05 May 2024

The controversy surrounding meat consumption versus a plant-based diet. The health implications of both, addressing misconceptions about meat’s impact on heart health and the environmental considerations of plant farming. The importance of understanding the quality of both meat and plant sources for optimal health, advocating for a balanced approach to nutrition.

Highlights of the Podcast

00:57 – The issue that we run into with the plants and the meat thing
02:42 – The health of the plant you’re consuming is highly critical to this discussion
04:28 – The reasons of polar ice caps are melting?
05:42 – The heart transplants we do the valvular transplants, they’re pig valves
07:18 – The biggest minerals that people are deficient in is either like you talk about thyroid function
08:29 – The vast majority of the fruits and vegetables you’re going to find
10:17 – People are having heart attacks much higher on the inflammatory chemicals
11:49 – A lot of the things that are poisoning us today are poisoning us because of the plant farming that we’re doing
13:20 – A bunch of chemicals in to make it taste different
14:20 – The bad chemicals in my body is to not eat them
16:01 – The vast majority of people over vegans

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:03] So today I got a question about, Tony Robbins. As much people are pushing. People should stop eating meat, and they should only eat plants. I talk about a lot of stuff that’s highly controversial that I say, here’s the facts of it, and so it makes it easier. The plant thing is highly controversial, and I believe that it is part of an agenda to make people less healthy and give other people more control. So on that topic, we can talk about that a lot later. Not everybody has the same morals and values and things that maybe you do. There’s a lot of people who are, especially people in power, who think that they should have a lot less people on the planet. So bear that in mind if you guys want to talk about that later. I can talk about how I think that plays out later, but. The issue that we run into with the plants and the meat thing. The specific question was that meat makes your blood thicker and thicker. Blood leads to heart attacks. Technically, both those things are true. The viscosity of your blood will lead to wear and tear in the blood vessels, and it will lead to wear a tear in the heart that can lead to heart attacks. And eating red meat. Can increase the body’s ability to produce, red blood cells, which will make for thicker.

[00:01:31] Having said that, heart damage from this got from thick blood. Where most people are, where they need to be. So a lot of people, especially women around menstruation, specifically lose a lot of iron. They lose a lot of viscosity of the blood because they lose what water because they just don’t have enough oxygen carrying, hemoglobin, hematocrit levels. So should we make our blood thicker? Yeah. A lot of people need thicker blood. They need to heave iron to create more function. So, yeah, that’s a thing. Is it going to cause heart attacks? No, no. The vast majority of consumption of meat is going to be very, very hard, protected, very, very heart healthy, very good for the brain. So you need those things now. Here. Here’s where the rub lives. Right? Is all meat created equal. Now you know, grass fed grass, finished Wagyu or eggs? You know, grass fed grass finish is very different than corn fat. Specifically, if that corn is genetically modified. So the health of the animal that you’re consuming or the health of the plant you’re consuming is highly critical to this discussion. So you have to factor that in. So, for instance, you ask accelerators. The the celery juice, for instance, from China versus the United States is radically different. So. If you’re consuming, if you’re consuming, vegetable juice that you grew in your own garden that had water purification and air purification. High grade soils and things like that.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:03:15] That’s going to radically different conversation than, you know, random stuff we buy at the store. So that factors in tremendously as well. The thing that we do in America is we use nitrogen and phosphorus to make a plants look big and healthy, where there’s no nutrients and the nutrient, this is the entire reason you’re consuming the plant anyway. So. Hey, Russell, we are sprayed heavily with glyphosate. So in this country, I would say plants are a terrible idea. Supplementation from plants is a great, great option. But eating the actual plant? Not very much. It’s very it’s a lot easier to get grass fed, grass finished beef. That’s super clean and really good for you. Because here’s the thing. We’re giant chemical engines that have meat as the primary function of our body. All your muscles, meat, all your organs are meat. Your brain is secondly, meat. So, you know, if you want to give the body something that it recognizes that it’s made out of. I would give it animal products or give it meat. And I realized, wow, there’s so many bad things associated with that. You know, like, don’t you know that colorful cow farts of the reasons of polar ice caps are melting? Got the guys who are telling you that you shouldn’t eat me. Because, Khalifah, you’re making the global warming thing happen.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:04:37] Those are the same guys who get in private jets, fly down to the ocean, get their 100 foot yachts, grab their hundred foot yachts for two weeks, come back, fly back on a private jet telling you that you can’t have me because you’re causing global warming. When they created more carbon emissions. That they lied to you until you were causing global warming in in their two week vacation. Then you will in the next four years of your life. So whenever there’s massive hypocrisy, you can pretty much tell. Hold on. The thing that you’re claiming is super important to you when you’re this hyper, this hypocritical obviously isn’t. The thing you’re actually caring about isn’t the thing that you’re actually going for. So what is it you’re going for? So again, that we’ve just down a road of conjecture and then conspiracy theory and whatnot. But that’s how I do it, because animal products are wildly beneficial. Like a lot of people are taking fibroids that are glandular. Where do you think it’s glandular has come from? Do you think we we we genetically make them in the lab. We take them from animals. A lot of the heart transplants we do the valvular transplants, they’re pig valves. They’re animal valves. Why is it work? Because our machine and their machine are built of the same things.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:05:53] They’re very, very similar. So we can swap them in and out occasionally. So eating them is going to give us the nutrients to build the tissues that we eat from. So when you eat a steak and you get all the red blood, that red blood, that heme iron is critical for your body to make red blood cells, to make the blood of the body to carry oxygen. When you eat. A heart. You know you need organ beats when you need a heart. That’s going to have a lot of the nutrients your heart needs to work. And just logically, why? Why would that. Why would that be? Because it’s a heart. It’s got it. That body took all that, all those chemicals and shoved them into the heart. Because the heart needed those chemicals to work. So it’s going to store a lot of stuff. So, yeah, eating organs, eating meat is a fantastic thing to do. Now there’s like I said, there’s a lot of plants that are highly beneficial. There’s a lot of plants that are very, very, very not good for you. So like buy, buy easy buy, easy go to is always over you. Specifically quick incineration. Massively higher rates of scale. So it’s the worst possible thing you can say. Unless you want to get fat. If you’re trying to get fat. Open on granola. Me or two at best. That’s that’s. It also has static acid in it. And that leaches minerals that your bones in most people are deficient to begin with. So, like, one of the biggest minerals that people are deficient in is either like you talk about thyroid function. So I thought it’s like most of the time.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:07:25] You’ve heard if you have not heard the way that we, we, we look at well, most medical doctors looking at from TSH is the brain hormone, not thyroid because they don’t give hormones. But when you look at hormones of the thyroid, what is T3 and what is T4? You know what the difference for the T3? The T4 is. The T3 only has three ions. The T4 has four ions. So if you’re deficient nine nine to begin with and you wonder why your thyroid doesn’t work, that’s why. So now also fluoride compared to that binding site. So fluoride toxicity is a problem that most people don’t have enough either. So that’s the thing that you guys need to look at is where’s my mineral density. Well again this plant, this oat is robbing you of those nutrients, those critical needed nutrients. So, you know, our plants are always better know now are some of the chemicals that we do research on. We find the plants beneficial. Yeah, very much so. So you can take them as solvents. You can eat them. But like I said, in this country, in the United States, the vast majority of the fruits and vegetables you’re going to find, unless you’re growing them yourselves or you know, the farmer or not, can be very nutrient dense, the things you’re looking for out there. So that’s why a lot of people are sick who still eat vegetable. So we’re still planning plant based diets.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:08:45] The other problem with plant based is that it can be really hard to get all your amino acids your essential critical have to have or you die. I mean, no acids. So you know that’s a problem. A lot of your mega threes that are really important are marine source. Like there’s a lot of fish. There’s less like that. So you can get EPA and VG from plant sources. It’s just you’re not going to get very good stuff or very, very large quantities. So you’re still going to solve that category. So there’s a lot of things that you can’t get from a plant based diet. Hello. So that’s kind of where I’m on that one. For for millennia we’ve eaten animals and been fighting the argument that, well, meat has cholesterol and you know that cholesterol causes heart attacks. Well, we’ve discussed that cholesterol is very good for you. Cholesterol is actually the number one fuel source. LDL b LDL cholesterol is the number one fuel source for your heart. So to say that it’s I would tell you that cholesterol is cardioprotective because it’s what your heart eats for everything. It’s how your body makes all the hormones till your body makes it through. It’s how you everybody feeds muscle tissue when you’re in ketosis. So cholesterol is pretty important. It’s pretty good for you. Now, when you look at the people who are having heart attacks, now you look at how much meat they’re eating or cholesterol induced foods they’re eating, versus how much hypoglycemic stuff and oxidative oxidative stress chemicals are consuming. You see, people are having heart attacks much higher on the inflammatory chemicals.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:10:22] The omega six is the seed oil for stuff like that much lower on meat as far as total consumption goes. So, you know, that’s that’s really where the the rub lies. They’re trying really hard to tell everybody that they’re bad for you. If you want to look at it from a well, the earth is better. There’s no better. There’s this worse for plants because when you when you cut a giant swath of the earth down, then you, you mess with it so that the water runs off to where you want it to and this and that. But you’ve got to kill all the bugs, all the spiders, all the small animals that the squirrels, the moles, the snakes, the foxes, the deer. You got to get everything away from that stuff. And then you soak it in chemicals like glyphosate. It’s not better for the planet. You know, if you have a pasture with 100 bulls in a 100 cows in it, and the cows move around and they eat the grass here, they eat the grass over there, and they move all around and then poop in all the places they are. Women are losing the earth. Run off. The same bugs are the same, birds of the same. All that type of stuff. Cattle is much, much better for the environment, for the actual land than planting some things is. I mean, think of all the stuff like like the DDT that was killing all the Eagles and doing all the that stuff. That was run off from, you know. That was run off from from chemical function. There’s a lot of the glyphosate that we’re pouring all of these things that atrazine that’s in all the water. A lot of the things that are poisoning us today are poisoning us because of the plant farming that we’re doing. So now.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:11:57] And I think a lot of this push towards we should make everything plant based is either there’s somebody who owns all the plant based stuff, like a like gates or something like that. Like one of these guys who owns everything, you know, puts his political function and social function drive to their companies so they can lie to you and make more money, that sort of thing. Some of these large, giant Monsanto and other things have realized that all the stuff they’re doing to poison everybody has made that a really bad PR campaign. So they’ve gone through and tried to push a lot of this plant stuff. So like, look beyond meat, right? Because all these things we’re trying to be like, well, it’s it’s a fake burger, but it’s just as good could it’s better because it’s made from plant. One of the most toxic things I can imagine that you put in your body, live every worst possible thing you put in your body. So yeah, a lot of the plant based stuff that they’re pushing right now is really a bad idea. The closer to nature, the fewer steps you take between. You know where this thing came from? And my plate. The back. So if you go. It used to be a cow. We killed the cow. Cut it up and we ate. That’s pretty close to nature. If you say, well, we took 100 different plants. We bathed in different chemicals. We bleach that in these things. Then we turned around and we put a bunch of dyes in them, and then we put a bunch of chemicals in to make it taste different.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:13:23] We put a bunch of chemicals to glue it all together. Then we put a bunch of preservatives in it. If you’re in a bad place, I want to know. I grow my own vegetables and I’m only vegan. All right. What are you feeling? What kind of hurt or dirt are they in? We’re kind of eerily exposed to, like, water from water. Use it. If you’re using city water, you’re in a bad place because you’re feeding the chlorine. You’re feeding it with fluoride so you can clean that stuff. So these are some of the things you have to kind of take into account. So the idea that we should all be plant based is silly. There’s not enough real chemistry behind it. There’s tons of phenomenal chemistry behind consumption of meat. So it’s kind of up to you and how you want to play that. I’m a much bigger meat over plant guy, but I do lots of supplementation. That and a lot of that. So excuse me. Supplementation comes from plants. So. You know, that’s kind of where it is. It’s at the end of the day, it’s. I need these chemicals in my body. I need these chemicals out of my body. The easiest way not to get the bad chemicals in my body is to not eat them. So I don’t want glyphosate. I’m going to ban everything that has glyphosate on it, which is a lot of plant stuff. So if you just look at the chemistry and take a look, read the labels and see if you’re eating. You read the labels and you’re like, I don’t know what this chemical is. Can you look at that? You look at the sirloin you get from, you know, HIV or Costco where we’re getting it and it says cow. All right, I know what that is.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:14:47] I know where that came from. Like, the meat I get comes from a specific place. No, it’s it’s grass. That’s grass. Finished. You know, I know the butcher. I know the rancher. I know those type of things. I know where I go. If he’s invited me to go see the pasture, I have not. I have no desire to see cow pasture. But, you know, I could if I wanted to. So that type of thing. So I’m a much bigger fan of basing your diet in meat that is easier to figure out. Where do we come from, what toxins are in it, what chemicals are going in my body, and how those two chemicals my body actually needs. So because most of the time you can get the vast, vast majority of the things you need to make your body run from just eating cow. So if you’re like, pick one thing to eat, whether it’s wheat or soy or corn, all those are terrible, by the way. Which we it’s a different conversation. But you know, any of those things or just eating cow, if you just ate cow, you’d be substantially healthier than if you ate any other one plant or ten plants. You’re going to be much, much better with the cow. So plants are needed in a plant based diet I would not lean to for health I would lean more towards, like I said, a carnivore diet. Like if you’re going to pick one of the two vegan or carnivore carnivore two wildly more beneficial to the vast majority of people over vegans. So that’s kind of where it is. If you have any other questions, hit us up. Sorry one guy, but, we got questions tomorrow, so I’ll talk to you guys then. Thanks for your time.

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