10 Apr 2024

The concept of frequency function, emphasizes how the body communicates using electromagnetic frequencies rather than electricity. Understanding these frequencies can impact health and wellness, touching on topics like grounding, muscle testing, and the energetic resonance of the body. Offers practical tips for incorporating grounding practices into daily life.

Highlights of the Podcast

00:27 – The idea that nerves carry electricity

01:29 – Those electromagnetic frequencies

03:06 – The Earth resonates the exact same frequency

04:59 – The quantum state

06:34 – The muscle testing

09:38 – The frequency of the nutrition we bring in also matters

10:20 – Find the best both chemically and energetically

11:52 – ADHD issues with weak adrenals

13:42 – The electromagnetic frequency from a food

15:02 – Negative to the body

16:35 – The rubber in your shoes will insulate you from the ground as well

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:04] We’re going to talk a little about frequency function today. And. This is a topic that gets really, really out there really quickly, and it’s very difficult for people to understand that this is a big part of what we do. So I wanted to kind of touch on. So from a from a frequency function, your body does not actually communicate with electromagnet with help with electricity. So the idea that nerves carry electricity and the electricity tells everybody what to do isn’t actually 100% what’s going on. Your body communicates with electromagnetic frequencies, much like your credit card carries that stripe and your credit card. Before we went to chips and touch stuff, that stripe carried tons of electromagnetic information. Your security keycard does the same thing. So that type of information, that electromagnetic frequencies. That’s how everybody actually communicates. Because when we look at actually electromagnetic physics, it’s pretty simple.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:01:03] Electricity travels in a way from point A to point B, coupled to that wave in, you know, perpendicular fashion is electromagnetic frequency. So that’s basically how all that stuff works, you know, VHS tapes. I’m going way back in the day. VHS tapes work on electromagnetic frequencies as well. It’s a magnetic strip tape that you’re using. So the concept is not new. We’ve known it forever. What happens, though, is that those electromagnetic frequencies. They can be tweaked and altered. Your body can start recognizing them a little bit differently. They can be damaged from a variety of things piercings, punctures, blunt force trauma, burns, and of course, psychological damage. Very often you’ll see people who’ve had, you know. Stress or, you know, they went through something they perceived as highly stressful or really was highly stressful. And again, perception is more reality. So, you know, if two people go through the same event and one of their bodies perceives it as much more personally stressful than the other person does, person A will have a lot more psychological issues than person B? Well, the variation in this is astounding. And I think when we do more research into into why certain people take.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:02:22] Different impacts from different psychological things. I think we’re going to learn a lot more about how to treat people. But this is again outside of chemical. So this is not a pharmacological thing. So all of Western medicine who is based on cell drugs is going to tell you that frequency work and stuff like that is all trash. And it’s it’s wrong and just buy my drugs, you know, and that type of thing. So but so this is kind of what party are you and or you and the, you know, maintenance management of disease thing or you and actually fix the problem type of thing. This is brings up all the grounding stuff that people are going to. Your body resonates at a very specific frequency because your body is 100% natural. And so it resonates in a very specific frequency. The Earth resonates the exact same frequency. So the old biblical thing that we were made, you know, from the clay of the earth, has, from a frequency standpoint, a lot of evidence there. Which is why it’s funny because few muscle test somebody inside my building. We’ve accounted for a lot of energy variances in the building.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:03:26] We’ve reset the energy function. So we’re we’re we’re in the spirit. So we can test for a while. Here. You take that same person, you take them outside, take their shoes off, put them on the actual ground of the earth and the grass. Test them again, radically different tests. So, without going too far into the physics, because I’ve only got a couple minutes. If you guys have grounding sheets, if you guys have grounding mats, I highly recommend that you get a grounding mat. There’s a bunch of them on Amazon. They’re like, well, what are the good ones? Man, this is really simple stuff. It doesn’t really matter as long as it plugs into the ground, but you’re on at the outlet, like when you stick stuff in the electrical outlet. As long as you plug it into the ground and it has the basic, you know, function, you’re going to be fine there. Even some of the more comfortable, more durable things like that. But go to Amazon, grab a grounding mat. And like I have one that sits on my chair, whenever I at office just working. So those are fantastic. Grounding sheets work great, but that’s the thing.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:04:23] So when I talk about eliminating allergies, when I talk about, you know, eat a peanut and die, and we can fix that in 20 minutes, that’s what I’m talking about. We can actually change the we we can convince the body that the frequency of that peanut is okay in your gut. Now, the problem we run into with allergies is that you can be okay to food. A you can be okay to food be, but when you eat them together that creates a problem. So there is still some art and nuance to it, but the frequency function of what’s going on is highly important. So when we do muscle testing, when you do, any of the energy reset the subseries of the quantum state, that we do here for allergies and things like that, that’s what I’m talking about. So I’ve had people ask me all the time, hey, is this grounding thing real? Is this frequency stuff real? It is. But again, and this is the thing with muscle testing, right? Like muscle testing is one of the primary ways I test everything. Why I test my family. That’s right. I test everybody else. That’s how I figured out how to fix Covid. Like it is by far the very best way to diagnose, you know, figure out exactly what’s wrong with somebody. oh, a whole bunch of lot. And, you know, like, I’ll do a blood test that I have no pricing influence on because, you know, this test was like 1200 bucks for food sensitivities, you know, and they’ll come back and it’ll be roughly.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:05:44] Okay. I can, you know, take like two weeks to get back and cost $1,200. I can do the exact same thing with the food you’re worried about for, you know, 100 bucks in five minutes. So it’s it’s a lot easier with muscle testing. It’s a lot more specific, because people go, oh, I didn’t know I had that issue. Yeah, okay. But not only can we identify it, we can then usually fix it in the next 20 minutes to so 30 minutes, you know, you know, appointment, you figure out oh I was sensitive to these foods and now I’m not. Just because you can reason with, with with frequency sets. But that’s that’s a big piece. So when people say like, what’s this, Kira? That’s the muscle testing and that’s the where, where we, you know, we figure out your system two thirds or something to where when we eliminate those sensitivities. That’s where the executive physical, the muscle testing. And this is, again, this is an art form as much as a science. There’s people who can do a great job with muscle testing, figure out you need all these things, and then they’re like, are you tested for 40 things? Take all 40 things, which is.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:06:50] Problem because they don’t understand how the body actually works, and because most of the time when you test somebody, you figure out where they are today. That’s all you get. You don’t get a you don’t get a treatment plan. This is exactly what’s going on with the body that then the practitioner has to look at that and go, oh, I’m going to design out how we’re gonna put all this stuff together. But if you really want to get a great handle on what’s going on, you’re going to have to find somebody who does muscle testing and does a really good job of it. There’s a lot of guys out there who do muscle testing. They’re better, just like there’s a whole lot of guys who write scripts for medications and are terrible at it. Especially in the hormone department. So I, you know. I know there’s some, there’s some, you know, very cartons. Pretty good. Johanna was good. Like, I’ve met people who are good at it. There’s a lot of kairos who are great at it. The products they use are not fantastic. A lot of guys are still using standard process. And Santa process was the best 15, 20 years ago. Then the guy who pushed who started it died and the accountants took over and now it’s not very good.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:07:54] Same thing happened with one of the companies I used to really love, which was PRL. Doctor Marshall died, and, some of their stuff start to lose some of their quality. But as far as the because, I mean, any questions about grounding and, you know, earthing and things like that. Yeah, that stuff’s real. And it’s a highly beneficial, like, one of the things I like to do when it’s not rain, which is I’m in Texas. So like we have like three weeks where it’s raining and we all complain about it. And then for the rest of the year we’re like, we should get some rain. But what we’ll do is we’ll go out to your shoes off, the socks off my kids. Now for the football room. One, because I want to throw the ball with my kids, but two, because when they’re when your socks and shoes are off, you’re on the actual dirt. You’re actually on the ground. It helps reset all those frequencies. So, grounding is real thing or things. Real thing. You guys can, like I said, you can get those mats from Amazon for like 20 or 30 bucks, toss them in your chair, like, while you’re doing your work. All you gotta do is just sit. It’s not that big of a deal.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:08:52] Make sure you plug them in. But it’s not that big of a deal. So if you’re looking for that and actually, like 20, $30 hack to really kind of improve your health, and you’ve been reading about grounding and earthing and stuff like that, it’s hard to describe in ten minutes because a lot of you don’t have the basic physics to, to kind of understanding to explain it. And the other problems that we don’t understand, understand exactly how it all works. But it does. And it’s, it’s really beneficial because our bodies are basically liquid crystal. If you will. Structures. I’m trying to. I’m trying to break this all down in my head so it’s easier to understand. And we all resonate in a very specific frequency, and the frequency of the nutrition we bring in also matters. Which is why I’m so picky with my supplementation, because it has to both be chemically and energetically, where it needs to be. Which is why, again, half of our supplements come from one group, and then half of them come from another group, and some come from over here. So they all get shipped in different places because I’ll work with a company, I’ll be like, you’re cookie tins. Amazing.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:10:00] Your B vitamins are amazing. Your Mac is, because of how they make it or where they get it. It’s hard to find somebody else. And that’s why. That’s why when you order things from the store, from the cereal. Sorry. The pillars, wellness. Sometimes they come from different places because I gotta take this stuff too. I’m giving this stuff to my kids. My name is not going on anything that I don’t think is as top notch as possible. And so I find the best both chemically and energetically. And that’s how we get it out. So. You know, the if you guys are wondering about that, don’t spend a lot of time, energy or money on it. You know, go outside, take your shoes and socks off and walk around in the ground. If you don’t have time for that, you know to do that a little bit every day, grab a 20 or $30 grounding mat and sit on it, or you’re working on a computer. So like my wife has one that she puts her bare feet on. When she works on her computer. So at the house. So those things are great. When you when we start talking about muscle testing, we start talking about SRE. We start talking about, thera work. We start talking about, you know, the other energetic functions that we do. That’s what we’re talking about is, hey, it’s a quantum function.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:11:03] So, and it’s always funny because, like, I’ll bring people in who are like, what’s going on? I’m like. This test is for me. I just like. And I’ll test them all out and they’ll have all these files on and have all these different pills and different stuff in here, like right. Taking all this like now don’t worry about it and I’ll get all the way done. And it’s always funny because what I used to do was, my dad, who works with me, would do an intake and get everything down so we don’t mess anything. And then I would come in and say, hi, Mr. Chalmers. And I would immediately test without talking to them. And then I go, here’s what’s going on. Like, you know, I would walk them through like all the symptoms that they’re having and they’re all just like, oh my gosh, that’s yeah, how do you know what I make? Because your body told me what was going on. Like, I know when you have weak adrenals, I know that you’re going to have to depend on how weak they are. If you stand up, you’re going to get dizzy. You’re going to have ADHD issues with weak adrenals. When you have really got you have more, you know, gas and bloating, you can have more, you know, anxiety and depression stuff. And you have weakness paired with the weak.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:12:02] Got your serotonin functions allowed. So, you know, it’s pretty one of us when you when you test the whole body, I know exactly what’s going on and I know exactly how to fix it. So muscle testing is a really, really big thing. If I had to give up either blood testing over muscle testing, I give up blood testing in a heartbeat. The only thing I really love blood testing for is hormone function. Everything else is kind of iffy. Like, I can test everything else in a much easier fashion. Much more reliably with muscle testing. But, so as far as some of the weird stuff that people are talking about now that’s grounding the frequencies, you know, I think you’re going to start hearing more and more about muscle testing and stuff like that. That’s that’s real stuff. It’s really, really good. The problem is that you can’t use it to, to diagnose and to treat with drugs. And that’s one of the reasons that most people are not talking about it or using it because one, it’s weird. It’s in the real base of this is quantum physics. And as a society, we don’t have a firm grasp on quantum physics yet either. So it’s very, very difficult to explain from a science standpoint exactly how it works. But, you know, that’s what’s going on. So as far as the biohacking stuff and all the frequency stuff that we talk about and all the muscle testing.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:13:18] This. This has been, I figured, not a very good explanation, but, that’s where a lot of that lives. So, like I said, you buy a residence, a very specific frequency. You can bring items into that field, into your, what we call what’s called a toroidal field. You guys can look it up. It looks like a donut. It’s like a magnetic field that comes around the body shape. Kind of like that. When you bring that the electromagnetic frequency from a food or a product or someone into your field, it affects your field, either positive or negative matter. And so that makes it positive. You go strong in your body that that helps, you know, add to the frequency of your body and bring it back into work. That resonates at a higher frequency. Then we go, yes, there’s something you need, or we find something that’s destabilizing to the field like. The parasitic infection of bacterial infection, a viral infection, and then we bring something into the field to neutralize that frequency. And then that’s how we can tell if that’s what we need for, you know, antibiotic function or enter back, you know, so antibacterial function, antiviral function, that sort of thing to figure out what which serves the very best for your body. And that’s worked every time.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:14:24] Like I said, that’s how I figured I have hex code. People are like, how do you know use quite well, I knew it quite. I was forms for vasodilation I and that we had a major constriction issue. And it’s like at some point I and we tested again through a code and it worked. And so that’s what we started using. And then you know. Like literally that day we started recognizing that work because we would give it to people, put them in the chamber and put on their back. So, that one helped out. But that’s kind of how a lot of stuff works. So it’s like sine, cosine. So if you guys have ever seen like the sine and cosine and sine and cosine, together and eliminate each other, that’s kind of how we’re doing. So with frequencies that are, you know, negative to the body, we want to eliminate those and frequencies that are beneficial in the body. We want to bring those frequency levels up higher so they resonate at a higher point. So that’s more or less how it works. You guys have specific questions on this because this is a really tough subject to bring down and kind of figure out how to explain. But we bring any questions about. So testing is and you know, I think any questions about grounding so like that. And so I wanted to address the, the reason I haven’t addressed in here is because you can see how good of a job I did with it. But it’s a real thing. It is beneficial. I would highly recommend that you guys go out and ground as much as you can.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:15:38] Go hug a tree. Literally. Just wrap yourself around a tree by making contact with that tree. You change. You change frequency functions, have, like magnitude with a magnitude. And so it’s great. So if you guys have time, go out. One of the things I really love, Scott. In a wood or plastic chair, faces socks off. You can have blankets on, you can have a lot of their stuff and sit bare feet on the dirt or on the grass and just watch the sun come up for 5 or 10 minutes and just relax and breathe. So you get early morning photons in the eyes. You get, you know, a little bit of a sun gazing function and you get that grounding ability. So if you’re fantastic, you can you can lay like a cotton or flannel blanket, roll blanket on the ground and lay on that. That will still work. But you need to have contact with the ground. You know, the the. Well, I have a I have a concrete deck on the ground. I can go stand on that. Know the the rebar function that messes it up. Oftentimes the rubber in your shoes will insulate you from the ground as well. So try to go out in on the actual Earth, and that will help them out. So, if you guys do have questions, I’m sure you do, because I think I did a terrible job explaining this. Hit us up questions at Chalmers, Walmart.com, and we’ll get them knocked out. Talk to you guys there. Thanks for your time.

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