07 Mar 2024

The principles of fasting, emphasizing the importance of being in a fat oxidizing state before attempting fasting. He delves into the biochemistry behind fasting, ketosis, and glycemic function, offering insights on how to fast effectively while maintaining health and muscle mass. The necessity of supplementation during fasting to ensure proper nutrient intake.

Highlights of the Podcast

00:25 – The Southern Titanic

00:48 – The biggest benefit to your health

01:40 – The people who were living longer

02:26 – Body uses energy

03:05 – The amino acids to make sugar up

04:28 – Take extra collagen

07:36 – Phenomenal results

10:20 – The glycemic index is so high

11:43 – Works in a fat oxidizing state

12:32 – The chemicals that you guys need

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:04] All right, we’re going over fasting in here. So, we’ll we’ll run through this were quick. So the big thing is, is that, when the reason we spent a lot of time last week talking about writing function and fat and fat oxiding state and ketosis is because, it’s the basis for everything we’re gonna be talking about. A lot of the things we’re gonna be talking about, we’re talking about the Southern Titanic and how I’ve lost so much fat and how I got so much muscle at the same time is based off of the fat oxidizing state. So, that’s why we spent some time on it. That’s why everything we’re going to talk about later, if you’re like, well, that doesn’t work. It works in fat isolating system. That’s the whole point of what we’re talking about.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:44] If you’re gonna try to find the one thing that’s the biggest benefit to your body, the biggest benefit to your health, learn glycine function. Like I said, the way that I do fat actually is said ketosis. It fixes diabetes. And, you know, if you’re trying to make the argument that, well, ketosis isn’t healthy, yeah, it’s if you’re going to make that argument, then we have to argue against what’s going on in a sugar based system. And that causes diabetes, it causes inflammation, it causes all sorts of problems about the type three diabetes, which is Alzheimer’s, leads into, all sorts of issues with ATP production for the brain. For the heart. It’s it’s it’s terrible. The that’s the way we’re using it. Because we people don’t understand glycemic function.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:01:28] The guy who did blue zone to. I thought he did a pretty good job documenting just the the idea that these people live longer. Maybe there’s something about their diet and function that we should look into. And one of the big things they found in diet was that a lot of the people who were living longer were eating a very low glycemic function. The reason for that is because just the way the sugar system works, if you drip small amounts of glucose into the system at a time, it works great, and you can run on it, and everything’s peachy here. But if you have giant amounts of it, it shoves all of it out of the blood into as much good in the muscles goes in there, which is not a lot. The rest of it goes to fat. So it’s making us fat, creating inflammation. But it’s then that’s where we have that crash. So that’s the issue.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:02:10] Now when we talk about fasting, there’s a couple different things that you have to recognize. One, I do this a lot differently than anybody else. And this is going to create a firestorm here as we see. And that’s great. That’s fantastic. Let’s have that conversation. But the reason why people are trying to if you look at the way that our body uses energy, uses ATP, that’s why Ozempic and those are hurting so many people. So what happens is, if you have a little bit of sugar throughout the day, your body stays in a sugar fed state. And when it’s in a sugar fed state, it will look for sugar. If you don’t give it enough, it will make its own through what’s called gluconeogenesis. And I keep being told that I’m not supposed to use the big words, that I’m just going to assume that you guys are smarter than anybody else’s, or that you have the ability to Google things.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:02:53] So we look at the glucose, glucose, fat, state and a fasting state. What is happening to your body, like I said, wants to stay in that glucose, that state. So what ends up happening is that it rips apart your muscle tissue to get the amino acids to make sugar up. So the way your body makes sugar is that your liver uses alanine. Mal I snake those sort of things to those amino acids to produce new sugar. And everybody has to do this all the time. By the way, this is also something that you have to understand if you’re going to be in ketosis for the fat oxidation state because. Your doctors don’t know this. So what incentive happening is that when you go in and bloodwork, if you’re in a, if you’re in a ketosis or if you’re in a fat oxidizing state, what you’re gonna end up seeing is that your sugars in the morning are a little high. It’s called the domino effect.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:03:38] If you’re not diabetic, your body is making more sugar for your blood. Everything in your body can run off of either ketones or off of fat, except for your blood, because your blood has no mitochondria. So what ends up happening is you have to make sugar for your blood. As the day goes through now in the morning, it’s oftentimes a little bit higher. So you’ll see at 105 120 somewhere in there on the person. You’re not diabetic. You’re okay. Pull your insulin. And if you’re insulin high we have a totally different conversation that probably you and I should have. But that’s what’s going on. So watch your sugars. But if they’re high during ketosis, that’s fine. I try to keep mine a little bit high. I take extra collagen because I don’t want to be in ketosis like I’m in a fat oxidizing state. I don’t want to be in ketosis, because when you’re in contests, your breath smells bad. Not a huge deal. Chewing gum if you want to be does is fine. I take extra collagen. So that’s. That’s how I avoid it.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:04:32] Now, as you go through everything, I’m going to be talking about this all the time. Take it now, big thing on this. They’re gonna be more than one. I’m 230 pounds. I’m less than 10% body fat. So I need a giant amount to begin with. I also am working out really hard. I’m training for something, so I need a little extra. I live on what I call 125% rule. We’ll get to that later. But the other thing is, is that I see sick people every day. I see people who have Covid. I see people who have the flu. I see people have serious infections, bronchitis. I work with lots of lots of bad issues like EMS and the immunocompromised people who have lives and feet from my house and all that stuff. So I’m seeing this. I’m around people who are breathing on me every day who are sick. So I take extra things because I don’t want to get sick. So that’s the other piece of what I’m saying. So as we go through what I’m taking, I’ll tell you guys how much and what, but understand it’s more than 99% of you guys need. So that’s one of those things.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:05:29] Now we talk about fasting. I run at the current moment. I’m running a 47 one, which means I eat once every two days. I’m. What I’m eating is I’m eating two pretty decent sized pizzas, blueberry cheesecake and pecan pie. And I am doing the Rocky, though. And to do this, I’m the reason I’m doing this is to prove a point. So, is because you can eat all these things in a, in a proper schedule mixed with everything, all the chemistry, the reason why I’m doing it, and it still works. So that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing. There’s a lot of things that you guys can eat in a fasting state that work out really, really well. So, my normal when I’m not trying to cut for what I’m doing, I run a 20 to 23 one, which is where you eat one to that. It’s not hard to get to. It works out really, really well. I’m never hungry. But, you know, we work, I we can work on 100 issues with people differently depending on what their hunger issues are.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:06:32] But here’s the thing. So you cannot fast out of a glucose. I’d say so. The idea that. Oh, I’ll just go, you know, I mean, my normal diet, but I’m just going to fast for, you know, 18 hours. Horrible, terrible idea. Your body’s in part your muscle tissue because as it goes through that gluconeogenesis process, making sugar for the blood and everything else. And if you’re in a glucose fed state, your body’s going to try to feed your muscles, your brain, everything off the glucose it makes from your muscles. So that’s why when we see ozempic people where 50% of the weight they lost loss from their lean muscle mass. That’s why because they need a little bit of glucose throughout the day, maintaining themselves in a glycemic, at a sugar five six. But they’re getting too little of it’s the radiation required for muscle tissues because their doctors believe in the calorie system. That’s why they’re being hurt. They don’t understand the chemistry of how the body works. They believe in calories. And again, Western medicine using the drugs they don’t understand to do things they don’t understand and not certain people. So that’s the problem I get into. If you guys are in a fat oxidizing state and you want to use to make low tide, you can use it all the time. Phenomenal results. But you’ve got to be in a group that you can’t in the glucose levels, that you have to be in a paralyzing state first and hitting the ketosis first, then start fasting.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:07:49] The other piece of the fasting that I’m going to catch a lot of hell on is I don’t think that you should fast without taking supplementation. So I get it. If you’re exercising, sleep first, which I again get naked skin with that oxidation state. Then start subtracting your meals. Start fasting after that. The big thing is, is that so? I get it. Like you’re fat oxidizing state. You have to produce ATP. You’re getting ATP from the fat. You’re burning. Fantastic. Love the system. Where are you getting a cooking tech? Methylated B vitamins. You’re making three fatty acids. Where are you getting, you know, all the amino acids your body needs to rebuild muscle tissue and everything else you’re not if you don’t put it in the chemist chemical entryway, it’s not in the chemical system. So you need to fast. You need your methylated B vitamins to do everything. You don’t store those very well. You need your amino acids to actually rebuild regenerate tissue. You don’t store those very well. So that’s the thing.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:08:42] And so when you look at like that, you’re supplementing with a lot of stuff. Yeah I need lots of chemicals. I need lots of chemistry to make this thing work. And so do here. So that’s kind of a big piece. We’ve got to make sure we get all that stuff in. That’s why we go through all the supplementation. That’s why we do all this stuff. So as you start understanding that, you’ll start kind of getting the clearer picture. And I know people are like, oh, you’re not supposed to supplement if you, if you, if you suddenly you’re not really fasting. I would disagree with you. Chemistry would disagree with you. But do however you want to do it. I’m just telling you, from what I have seen chemically and what I’ve seen logically, this is the way to go. And I’m using my body as the sea. I’m telling you, this works. It works. So that’s what’s going on. Like I said, we’re going to go through all the chemistry, everything else we’ve got. That should be pretty simple as we as we go on.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:09:31] But again. If you’re going to have one take away from this learn by shooting function. Even if you’re not going to ketosis, it’ll help you with everything you’re doing. You’ll start to understand, oh, I shouldn’t eat this food. And if I do eat this food, I can I can add in cinnamon or fiber or whatever to decrease the speed at which it turns into sugars. Yeah, that’s the thing. As you again, as you learn placement function, we’ll go over some of that as well. But just just Google sort of looking at logistic function, looking at, you know, chaotic state, looking at how your body uses, the glycemic index, the glycemic load, it goes over things that’ll give you lots of great information. Like, this is why everyone’s talking about, oh, eat your rice, oatmeal. And I’m a giant, giant, you know, advocate about not eating rice and oatmeal because the glycemic index is so high. If you look at it from a glycemic standard, white rice is worse for you. You can’t cook, call it.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:10:28] So that kind of action, one of the worst possible things you can put in your body that’s deemed a healthy food is granola. It’s oats covered in sugar. Like you made a sugary thing worse. So yeah, granola is probably the worst possible thing you can feed your kids or yourself. And it’s marketed as a healthier. And again, I hate to tell you this, but mainstream knowledge, the media that you know, your doctors like they’re they’re either wrong or they’re lying to you about what’s healthy because there isn’t a cereal on the shelf that’s healthy for you. There’s some there’s some argument to be made for some of the keto stuff, but man, if it’s normal stuff, it’s killing you. So, get off of that. We’re going to go into a little bit more depth of how we do everything. But when you’re fasting, it’s pretty simple. You’re just not it. If you get into a fat oxidizing steak first for a couple days, then you start subtracting things off. It works really well.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:11:23] The way I usually walk people through it is we got 3 or 4 days and a tonic or fat actually sick stay where basically they’re getting no sugars or you can get carbs walking through this and then I’m just like, skip breakfast. All right, cool. And then kind of get used to that. And I think get used to that for a couple days. Well I mean skipped lunch as he used to that we haven’t just eat dinner. This only works in a fat oxidizing state. And the reason it only works in the fat actually. Instead. Just because you never run out of fat. You’re right. It always has access to energy. When you’re in a glucose that state and you consume sugar. You’re right. He uses the sugar. And then when it runs out, you read, he goes, oh, crap. And has certain heart, your muscle tissue. Remember where your mitochondria live. They live in the muscle tissue. If we’re trying to create ATP, we lose muscle. We’re going way backwards. And what we’re trying to go healthwise. So if you’re going to start fasting, if you’re going to use an igloo type, get into a fat actualizing thing first, then stop eating because your body still needs ATP. But if you’re in a fat oxidizing state, you’re ready to go. Cool. We’re burning fat now, and if you stop eating, your body goes, oh, look at all the fat I have to pull off the body. Burn in fat for fat. Now we’re healthy, but you still have to supplement it with the chemicals that you guys need.

[00:12:33] So, I guess through the rest of this week, we’ll go through the supplementation, stuff like that. On Fridays, we’re going to be answering questions. I’ve already got a list of questions. We’ll go to kind of a recap. We’ll answer some questions and stuff like that. But I’ll see you guys, throughout the week. Thanks. Sorry about, not having any sound or.

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