28 Apr 2024

Various aspects of depression, emphasize its diverse manifestations beyond self-hatred. The role of testosterone, sleep, gut health, and methylated B vitamins in addressing depression. The potential benefits of psychedelic therapies like psilocybin and ketamine, alongside dietary changes, for alleviating symptoms. The importance of seeking help and support for mental health struggles.

Highlights of the Podcast

00:08 – Different reasons why depression comes in

01:09 – Testosterone is one of the number one reasons people have low testosterone

02:23 – Your brain comes from your gut

03:47 – The brain complex, which is the omega threes

05:43 – The mind in the right spot

06:28 – The mental space

08:24 – A lot of the changes that I’ve seen in the past with myself.

10:09 – Therapeutic treatment

11:20 – The reasons that we started the charity Tree of Life

12:27 – The good chemicals in

13:05 – The population of the Earth

14:19 – Questions at Chalmers

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:03] So today we’re talking a little about a little bit about depression. There’s lots of different reasons why depression comes in. One of the things that people don’t really recognize is that they think that depression means you hate yourself, and that’s not what it means at all. There’s multiple different levels of it. One of the major levels is that, you just don’t feel the energy to do things. So, for instance, you have apathy. So it’s like, hey, you want to go see the movie? I just want to sit here. All right. You want to go eat? You just don’t have the energy or desire to do anything. When it starts to get bad. You know, it’s not that you don’t have a desire to go do play the sports or go socialize with people. It’s just you just don’t do anything. And sitting there doing nothing is something. And so you don’t want to do that either. And so it’s just you’re always in this cycle of whatever is going on. You don’t want to do it, and you feel like, you know, your body’s just not wanting to do what it wants, what you’re asking you to do, what it needs to do. So there’s a couple of things that we start when we look at that.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:01:06] We always start with pulling testosterone levels. Testosterone is one of the number one reasons people have low testosterone. Number one reason people have depression. Getting that, re Re energizes the body, puts all the chemicals back in the body, can start doing what it needs to do. We see massive, massive changes. Well, the first thing, and oftentimes the only thing I have to do, we get teenagers in here, teenager, teenage males, and, you know, 17 to 25, you know, who have depression. They’ve been on this drug and that drug and these six drugs and this and that. The polar testosterone, it’s, you know, 150 or 200, we’ll get them back up. And, you know, a month later, they’re like, man, I feel so much better. Yeah. Testosterone hypercritical to to function. We’ve been using testosterone for, depression since 1935. Phenomenal results. So first thing you do, go get that check. Next thing is, is that again, we’re working on the brain. Anytime we work the brain, we think, okay, what does the brain need? Oxygen. So we’re going to sleep safe. We’ve said we’ve had lots of lots of people who who have depression for years. We do a sleep study on them and they they’ve got bad apnea. All right.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:02:12] So we gotta we gotta fix that issue. So sleep size. The other thing we gotta do is we got to really fix the gut. So the vast majority of the serotonin in your body has to work. Your brain comes from your gut. There’s all sorts of research out showing people who’ve been on it biotics multiple times that, you know, bleaches the gut, increases yeast overgrowth, decreases probiotic function and decreases serotonin levels. And then they have depression. So we’re going to reset the gut. Typically when we do that, we go do the whole thing. We’re going to kill the parasites, kill the yeast, restore the probiotics, clean the liver, clean the kidneys. Get that all reset. For a lot of people, that takes anywhere from 4 to 10 weeks. So it’s not a giant journey. And a lot of times we can do all of these things in 10 to 12 weeks. So that really helps out. Now, methylated B vitamins are a big, big player. There’s a lot of people who have the MTF gene deletion. The the s lose between 20 and 40% of the population. And if you can’t fully methyl your B vitamins, you can’t use the B vitamins that you take or you make. So we have to supplement and give you the B vitamins in the usual form that your body can use.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:03:23] So we’ve used a fully methylated B, the superior B on the website. is a fully methylated B. So it’s fantastic. Again one of the things we specifically we have a brain that’s going to be B12 and folic acid are the L methyl tetra hydrophilic the actual method version. so those two are going to be big players. Magnesium theanine is one of the things we like to throw in there. Just kind of get everything reset. And then the brain complex, which is the omega threes, DHEA EPA that’s how we feed the brain. We’ve seen lots and lots and lots and lots of these issues get not only a little bit better, but lots better or really kind of over the top. And now they’re fine. You restore the chemistry the body requires, and the body works the way it’s supposed to. That’s how this works. I know a lot of people who are taking, you know, SSRI and all sorts of, you know, depression, drugs. They’re not getting a lot better. And they just don’t understand. It’s because your body’s not been put back together, right? Again, a lot of the, a lot of the gold Western medicines to keep you sick, which is secure the symptoms with their drugs. You take the drugs every single day. The goal is to make you a daily. Yeah. Daily user so that they have that continual flow of income to them. Which, you know, if you want to do it that way. Cool.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:04:37] Now, we’ve done the surveys and then not very effective for a long time. We’ve also known one of the greatest cures for depression are psychedelics. Psilocybin is a fantastic adjunct. The daily the microdosing is fantastic. We’ve seen phenomenal results. With that, typically we will use that on top of the testosterone in the gut, cleaning the whole deal. But we’ve seen phenomenal results for that. Now the ketamine, we’ve seen some, with the oral stuff. We’ve seen some really good help with some microdosing and ketamine as well. But the way that actually the ketamine and the way we like the psilocybin, is there’s a daily function, and that’s fantastic. But the other thing I like to do is we like to make sure that we dig down deep. We knock everything out. So psychedelics. So psyche and Dalek videos or light. So bring the soul to light. So one of the things that you do. And now when you do these, there’s a difference between. Oh, I did that in college for fun. And, we’re actually doing something therapeutic. So we have to set the mind in the right spot. When you’re dealing with the mind, you gotta get the mind ready for. If you understand that it’s accepting, it’s welcoming of the of the change that you’re you’re prepared for it, that you understand. Hey, you might see these things. And when you see these things, you need to lean into them.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:06:00] So, you know, if you have a vision of a scary bear, go talk to the bear. There can’t hurt you. But talk to the bear because that’s the way your your subconscious is manifested, this problem. And then when you talk to the bear, how you go through that, and then afterwards, how you decompress and how you deal with those with that emotion. Psychedelics are probably one of the most powerful, life changing things for the benefit for you in a positive way. That I have encountered anywhere in the mental space. It’s funny because we’ve taken some people through the process we go through, and they come out and they’re like, oh, I feel better. Like the stress is really better and the is a lot better. You know, the PTSD is gone. And I just feel like this constant, like crazy, buzz that was inside of me is calmed down. I finally found peace. And these are things that we hear all the time. What we also say is when we take someone, especially these entrepreneurs, and we, we when we do the mind work properly and we put them through the psychedelic work. What we end up seeing is that it hardens and and focuses their, their attention, on their given tasks. So, one of the things I again, we hear all the time and I’ve noticed this myself, is the things that don’t really matter, matter even less. The things that really do matter, regardless of how we what the emphasis we put on them beforehand. We have a lot more. Focus and attention and drive on it. It’s funny, I’ve talked to a bunch of my business networking guys that we’ve done.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:07:34] We’ve worked on, and we worked on them not for elevation of their status or business or whatever, but to remove problems, remove fear, remove anger, remove PTSD, depression, things like that. And what we’ve oftentimes found is that couple months later, they’ve. They focused in and they’ve really committed and they’ve really dialed in the things that are important to them. I’ve spoken to the guys beforehand. Men and women who use the guy’s term thoroughly. And. I kind of have an idea of where life is going and what they’re doing and that type of thing, and they’ve got, you know, an idea of direction. You talked to me a couple months after you’ve gone through some of these processes and. They’re just laser focused. A lot of the changes that I’ve seen in the past with myself. The six eight months has come directly after I’ve done my, my, my work with DMT and MDMA and, ketamine and that sort of stuff. I’ve. I could feel that I had noticed that. The periphery. Staff worry about what people are going to think and say didn’t matter anymore. It’s like it’s one of those things where like, I don’t even remember it ever affecting me. Like it was just like, oh, that’s I don’t care. That’s this is this is the path I have to walk. And I’m going to put everything I have into this path and I’m going to do it. So it is, is a really, really powerful, galvanizing agent to push you in the direction or allow you to subvert and push you. It removes the barriers, and allows you to just really, really lean into something.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:09:19] So, it’s been fantastic. Some of those things I would ever recommend that you just, you know, oh, I’m going to go grab some and do it today. There’s a lot of work that needs to go into explaining what’s going on. Young Karl Young did a lot of work between the three, the three levels. So the conscious, which is, you know, everything’s here and is good. The subconscious, which is what’s going on inside your head, you don’t you’re not aware of. And the, universal subconscious, which is the idea that we are all interconnected, at some specific, level and that we can reach down into that level, we can start accessing the universal consciousness. And it really kind of helps drive us and make us who are who we are. Which people who’ve done DMT or ayahuasca, will tell you that it is a life altering. Life focusing. Therapeutic treatment. It is. I can’t, I can’t there’s nothing I can use to describe what it’s like. And it’s funny because, like, the day that I did mine, went home to shower, came back to the office. Rest of the day everything was great. And then over the next couple of days, things just started. Kind of. Falling into place. So, you know, if you’ve got depression, if you have someone who if you know someone who has depression, this is one of those things that it is a chemical imbalance. And it’s one of those things that we can do a lot of good for.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:10:40] Changing diet helps tremendously. Getting the toxins out works really, really well. I’ve had people who have had borderline depression for a long time, and they moved to carnivore to get the toxins out, and all of a sudden they feel fantastic. I think there’s the carnivore diet, the keto diets, the, you know, the cleaner diets. I’ve seen this with paleo. You know, these should get really a lot better really quickly. So, you know, having me walk you through that is important because the mindset piece of this is obviously giant for depression. But getting the chemicals back together, getting your life kind of put back together is really, really important. If you guys are suffering with this, don’t just try and take a pill and think that’s going to fix it because it’s not, but that’s kind of where we’re going. This is one of the reasons that we started the charity Tree of Life. Dot health was for first responders and veterans to start knocking out the depression, the addictions and the PTSD because it is if you can start calming some of that stuff in the mind down, everything in the universe gets better. So that’s why we’re doing that. If you guys have any questions, you know, citizen, can email questions at Chalmers A.com if you want to be a little bit more private or drop them in the comments. Let’s kind of talk about this. If you guys, the easiest way to do this is to air it out.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:11:51] You know, it’s one of those things where if you have an issue, talk to somebody about it, because I guarantee you that it’s not. Today’s not the first day you’ve had that issue, because a lot of times I talk to people like it’s been bothering me for years. Well. If it’s been bothering me for 4 or 5 days or a month and you haven’t figured out the answer to it, it’s time to start talking to somebody else. You know, looking for other options. Psycho therapy, like sitting and talking to somebody is fantastic. I highly recommend it. But for a lot of people, the chemical piece needs to be addressed. First and foremost, so, you know, that’s going to be just getting the body’s chemistry back, right? Needs to be the bad stuff, the bad chemicals out, the good chemicals in, and putting yourself back where you need to be to heal. So there’s a lot you can do, a lot you can do naturally. That is far superior to a lot of the drugs people are using. But, so take the take a look at this. Share this video with anybody you know who has anxiety, depression or anything like that, who has, you know, kids or loved ones who have or struggling with this.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:12:50] And the thing is, is that for those of you who are struggling with it and you’re looking around and every second that how come I’m the only one dealing with this? Everybody seems fine. Everybody’s messed up. Everybody’s messed up to a degree. I’ll tell you, the people who need to do the PTSD work, who are over 30, is about 90 something percent of the population of the Earth. So you’re not alone. If you’re feeling depressed, if you’re feeling, you know, roughed up, if you’re feeling like, you know, everything’s going a thousand miles an hour and you don’t have the control over any of it, you’re in the biggest boat. There’s like 1 or 2% of people who are totally cool, but I don’t know, everything’s great. We all act like everything’s great. We’re ducks in the pond, right? Everything’s smooth and pristine up top and underneath. It’s just going crazy. That whole thing. Yeah, that’s where everybody else is. So don’t think it’s just. You don’t think you’re being silly. Don’t think you’re being crazy. Reach out and talk to somebody. Be like, hey, man, look, I hear this all the time. Like, hey, I’m not depressed. I don’t have mental stuff, but I could do better. Fantastic. That’s if that’s where you’re at. You’re you’re you’re you’re awesome.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:13:48] That’s. If you think you could do better mentally, then it’s time to start doing some stuff about it, because it will only go downhill from there. So reach out. Talk to somebody you know. See a DM, do something. Reach out. Do something with somebody because this stuff doesn’t get better on time. So reach out. What kind of get some stuff going. Throw the DMs. Maybe somebody else sees your struggle. They’ll be like, I have that same issue, and they’ll be able to kind of, get together. We’ll be able to knock this out together. So, went way long today. Sorry. Thanks for your time. If you have any other questions, like I said, questions at Chalmers. Want to scam or do some of that tomorrow? Be fun. But 100%. Don’t sit and think that this is a you thing. Figure out how you find somebody to help you out. So, thanks for your time. I’ll talk to you guys later.

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