizing sex is we just basically stop eating carbohydrates, safe eating sugars, eat more fat, eat more meats, clean fats and omega sixes, omega sixes, and seed oils. By the way, caveat that’s where we get the majority of our lipid oxidation. Lipid oxidation is where the worst, free radical issues we face. That’s the one that, from research, is showing a higher tendency of converting LDL to oxidized LDL oxides. LDL is actually the thing that creates plaque damage in your arteries, not LDL. So you gotta watch out if you’re if you’re not pulling those labs, I would pull the accolades of your labs and your doctor. Listen for doing cost a little bit for you. But anyway, so once you have that fat, actually, as you say, you can start fasting.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:07:39] The other problem we get into is that a lot. And this is a big fasting thing. And we’ll talk about fasting more in detail later. You guys. You need to supplement while you’re fasting. Just drinking water for three days is a bad idea because yes, your body’s burning fat for your ATP, for your fuel source. But where are you getting your macronutrients to take you to an athlete to be like? Are you getting omega three fatty acids? Where are you getting all of the other nutrients your body needs? They don’t these these chemicals aren’t stored. Where are you going to eat? Where are you getting the selenium? Where are you guys getting all these nutrients you need to supplement while you’re fasting? Because your body needs two things needs ATP and needs energy. And it needs nutrients. Well, if you’re in a fat oxidizing state, you’ve got plenty of fat in your body. The ATP creation from fat is totally dumb. Yes, don’t even worry about that at all.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:08:30] However, you didn’t need to worry about the nutrient level. So you need to supplement as you’re doing. The supplementation is really what makes this whole thing really, really functional. And we’ll go through everything I’m taking and before and I’m going to say there’s a lot I know I’m taking more than you guys need. I drink I treat viruses and bacterial infections and things like this all day, every day. So I think a lot of things to prepare and strengthen my immune system so I can be around sick people all day, every day and be this close to them and not get sick. So there’s things that I’m taking that you don’t need, but I will go through everything I’m taking as you go along. But actually the the long and short of it is, it’s not that hard. Now, tomorrow, like I said, I won’t talk about how I fix diabetes. You guys need to follow me on Twitter because there’s need a lot of things I talk about, like cholesterol, like type two diabetes, like Covid, like the hormones. There’s a lot of things I may be talking about that doesn’t make pharmaceutical companies happy. And so it’s going to get suppressed. So the only place I know that has a little bit more freedom of speech is Twitter. So you guys jump on Twitter, doctor Charles one follow me there. If we have internet and phones today, today the phones are down. How weird is that across the nation? Interesting.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:09:44] But anyway, follow me there. Look at the facts. Lies in state. Look at the ketosis stuff. If you guys are trying to figure out how do you eat without actually having, say, it’s basically the same thing as ketosis? Just I just you just take a little bit more collagen. Should balance that out. The other big thing to know about both ketosis and fat oxiding state, if you do blood work, then your body’s making glucose your glucose very well might be higher in the mornings. It’s called the domino effect. So I zero carbohydrates zero and well very very few. And I’m eating and then a 47 one. So I don’t eat once every two days. my blood sugar sits about 110 in the morning. 105, 110. I have a lot of blood, and it needs a lot of energy. And I’ve missed it so that my brain is now working on glucose and my body produces. So. Also, when you’re doing this, make sure your doctor understands how biochemistry works. Your labs are going to look a lot different if you’re in a fat oxidizing state. You will still be healthy, but your doctors are gonna think you’re dying again.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:10:48] That actually, I think state and glucose, that state are two totally different chemical systems. One is like running a diesel engine and ones like running a gasoline engine. They both make the car move with their super different systems, and you have to be aware of that and how they work. Otherwise you do a nasty lot. So if your doctor is not familiar with Noble Function and doesn’t understand what it’s actually running the labs, you need to work with somebody who actually understands what the labs meet. Lots of the doctors just understand if this turns red, I give this drug. They don’t know why it turns red. They don’t know what they’re actually chemicals are looking at. I deal with this all the time. Or I have athletes come in and their doctors are like, oh, you’re gonna die. Your blood was terrible. And that looked like you were gonna say, right? Yeah. I’m like, well, that explains everything on this lab. So that’s the thing. Understanding the broader chemistry from the labs is really important. And I’ll go over those labs as we go through. It’s just really hard for me to do this, and I’m trying too hard to give it content. So, watching things, like I said, Fridays we’re going to start getting questions and answers so we can go through that also a little bit more time doing questions and answers and prizes for you guys. But tune in tomorrow and we’ll go over type two diabetes and how we work on X, talks to you guys later.

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