21 Mar 2024

Anti-infective supplements aimed at preventing illness, are especially pertinent in the face of emerging health challenges like Covid-19 variants. The importance of supplements like Allison, a garlic derivative, for its broad antimicrobial properties, and lysine, an amino acid crucial for combating viruses. Additionally, The significance of quinine and Hyssinol, particularly in addressing vascular issues associated with the current health landscape. The necessity of sourcing supplements from reputable providers to ensure efficacy and warns against purchasing from unreliable sources like Amazon. Guidance for those seeking to bolster their immune defenses amidst evolving health threats.

Highlights of the Podcast

00:18 – People in my office with Covid

01:23 – The wellspring of life

02:35 – The body can’t kill the bacteria

03:34 – The real viruses

04:33 – Get yourself some lysine

07:44 – The blood vessels

10:09 – Hyperbaric chamber for appointment of hospitals

11:03 – The quiet and you should be the essential

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:03] Today we’re going to start going over some anti, infective stuff. Now I take these every single day. You guys don’t need probably don’t need to take these every day. And you definitely don’t need to take these the level that I take. However I see sick people in my office with Covid, with weird sinus infections, with whatever the new thing going around is. With all sorts of stuff. I, I see sick people all day long. That’s one of the things I do. So I take extra stuff so I don’t get sick. I was like, how do you see 20 sick people a day with all different things and never get sick? It’s because I take stuff to prevent. This is especially going to be important. I think over the next couple months, we’re seeing some weird stuff in the office that we haven’t seen before. Really, really tough stuff. So just a heads up.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:58] All right, so we’ll start with Allison. Allison is basically garlic. It’s it’s a form of garlic. And C is the medicinal. The inside piece of the garlic. Really, really good amount of variety of different bacterial infections, sinus infections, gut stuff. Really big on the kidney. We’re seeing lots and lots and lots of pressure on the kidney right now. And in eastern medicine, the kidney is the wellspring of life. Anxiety, depression, those sort of things live in the kidney. Low back pain. Kidney cancer packs are still one of my favorite things to do for detoxification. We’ve made. I’ve got videos on that on the on the website. Check those out. Three layers of cotton flannel, each individually soaked castor oil put directly on the skin, and then a far infrared heating pad. I like to wrap mine in clear, plastic, on top of that for vitamin and sugar. We’ve seen the kidney have a direct and very, very powerful response on blood pressure. We’ve seen it have effects on anxiety, things like that. Like we’ve had people come in and full blown panic attacks, you know, shaking, snot pouring out their nose. I can’t speak. We’ll get them back.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:02:08] We’re getting my castor pack. This back in, we had our forum for about and 30 minutes. Fourth, having decided to be totally fine, clean their face and go back to work. So the kidney is a big, big, big player. Allison’s a big one on that one. Allison also helps break up what’s called biofilms. Lots of parasites. Including, the the spider cage and things like that from Lyme disease. Bill. Biofilms. If you don’t break the biofilms, the body can’t kill the bacteria or the limbs and things like that, which is one of the reasons that people have such a poor time treating limbs. They don’t understand how systems work. They just want to throw antibiotics and everything. And then when it doesn’t work, they go, well, you must be the problem. You must not really have lives because, you know, we gave you a box and you didn’t get all the way back. So, but I see lots and lots and lots of problems with people, tree limbs, which is why they don’t have the success that we do. You gotta clean the liver in the kidneys first. You can’t just tackle lime, so you gotta clean the gut.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:03:05] So anyway, lysine is the next one. Lysine is an amino acid. If you take too much of this, you will just listeners to also don’t worry about overdosing on it. It is the very best thing for viruses. So when we used to just have to battle normal cells before we got the, and I’m going to be real careful about how I say they’re going to ban this entire video because we’re going to talk about some bad stuff. Before the vid came out, we had to deal with bioweapons. All the real viruses, the naturally occurring viruses, this stuff would knock out real fast. Your body knows what to do against viruses. And this is the weapon of choice it uses against viruses. So lysine was a big player. So like you’re coming with the cold and, you know, a day later it’ll find they’d catch the flu. And, you know, 48 hours later, they’d be totally fine. But this is a big, big player. So lysine to be a big player for all your viruses. All non manmade, non bioweapon viruses. This is going to be the biggest player.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:04:05] So keeping this up on a regular basis is good. This works against herpes. This is the fastest way to get rid of cold sores and general outbreaks and things like that that you’re going to find. I put this up against medical stuff with dozens of patients who normally get Valtrex or normally get, you know, whatever they get for their fever, blisters, cold sores or general outbreaks. And this has always been faster with every single patient. So depending on body weight depends on how much you take. But get yourself some lysine and you guys are looking for things to stock up on. Go to the cereal store or the Pillars of Wellness and grab these two. These are going to be some of your biggest ones. HCA will help quite a bit as well, but these two are gonna be very, very, very beneficial. I have a bunch of these that I’m personally keeping. So, you know, if we were have slow down shipping, I’ve still got my stuff. So I’ve got lots of these I love these.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:05:00] Now, hyssop or in this case, this product called Hyssinol. And right now we’re using a product from Purell. Here our used to be the my my go to source. It was by far the best stuff in the market. Doctor Marshall died, and, the accountants took over, and their their quality of their stuff has gone down, signaling it. This is this is still pretty good, but I’m looking for another manufacturer or something. You can bring the quantum residence field up over. But it’s still. This is still the stuff I’m taking source of. I’m using for the moment. So, hisself and PRL, do not go to Amazon. Go directly to the Premier Research Labs website. The other problem with PRL stuff and with all of this is not just Purell. The stuff on Amazon is fake. Like when we were working directly with them, we would call them like what? Your products are for sale on Amazon for cheaper than we can buy them from you. And they’re like, yeah, those are counterfeit. And like, what are you done? Like, there’s something we can do, like Amazon like it’s something Amazon doesn’t care. But Amazon is a store where everything’s sold. It’s not a you know, they don’t have dominion over the things that are sold. You can sign up for an account so whatever you want to. So if you print the labels, put them on bottles and put, you know, poison in there. No, no. So do not buy your stuff on Amazon.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:06:22] Get it from some of these website. This is why it’s one of the reasons I started my my own brand was so that the online. I could have control over where you got it. And so if I told you it’s only available on my website in my store, that was the fact. In fact, I don’t mean actually I find really, really high quality manufacturers that I like. And then we, we, we want from that, which is why sometimes if you order stuff, you get two different boxes on two projects, because I want the freshest stuff we can get from the very best manufacturers I can find for everything. And not one manufacturer is going to make the best seller. So I might have to do a whole subnet thing tomorrow, but these are the ones. So this new bug that’s out, it’s really, really strong. It’s really nasty. It’s what I’m going to look at. I’ve only seen about 20 or 30 cases of it in the past 2 or 3 weeks, maybe a month. So I don’t want to call it the new thing yet, but it is very, very sticky and very powerful. It’s requiring quinine.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:07:21] Lysine. I’m sorry. Quinine essential. And Allison together because there’s a big, big hit on the kidneys giving us blood pressure issues. And here’s the problem. Like I keep telling you guys, Covid is a vascular problem, which leads to blood vessel problem, which means it’s an oxygen problem. It’s a blood pressure problem. It’s a nutrient problem to waste problem. You mix that with this new bug that’s hitting the kidneys and hitting the blood vessels really hard. That is requiring the Allison and his all. It’s not going to be good, guys. It’s not good. We’re going to see lots and lots of death from it. Because once you start messing with the blood system and the oxygen system, you’re going to see a ton more arterial sclerosis. You’re going to see a ton more, neurodegenerative diseases like Ms. and dementia. You’re can start saying, you know, like I said, more heart attacks and strokes and you see a lot more cancers. So be very, very careful with the stuff you guys are taking.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:08:13] And especially knowing that I’ve got a buddy of mine who just called me his my age, 42, had had two stents for that. Now, he did have three Covid vaccines. So we’ll go through and we’ll figure out how much of that was lifestyle and how much of that was the damage from the vaccines. But if you guys had those vaccines a little while ago, y’all need to go get calcium CT and echocardiograms. There’s you just have to we’re seeing so much damage and such young people. Y’all need to really, really take advantage of that. If you can’t, if your doctor won’t get you calcium CT. If regarding Graham’s call, the office will help you get them. But these are the ones that I take literally every single day. And this is what we’re seeing over and over and over again. We’re having to give people more and more lysine, more and more, Allison. More and more personal.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:09:02] I had to make a specific oil just for what we were saying to bring the kidneys back on. And everybody’s kidney that we were testing has got these issues otherwise. So, you know, I’m expecting to see a little bit more increase in anxiety. And we’re kind of seeing over the past six months or so. But that’s hard to tell because with everything that’s going on with the economy and with the world and everything, but it is more is markedly increased. And we’re seeing lots and lots more pressure issues, more fatigue issues. So. You know, the stuff is getting. So it’s getting a little silly out there. But these are the 18 factors that I use the most I take on a daily basis. I take one, Allison, three times a day. I take, three lysine three times a day and I take one hits all three times a day.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:09:49] Again, you probably don’t need to be at that level because you’re probably not seeing sick people day in, day out. I am, and so this is what I take to kind of this is some of this that I take to kind of keep in the forefront of it. The other thing is quinine. So in 2020, I had quinine made for the office to battle, Covid. We were getting to a point in putting on hyperbaric chamber for appointment of hospitals, and that’s how we were saving lives. I can do a whole big deal on that, but that got me all sorts of trouble in 2020 when I posted online that, so I also did quinine in the morning and the night I talked about the several times. If I don’t, my ejection fraction of my grams is 40 when I take my quinine at 60, because quinine knocks the spike protein off the Ace2 receptor site, allowing blood vessels in the heart, lungs, brain, and kidneys to dilate back out.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:10:37] So, these are the intersections I take, again with the quinine. You can’t get quite on unless it’s in my office. I don’t have a supplier big enough to deal with that. But this is what we’re doing right now. So if you guys starting to feel kind of off, if you guys are worried about, you know, the bugs that are going around, you’ve heard your friends get sick real bad for ten days or so. You might want to get some of this stuff out. Especially the, you know, probably obvious things should be the quiet and you should be the essential, ordered apparels website. Like I said, do not ever buy supplements from Amazon. But you can get this now from Premier Research Labs website as well. If you guys have any questions, questions at Chalmers, Walmart.com, or drop them in the chat and we’ll get everything going. You guys have a fantastic and wonderful day and we’ll see you guys next time. Thanks for your time.

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