09 Apr 2024

The body for optimal health. Addressing issues like liver health, parasites, and hormonal imbalances. The significance of his work with the charity Tree of Life Health, utilizing psychedelics and ketamine to aid veterans and first responders battling PTSD and addiction. This informative session sheds light on holistic approaches to wellness and the transformative power of targeted interventions.

Highlights of the Podcast

00:21 – About health is good chemicals in versus bad chemicals out
01:14 – A detox reaction
03:03 – The liver cleaner
05:37 – What makes those gallstones
07:10 – The middle of a sudden you lose track of what you’re talking about
09:54 – The body can heal and the sugars aren’t damaging you
11:40 – Using psychedelics and ketamine

Dr. Matt Chlamers [00:00:04] So we’re gonna talk a little about prepping the body now. So there’s a base protocol that I always start off with. With everybody. I don’t care if we’re treating IBS or an ass, or we’re just trying to get people healthy, weight loss, whatever we’re trying to do. The first thing that we do is we focus on the. Because I was talking about health is good chemicals in versus bad chemicals out. And so we focus on the bad chemicals out first. The problem is, is that think of it this way. If you have a room, lots of nasty, dirty boxes in it, and you want to clean out those nasty, dirty boxes and put good clean boxes that, you got to get the boxes out first. So the detox that the flushing out is the most important part. There’s a couple different ways that you can do detox.

Dr. Matt Chlamers [00:00:45] The the very best way is to feed the organs that do the detox anyway and allow them to do the things that they were designed to do. That’s typically the way that we do it. The limiting reagent is always kidney, kidney. And these are medicines, the wellspring of life. So anxiety, depression, blood pressure, things like that. Have a large piece function with the kidney. And like I said, it’s usually your limiting reagent. So whenever we have an issue, a detox reaction, people say, hey, sorry, I’m taking this stuff. Sorry if you only have the flu. Sorry. Getting cramps started feeling just kind of rundown. It’s always going to the kidney. And so we’ll go to kidney. Will knock that out. Kidney. Castro. One of my favorites. I made an oil called Clea for, like, a lot. There’s a couple different products we use, for the superior kidney, is on the, see civil saw in the pillars of wellness. We use that one a lot. If you’re going to do kidney cancer practice, quick thing on that. Three sheets, cotton flannel, each one independently.

Dr. Matt Chlamers [00:01:47] Covered in castor oil. You cannot use them over again once you’ve done them from wife, you’re looking at 30 to 45 minutes, maybe an hour. So I have treated that 45 minute mark. And these are farm for red heat source. The farm friends make that penetrate a lot deeper, and it’s going to really get that. We’re really going to supercharge the cleansing. And if you can do the kidneys between ten and to 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., that’s gonna be the best point, because that’s usually when the kidneys do their own detox anyway, so you just supercharge that time. Then we move on to liver. Liver. One of the, you know, I’m a big liver guy. So I tell everybody, the cleaner your liver is, the cleaner everything else is. And people are like, well, what does that your gut. And so what do you think pulls the inflammation out of your gut? The job of the liver is to clean the blood in the left. So if the liver is clean enough and it has all the nutrients it needs methylated B6. And you know all this you submit glutathione on and all the stuff it needs, methylated, like I said, completely balanced.

Dr. Matt Chlamers [00:02:44] When you go through like this or that, everything, when you go through the clean, the liver, the liver then cleans the blood, all of the blood lymph thing clean every other tissue in the body. And remember this is all done by osmosis. So, you know, so when we’re looking at osmolality function. So if the liver and the blood are just as dirty as each other, the liver is not going to pull anything out of the blood if you make the liver cleaner. And all of a sudden the dirt and the trash and the goo from the liver from the block, now pour in the liver and you’ll start to kind of even those two things out of it. So you have to constantly clean the liver because as the blood in the lymph get cleaner, the tissues, the heart, the got the intestines, the brain, all those things can now offload or dump all their toxins into the blood in the lymph like are designed to. And then like I said, the system go through blood and then think of the liver and get clean kidneys obviously do a big job of this cleaning as well. But like I said, if you just kind of make sure that the kidneys can do whatever they want to and focus on the liver at the beginning, you’re going to have a lot better plan. Once those two things get flowing, we start detoxing those things.

Dr. Matt Chlamers [00:03:44] Usually that takes. A week to a month. We can really start leaning in on the guy. Here’s the deal. Most people have parasites not only in their intestines but in their liver. So when we’re talking about cleaning the liver, we’re going to kill parasites as well. So what I typically will do is make sure we give about a week. So the kidneys are kind of good to go. The liver started kind of doing its thing. Then we can start going to going through and killing the parasites. My favorite piece for that is coffee enemas. It’s the only thing in the world that I knows. It’s the cheapest. It’s the fastest, and it’s the best. Normally you can get two of those three, but in this case, it is by far the best. The downside is that you have to get used to doing enemas or, you know, taking things in your body, which is not that big of a deal. Every single person I’ve worked with has told me that it is substantially bigger in their head than it was is a real thing. So I tell you. Right, the first one is gonna be weird. It’s gonna be, you know, awkward. It’s, you know, it’s gonna be the worst one easily. SAG one’s a lot better because you’ve done it before.

Dr. Matt Chlamers [00:04:42] So you know what to expect. And you’re like, okay, I’ve run through this once. But the third, when you’re more concerned with what’s on Netflix than you are with what’s going on. So it’s not that big of a deal, just start knocking them out. The more of those you do, the faster you clean the liver. So the other things I love for Liver podcast is one of my favorite things for for liver. That one does really, really well. So, you know, if you don’t, if you’re not familiar with Ted, could look that one up. That one’s spectacular. You got to use that one a little bit carefully, though. It’s basically synthetic bile. And that really, really, really helps put anything together when I say synthetic bile. The only way to get real bile is just stick a tube and into an animal or to a person and suck it out, which is, as you can imagine, unbelievably, inhumane. So we can just be like, hey, what’s in that chemical? And we can put it all together, and then we’re good to go. So take it works great. Like I said, method. It’d be violence.

Dr. Matt Chlamers [00:05:34] Specifically method 86. Because that’s what makes those gallstones. Gallstones dissolve. So, speaking of gallstones, there’s no such thing as gallstones. This is my ring. This is my hand. This is my ring in my hand. It’s not a hand ring. It’s a ring that’s in your hand. Gallstones are really liver stones that are in the gallbladder. And it’s important that we understand this because when the when the liver loses methylated B-6, the bile salts, which are supposed to be really slick and oily, like a WD 40 consistency, well, when they lose B6, they fall out of suspension, so they turn into like a rubber cement. That’s where they get the little balls and they get really gooey. And then those balls from the liver tubules get tossed in the gallbladder. They squish together larger balls, and then people go, oh, look, you’ve gallstones. You don’t have liver stones in the gallbladder. The reason this is important is because if you cut the gallbladder, I go, I fixed the problem. You didn’t even start on the problem. The problem was always in the liver. You just cut out the bag the liver puts the stuff into. So you haven’t helped yourself at all. So that’s the kind of issue with that. As the liver gets cleaner. Then you can move on and do whatever else you want to do. So, you know, as you kill the parasites both in the gut and the liver, you’re always going to be yeast tissue because as the parasites kill the probiotics that that space, that vacuum. You know, nature abhors a vacuum.

Dr. Matt Chlamers [00:06:51] Since there’s nothing there, the yeast will then that’s naturally in your body will just overgrow. And so you have to knock that yeast out. Now, typically what we’ll see when that happens is you start to have inflammation to the brain, to the body from the parasites and the waste they produce. So oftentimes you’ll have memory issues. You walk into rooms for. You went in there in the middle of a sudden you lose track of what you’re talking about. You get wise, you go back and forth between loose stools and constipation and, you know, gas and bloating and that type of stuff. Just just you guys not working, right. Now, here’s the thing. As we talked about this before, when your gut starts getting off, you quit producing serotonin because that’s where all your serotonin is made is in the gut. So you’ve got to have circle watching that because you’re going to start seeing depression issues resurfacing, you know, negative thoughts and just kind of move, you know, type of lifestyle. So you bring the serotonin back up with amino acids specifically tryptophan 25 five to serotonin. So that’s the that’s the pathway. And so you kind of build those things back up. And as you get those things built back up, then you can start actually feeding the body.

Dr. Matt Chlamers [00:07:55] And the Bible can feed the adrenals. The adrenals are responsible for fluid levels. And now they’re responsible for ADHD function because they keep the reticular formation, the brain awake. So as the blood pressure as well. So they start getting those things to kind of come back online. This is kind of the base that we do. And lots and lots of people, regardless of their issues, start coming back and be like, okay, now I feel a lot better, right? Because your body can get the nutrients in it needs and it can eat the waste. It wants out good chemicals in bad chemicals out. As it starts doing this, your body is literally designed to heal itself. So if you give it the chemicals it needs and you get rid of the waste it can’t have, all of a sudden the body heals itself. This is where a lot of these things happen. So then if there’s something secondary to that human disease process that’s creating dementia or a or something like that, we can then specifically target that. If you have ulcerative colitis we need more work on the gut. There’s things we can do with that. I will always bring I will always try to bring race testosterone levels up because I want things to heal. Your body cannot hear all that testosterone. So we’ve got to check that as well.

Dr. Matt Chlamers [00:08:59] So when we bring people in, the first thing we do is we usually do a blood test on them, make sure they’re with their blood type hormones, insulin, that sort of thing. The amount of people I’ve had to tell their diabetic is astounding. But doctors, like I said, they want to treat and manage the disease. They don’t want to, you know, repair it, fix it so they don’t even pull insulin. They tell people it’s a blood sugar issue, which it’s not. If you’re if your blood sugar goes up, you’re in the blood sugar issue. If it stays up, you have an insulin issue. Diabetes is an insulin issue because your blood sugar stays up. It’s pretty simple. I’m very, very shocked at how people don’t understand this. I’ll talk to doctors. I’ll talk to people all the time. They’re like, why do you pull insulin? I’m like, because I want to fix metabolic issues like diabetes. Nigga. Don’t you mean blood sugar? No, no. Mean insulin. So, you know, again, those are some of those things that you got to check on. Testosterone. Insulin. That’s the thing. But once those once those two things get regulated, the body can heal and the sugars aren’t damaging you. I got a patient in the other day who he’s been to, lots of doctors, and they can’t figure out where the numbness and tingling in the neuropathy here as it’s coming from in his feet. And I talked to him for about five minutes and he was like, oh yeah, check my sugar at 100 and 6070. You know, on a fairly regular basis, I’m like, okay, great. They obviously, you know, over five years they’ve missed your diabetic neuropathy. Super easy.

Dr. Matt Chlamers [00:10:21] Two questions. Got that one knocked out. So we’re gonna fix that. But that’s the thing. You know, they people are in the right labs, and so they’re not they’re not catching the stuff. So that’s how we start by tracking the body. So the vast majority people are going to come in, are going to start there. About 60, maybe 70%. That’s all they need. You know, they have these horrible they feel terrible. The energy’s trash, mental states terrible. And they’re just miserable. And so we’ll walk them through that. Everybody has a little everyone has a little bit different differentiation on that. They’ll need to a little bit more a little bit less. Such a bad thing. But that’s kind of where we always start. So if you’re wondering where you should start, that’s how you do it. So just go through and do that. And if you need help from the office, we can ship you the stuff we use. There’s a protocol I developed called the Primary Detox that is a little heavy, but it works for, you know, small people. It works for large people. It works for everybody. I prefer to bring people in and actually have been tested and get them up there. I have them reset. But, you know, we’ll do what we got to do. So I was like, I’m in Minnesota. I’ll buy all the stuff, just ship it up to me because it’ll be more expensive for me to fly down and then just do the larger part of detox. So that’s fine too. But one of the big things I want to start making sure I talk about is the reason that I’m doing all this is for the charity Tree of Life Health.

Dr. Matt Chlamers [00:11:39] We’re using psychedelics and ketamine to break PTSD and addiction and veterans and first responders. So if you guys, you know, are looking for a place to get your supplements, get them from Pillars of wellness.com, get them from the seawall store. It’s basically the same thing. And the proceeds for that all go to the charity. And so we’re trying to do is we’re trying to one help all these guys out and to spread the knowledge and the idea that psychedelics and ketamine, have been proven since the 60s to be able to fix PTSD and addiction 85% of the time. Not like, again, we’re not treating it. It’s. We knock a giant chunk of it out. Like the amount of things people have been telling me. I’ve talked to veterans and they’re like, I know what all my guns tastes like. And I’ve heard that so many times. It’s it’s it’s a horrible thing to have to hear because I know these guys are are serious. And I talked to one guy, and he was like, I don’t know if they taste like these, but they’ve been in my hands more in one time. And I’m like, okay, so we you can take guys and women from that position down to my life straight.

Dr. Matt Chlamers [00:12:41] Everything’s fine. That constant pressure, that constant, you know, buzz, that constant, you know, is gone. And so it’s phenomenal to work with these guys. Like I said, the research shows 85% of the time we get, you know, pretty solid, almost complete resolution. I have not worked with anybody or talked to anybody yet who said it didn’t help them at all. I feel like it was. It didn’t help their pain, but it fixed their mind. I talked to people who said that their addiction is much better. It’s only gone, but it’s much better. And they’re more focused in their. Their lives are more calm and relaxed. So, you know, this is what we’re doing for these veterans, for this what we’re doing with these guys. So if you guys are looking for a place to buy your supplements, get them from Pillars of Wellness, get them from the civil store. Because all of the proceeds are going to go to the charity to help these guys out. Management. If you guys, any of the questions is of questions that shoppers want to scan, and we’ll get to those on Friday. All right. Thanks for your time.

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