11 Apr 2024

Emphasizing its vascular nature and its impact on various bodily systems. Treatments involving nanoparticles, antioxidants, and medications like quinine sulfate. The controversial aspects of COVID-19 and vaccines.

Highlights of the Podcast

00:39 – The blood vessels to squeeze down

02:00 – Detoxification and cleaning

03:04 – The energy for your body to heal

04:33 – The primary fuel source for your heart

05:55 – The raw grog claws and fangs

06:54 – A glucose-fed system

09:31 – The big three that we use

10:28 – Causes heart issues and causes blood clots

11:20 – Issues for long Covid

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:04] So, once are a little long covered. This is probably another one of those things. See, it knocked off the internet, so, it’ll be on ECS. So if you guys want to find the controversial stuff or something, trying to get pissed, first off, everything else, make sure you follow me on X or Twitter. Doctor Chalmers won the, the thing with Long-covid is that it’s basically just say. Continual form of Covid. Remember, Covid is not a respiratory issue. It’s a vascular issue. So it ends up activating what’s called an Ace2 receptor site, which causes the blood vessels to squeeze down, decreasing the about one. They can carry this oxygen they can carry to the cell in waste they can carry away from it. Your lymph will pick up some of that waste, but you’re going to have issues with nutrient delivery as well. We see this specifically in the Ras system, but it’s in other places the racism of the. So renin angiotensin angiotensin aldosterone system. So you’re looking at heart brain lung kidney. You’re gonna have some adrenal issues in there as well. So that’s the problem. So we end up seeing as people have low energy, they they have confusion.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:01:17] They have they end up having, higher issues of fatigue and joint pain, and they just don’t have the energy to work out when they work out. They, you know, they get lightheaded, they get dizzy, their heart starts beating real fast, things like that. So, your body’s just trying to compensate in any way it can do that. Oxygen to the tissue. So that’s that’s where we’re really seeing that hyperbaric works great for these guys. But what we’ve been using is, nanoparticles to increase blood flow in AC and also in acetylcysteine, that increases what’s called interstitial glutathione, which is a very powerful, way of, of cells detoxing. It’s antioxidant. As far as detoxification and cleaning, good times, a big player. So you really want to get that, the big player that we’re using is quinine cells. So we’re using a chloroquine on that helps knock the spike protein off the Ace2 receptor site. There’s lots of research on that.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:02:15] Just Google, Covid 19, quinine sulfate, Ace2. That’s AC II. And that should bring up some of the research on it. That’s really the biggest player. Once you get everything kind of moving, that helps it out. Now, I will always go back through and make sure that their testosterone levels are where they’re supposed to be so their body can actually heal. I like to move a lot of these guys into a chaotic state, fat oxidizing state, endocytosis that helps with any diabetic issues. They have ketosis obviously fixes diabetes instantly. And then it’ll help produce more ATP. ATP is actually the energy unit. Your body uses these calories. We use ATP. We all learned this in high school. But that ATP will help generate the energy for your body to heal, regenerate, and grow. What do you see? Oxygen back end. There’s a whole host of things that we’ll use for, antioxidant function as well. So, remember, everyone is now in a boat where we’re going to start seeing a lot higher instances of cancer, heart attack, stroke, arterial planking. We’re going to see a lot more narrow degenerative diseases like mass dementia, Alzheimer’s, memory and cognition issues, lots and lots of energy issues.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:03:36] So, and this is all to be expected when we look at what we’re looking at with hypoxia. So I’ve been talking about this for a while. People are very angry about the fact that I’m talking about long Covid. They’re very angry that I’m saying that the vaccine is contributing greatly to this. But it is. So when you start looking at the amount of cancer that’s come out of people who’ve been vaccinated, we can start looking at the amount of fatigue in farmhouse, joint pain, confusion, that type of stuff. We’re seeing lots more of that. I think you’re going to start seeing a giant amount more, damage from arterial sclerosis. So the reason for that is when you have low oxygen environments, you end up with more free radicals. Free radicals are reactive. Oxidative stress is actually what causes LDL cholesterol to become oxidized. LDL cholesterol in of itself, it has is not bad for you. It’s actually the primary fuel source for your heart. So LDL cholesterol VLDL cholesterol is very, very, very good for your heart. You want the LDL levels up. You want that. You want to be able to feed your heart, especially when you’re in a hypoxic state, because you need as much ATP as possible for your heart and for your brain. So ketosis is gonna be the best option for a lot of people, not for everybody, but for a lot of people. And so walking into that properly is important. But getting that quinone in daily is going to be really important. The spike proteins don’t really break down.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:05:05] Remember, it’s not a virus. It’s an bioweapon. It was made in a lab specifically to do what it’s doing right now. The gain of function reports that Fauci and this country paid for, specifically to make it this dangerous and this deadly was the whole point, the whole purpose of what they were doing, which is which is in the research Rand Paul kind of show all this about. So that’s me. One of the big pieces of this is here for a while. It’s going to be around a long time. When we start looking at the damage that’s causing from hypoxia, we’re going to see issues with, increased inflammatory problems. So we’re gonna have to lean a lot harder on the liver and on the kidneys. Kidneys are a big player for blood pressure. Allison or Barry? Garlic is, actually, just garlic is not big. Not not like the raw grog claws and fangs. They’re, like, just cleaned up. Barry. Garlic. So Allison’s the one we’re using for a lot of biofilm breaking, that type of thing. That has big impacts on blood pressure as well.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:06:11] The reason why blood pressures give me a bigger players because of the body is the blood vessels. The pipes that carry the blood squeeze down. We’re going to have increased blood pressure issues. And that’s a that’s going to rip off plaque off the arteries of strokes. It’s gonna cause all sorts of other damage issues and that will increase, plaque issues. So that’s kind of where it all goes. If you guys are looking for really good antioxidants, it depends on. So here’s the problem. Like we have your free radicals, the chemicals that are actually damaging you. You can’t just take an antioxidant and think that any antioxidant, you know, knocks out all free radicals. That’s how it works. So it depends upon the system you’re running, whether you’re running a glucose-fed system or whether you’re running a fat oxidizing state. This really depends on which antioxidant group you need to pull from. So just work with the metabolic specialist on who actually knows what’s going on. There’s more and more of us out there. A lot of functional medicine, doctor getting there. So that’s gonna be a big player for a lot of guys.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:07:18] But the biggest issue that we got to make sure that we’re working on is cleaning up the actual system, the actual, the the construction of the blood vessels. So, again, testosterone is going to be better for you so that you can heal, regenerate, repair. I like using growth hormone as well, specifically from peptides. I like using, exogenous growth hormone. I like to have you make your own, because it’s so robust out of state, and so you can’t really take too much. That’s a big peptide play. So if you guys are into peptides, that’s a great one. Somalians. Fantastic. Hormones. Great. Awesome. All and works. Just make sure that you guys are, you know, regulating that when you’re taking it, how you’re taking it. Again, work with metabolic specialists in the way to get that where it needs to be. But the other thing we gotta do is clean forgot. So we see lots nonspecific issues from obviously stress related problems. So as you get stressed out, you don’t process cork acid, you lose hydrochloric acid function and then you get infected with parasites. So we clean the parasites out, break the biofilms down, reset the gut, clean the yeast out, restore the probiotic functions of our bodies, can, you know, generate all that stuff, increase the methylated B vitamins. So basically, just bring your body back to the way it was designed to function.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:08:33] Those are kind of how a lot of this goes. But again, the quinine piece is the big one I have not found. I’ve never tested probably two dozen different quinine pills that we brought in from online. None of them worked. The the chloroquine we’re using works. If you guys can get a hold of quinine sulfate, which is the medical pill version that works really well. That’s what the research was done on. And so it works really, really well. If all you can get is hydroxychloroquine HQ. I mean, it’s better than nothing. But even in the research, it only shows 50% effectiveness. So you want to get, you know, a little bit straight, straight to the quinine, to really kind of help this, but then bring up your methylated B vitamins and, you know. The Knicks can be a big player in and in. Will help. If you guys have any men, obviously dosage path plays. The amount you’re taking plays a role. But the big one to me, you know, the big three that we use, we clean up everything else for the big three we use are the NASA, the NFL’s ACL system, natto kinase and the not. So it depends on the person and how much we’re taking.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:09:46] So that’s kind of how that goes. You’re not going to hurt yourself with it with AC or with that kind of extra. Things like that don’t take absurd amounts. But, you know, the ones that we have on the On the Players wellness website, I take, six of the, nano kind of today 2 or 3 times a day. I take, two, three times a day of the week, and then I’ll take just the quintiles and honoraria from The Office. But I’ll take about a third of a shot glass, twice a day. Has a 19 hour half life. So make sure that you’re you’re where you be on that one? Quite. I got a bad name because they started saying that it causes heart issues and causes blood clots and things like that. It doesn’t cause those issues. What actually ends up happening is they gave that to a large population, people who had vaso spasm. So the muscles and the blood vessels got really tight and it caused pain. And so they gave him quite a pain. And it really helps that vaso spasm and that vaso spasm, you know, this is their naturally produces vaso spasms are naturally going to produce more issues with clots. A lot of these guys were diabetic.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:10:56] And the medical industry wouldn’t fix your diabetes because it’s more profitable to treat it, to fix it. And so they had diabetic issues coupled with vessel spasm issues. And that’s what caused the clots. Not the quite not quite. I was actually helping quite a bit. So, if you’ve got that type of stuff looking like why I like not to mess up again, don’t just take stuff willy nilly. Work with somebody who knows what they’re doing. But those are the those are the chief long acting issues for long Covid. So if you guys have that obviously hyperbaric chamber, you could play as well. But check those out. You can grab them from the Pillars of Wellness website. On the store, if you guys have any other questions, there’s up questions at Chalmers Monster.com and we’ll go help you out. Thanks. Thanks for your time.

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