25 Apr 2024

The use of peptides and hormones for various health goals, including weight loss and muscle building. The importance of understanding how these substances affect the body and tailoring their use to individual goals and needs. Addresses common misconceptions and potential risks associated with hormone therapy, providing insights into proper dosage and monitoring. Offers consultation services for those interested in optimizing their peptide and hormone regimens.

Highlights of the Podcast

00:32 – A little bit about peptides and hormones

01:43 – Increase peptides for growth hormone

03:25 – That’s why your body falls apart.

04:14 – The biggest, strongest guy in the gym

05:26 – The growth hormone comes up a lot in some people

06:59 – The estrogen and progesterone functions

08:04 – About joint pain and ligaments and tendon functions

09:20 – I’ll tell you where to get them

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:04] All right. So we’re getting more and more kickback on some of the stuff that I’ve said as far as YouTube and other stuff goes. I’d make sure that you guys also follow me on Twitter or X. It’s all a social are pretty much Doctor Chalmers one, except for YouTube, which is Doctor Matt Torrens. You can still find me, my doctor Chalmers, the number one. But like I said, YouTube’s already, gotten angry with me for something I said about whatever it was. I think it was Covid this time ago. But anyway, so I wanted to talk a little bit about peptides and hormones. He got, some of his bloodwork in, last week, and they were working with another group that was having them on, you know, their test levels were pretty good. Everything else is pretty good. But they had them on test, Tomorrowland and. For weight loss. And the issue that you get into when you take peptides, specifically growth hormone peptides for weight loss, is you have to understand how a body works. I mean, I realize I keep saying that and it sounds obvious that.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:01:04] You know, it’s so funny because, you know, for the entirety of my growing up, like my my early years in chiropractic, everything else, all the medical doctors looked down on us because we we weren’t real doctors because we couldn’t prescribe drugs and we didn’t really know how the body works. Now we find out that none of the MDS have a clue where the body works. They’re just drug dealers. So that’s, you know. So anyway, so this person comes in and, pull their blood, she’s on test them all. And, because growth hormone, the doctor was saying, well, growth hormone is going to help you lose weight, so you lose fat. But again, they didn’t understand. However, they work together. What happens a lot of, in a lot of people is that increase peptides for growth hormone, increase insulin. If you’re trying to bulk and build, it’s fantastic. Like that’s what you you don’t necessarily want it want it, but it’s beneficial. So, you know, it’s great if you’re trying to. But we’re turning it bigger. This lady was not trying to get better. She was trying to cut. And so they had it. When you look at the script it’s like okay, you have them on a bunch of stuff just to have my stuff. But, Tessa Moreland and a lot of the growth hormones will increase your insulin production. Insulin is the storage hormone. So, like I said, if to trying to build muscle. Not the worst thing in the world, that’s actually pretty beneficial if you’re trying to cut fat, storing every everything you consume as fat. Not beneficial. So her insulin was 20 something, 2526 I can’t remember.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:02:33] So it was pegged out of like maximum insulin. And she was gaining weight. And they were like, well, we’ll put you on superglue time. And that’ll fix the problem. Guys. Semaglutide doesn’t make fat fall off of you. It makes you not hungry. It’s a leptin function. And so what ends up happening is you eat less, and that’s why your body sheds everything off of it. The problem is, is that, again, because people don’t understand the reward function, they’re not consuming the right nutrients. And so the body eats itself, which is why you lose 40 to 50% of weight that you lose is from lean muscle mass, which is where your metabolism is, which is where your by Condrey are. And your body doesn’t want to lose that much muscle mass. And so it starts stripping it from everything. And so everything starts falling apart. And guess what else. You have more than just nutrients. You have more than just macros like fats, proteins and carbohydrates in your food. There’s a lot of nutrients in them. That’s why your body falls apart. That’s why the colitis happens. That’s why a lot of the sicknesses that happen with long term starvation are happening with mealtime, because you’re missing the nutrients. So that’s the other big thing. So if you guys are going to work with peptides, that’s fantastic. You should. Peptides are amazing.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:03:42] They are the levers we use to manipulate the body. And I love them and we use them all the time. So we go time for that. The problem is, is that you have to know how to use them. If you’re trying to cut weight, you can. Some people can still use some of the peptides for growth hormone. The problem is that you got to pull the hormones and see where you’re at. So typically what I’ll do is depending on what we want to do. And so what people’s goals are, we say we talked about this all the time. People are like, what’s the best workout program? What’s the best, you know, hormone program. What’s the best peptide program? What are your goals? If you’re like, I want to be the biggest, strongest guy in the gym. There’s a whole new path we can go. If you’re like, I want to have 4% body fat, that’s a whole different path. If you’re like, I kind of like a little bit of both, you can do that. I just have to know what your goals are. We can structure everything up properly. But recognize that these peptides do things. Maybe that you’re not aware of. So, you know, keep that in mind. Like, melatonin is fantastic for darkening your skin. It’ll also mess up your stomach. So you gotta kind of. Yeah. You got to be prepared for that one. It’s also a great cutting agent. I love my, melatonin, too. One on one as well.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:04:50] But at the end of the day, it’s fantastic. You just to know what’s going on. And a lot of times, people will take these things for a long time, never having any idea how they work, and then they don’t know where they’re trying to go because the doctor or the person who is helping them also didn’t have a full understanding of how they work. So that’s kind of one of those things. A lot of times what we have to do is we’ll have to take some blood back. We’re going to take something for a period of time two, three weeks, two, three months, whatever it is, we’re gonna pull out again to see what the changes in your specific body are. Because like I said, some people have big changes and they will have little changes. We will have no changes, only secondary functions. So the growth hormone comes up a lot in some people, and the insulin comes up a lot in some people. Sometimes the growth hormone comes up a lot. Manson doesn’t talk at all. Sometimes the sun comes up a lot and the growth hormone comes up a little bit. So checking on things is always beneficial. Now checking is obviously more expensive, but it’s also the best way. So you can gas. Just make sure if you’re gonna work with somebody who understands what’s going on, and they can guess a little bit better than other people can.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:05:52] So keep that in mind that if you’re starting to gain get fatter, gain weight when you’re using some of these peptides, it might be because they’re producing insulin. And insulin tells your body to store everything. So that’s one of those things. Now, on that hormone side, there’s a bunch of different hormones, that we use. The ones that I can tell you, the ones I try to never, ever use are estrogen and progesterone. If you look at the research, there is copious amounts of research showing that estrogen progesterone utilization specifically in women. I don’t know why they use that, but specifically in women, leading to cancers. And like that, it’s not like, oh, we found it. And what a big deal. We able to knock it out like, oh, okay, we found it. And it got like massive issues, especially when you mix it together. Vaccine. So, we’re going to be a little bit more careful with those. We almost never use them. The closest we’ll use is something called Progestin Plus, which is an oil that’s progesterone. It’s a wild yam base that will we use for maybe 5% of our female population. 95% of our population has all the estrogen and progesterone functions they need matched by testosterone, because testosterone converts to estrogen. And so it knocks all those problems out. So we always whenever I work with women, we talk about hormones. We talk about hot flashes, night sweats, natural dryness. Those are the three major issues we say. And if you have those then we as we give you the testosterone, it converts into estrogen. 95% of the population.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:07:22] Those three things go completely away. And if they don’t, we give you a little bit of the progestin plus and your five. Now dosage is a big player, so we’ve got to be we got to make sure we’re using the right amount and we’re using the right, hormones for what we’re trying to do. So testosterone separate is probably the very best base for everything that we have going on. So everybody, well, not everybody. The vast majority of people that we work with are not probiotic doctors. They’re not trying to get on stage. They’re just fine. And so what we end up doing is we use every night. And so like I said, it’s a great base. Now we get into this conversation a lot when we talk about joint pain and ligaments and tendon functions like that. And people always want to jump on BP 157 and 55. Those are great peptides. We use them mostly. I use them mostly for brain and for gut rebuilding. That’s probably the best option we have for them. Especially if you’re a guy, if you’re a guy and you have joint pain and your your muscles are achy and stuff like that, Deca is probably the very best option for you. Nandrolone. Technically, it’s a little bit more expensive. What couples really well was, if you know, and it is probably the very best thing for my eyes. The, it couples really, really well with.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:08:47] So we might and it will knock out all that joint pain for a heck of a lot cheaper than maybe 150, 70, 500. Well. It’s also a little bit better for you. That is great. It was designed for cancer and Aids patients to battle. It’s called Adeleke disease, which is muscle wasting. And, and so it’s super safe. It doesn’t convert to estrogen or to dihydrotestosterone. So it’s one of my favorites. It’s a great one to use for a variety of reasons, but, if you have joint pain, that type of stuff, it’s fantastic. So, those are fantastic. If you guys are wanting some help with peptides, I do peptide consults all the time. I’ll tell you where to get them, how to do that whole deal. Just call the office to tell me what to do. Peptide consults. Or we can always do hormone stuff. We can help you guys work through that as well. So you guys have questions? Hit us up. For office (214) 446-5300. Or his questions at Chalmers Warren. Scott. And we’ll do some more of this stuff. I’ve got some more questions on it, so we’ll knock that out. But, we will talk to you guys little later today. Thanks for your time.

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