13 Mar 2024

Addresses common misconceptions and questions regarding his profession as a chiropractor and the use of testosterone. Western medicine’s approach to healthcare, highlighting controversies around vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and pandemic measures. A focus on natural healing methods and restoring the body’s inherent function through nutrition, exercise, and understanding its chemistry. Encourages critical thinking and invites questions from viewers to continue the discussion.

Highlights of the Podcast

00:29 – Medical doctors in Western medicine

01:49 – The people who died from the opioid epidemic

02:33 – Discuss things in the open forum

04:34 – The oxidation of from reactive oxidative stress

06:19 – The body actually works

09:03 – The nutrients your body needed

09:53 – What does the body want to heal?

10:21 – The chiropractor thing

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:03] So we’re getting some questions today. We’ve gotten some and and I’ve gotten some comments, you know, back and forth on, on social and a couple of them I want to address first. First of all, the one I get a lot is, well, you’re a chiropractor, so, you know, we shouldn’t listen to you. Okay. Let me preface this comment by slicing it very specifically in half. Medical doctors in Western medicine. Medical doctors are typically great people. They’re all very intelligent. They’re all hardworking. They all have compassion for human beings, and they’re all very intelligent. So you can’t go in that healthcare without those things. These are good people. These are just been given bad information by Western medicine. So when I say Western medicine, I’m not talking about your doctors. I’m talking about the institutions that that provide them the information, the CDC, W.H.O., you know, the NIH, the Fauci guys like that, that group, you know, the ones who have the, you know, 400 pound health advisors who come up and go, I want to tell you how you have to live your life. Those guys that were not you’re not your personal doc, those guys who just got bad information.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:01:12] So, you know, when you say you shouldn’t listen to what I say is chiro. Okay, well, let’s let’s let’s go back to the 60s with the with the Western medicine group. They found out that psychedelics, LSD, psilocybin, DMT, you know, MDMA, those sort of things were unbelievably safe. They were fixing anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction, all those things. The problem was, is that they were cheap and they were easy to come by. So they couldn’t the pharmacy companies couldn’t make money off of them, and they were natural, so they couldn’t be patented and then turned into a drug. So they made them illegal. Think of the people who died from the opioid epidemic, not because they needed the drugs, but because they were addicted to them. But we had the cure the entire time. But Western medicine wouldn’t give it out because they would. They would lose money on the opioids, and they wouldn’t make any money off of the anxiety, depression, drugs they were selling. And the SSRI that they told us would work. They knew wouldn’t work when they started selling them. And so when we got the research that said, these don’t really work. The only people who weren’t surprised were the pharmaceutical guys. So there’s your mental health issue that we should have been fixed in the 60s. That wasn’t. Okay. So let’s speed up a little bit.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:02:22] The chiropractic community has been talking about how vaccines are unsafe since we’ve been around, and we’ve been told over and over that we’re quacks and that we’re terrible, horrible people, that we don’t care about children and that we shouldn’t be allowed to discuss things in the open forum, because the Western medicine guys told us that vaccines were extremely safe. Tons of research proving their safety, their efficacy. They they fix everything and they never cause any problems. Ever. That’s the story we’ve been told. That was a giant lie. There is no research. RFK had to sue the NIH, but then to admit that there is no research. Yet every time they’d be like, well, there’s all this research proving they’re fantastic, and we’d be like, can we say it like, well, you wouldn’t understand. Well, can you try to explain to me like I’m five? But they wouldn’t do it because there is no research.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:03:06] Like every time a pediatrician would say something and the like. For instance, when my kids were born, I had to go to a daddy boot camp and the head of pediatrics for Baylor Hospital came in and told everybody in the room that if you got if a kid got the measles, they would die for sure, which is a lie. The CDC has proven that 3000 people who get the measles will die, but they don’t die of measles, that dehydration, and they die of pneumonia. So as long as you can get them, get water in them somehow IV colon, like an enema type of thing, you know, drink water, they won’t die. So that was a lie. He told us that if our kids got the chickenpox, they become sterile and they wouldn’t even have children. They’re out to a room full of men who lived in the 80s. And every single one of us had the chickenpox. That’s obviously a lie. So we have that one. We were told that opioids were non-addictive, that, you know, that we can take as much as we want to. We won’t get addicted. When they knew they were addicted.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:04:02] So again, another great thing, by the way, there’s a lot of other things that drugs are addressing LDL cholesterol, which LDL cholesterol has been proven not to be the problem because if it was the problem, every single person who has high LDL would have plaque. We don’t see that, and no one who has low LDL would have plastic. And we see tons of people who have low LDL and low cholesterol levels, plaque and dying from heart attacks and strokes. UCLA just a big study on it showing that. So you know all right. But you guys sell your second drugs. What actually happens is that the oxidation the oxidation of from reactive oxidative stress in free radicals damages the natural LDL, making it dangerous. The reason that we don’t talk about free radical damage is because the only way to fix it is with supplementation and nutrition, and you can’t make money off that if you’re a pharmaceutical company. So I’m not going to talk about that.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:04:50] So we go for it. And then further, they told us that there’s a viral outbreak. And if you wear a mask you’ll be fine with. Everyone in the world knew that was trash, but they did it anyway because that’s what they do. And we people get arrested for not wearing a mask when they were out by themselves. So they talked to the governments into dictatorial control over bad science. They knew was that science? And they told you to stand six feet apart. You’ll be fine. Also, ally, we’ve known this forever. Then they came out. They said, don’t worry, we have a vaccine. And they said it’ll completely fix everybody. There’s no issues, nothing. You know, in this, that one shot. And then people got shots and they started dying because it’s because of the way it works. And they cut down the right. They didn’t they didn’t admit to it. They just kept getting them, kept getting. There’s still telling people to get the vaccine. It’s like, no, it’s going to stop until about Covid 19 and that there’s no risks to it when it’s obviously highly risky and doesn’t help at all. So this is the group that you think that I should align with. This is the group that you think you should listen to and not people who were telling you natural stuff.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:05:55] The chiropractic community’s been inside out. You know, the power who heals the body make you a part of that made the body heals the body this entire time. Nutrition, exercise, neurologic function, the way the body works is how we’re going to focus. This is how we’re going to heal things. Those are the guys you don’t want to listen to. Fine. You guys going home, do your own thing and we’ll be the guys who were sitting here talking about physiology and chemistry and the way the body actually works. That’s fine. So, you know, if the idea is that, you know. That because I’m a chiro. You should listen to me. I think that’s 100% the wrong way to go. I think you should listen to both sides and figure out who has better chemistry, who is going to research that’s going to, you know, function. Look at the people who are on that side, how healthy they are, how lives they live and go. I don’t know, maybe, maybe this team has lied to me so much that maybe I should start listening to what the other guys have to say, just as a, you know, happenstance, just as a I’ll just I’ll hear you out now, because I’ve seen that. I’ve seen the other side. And the other one is that people are like, you’re on steroids. Yes, I am, and you should be too, because you cannot be healthy with low testosterone. Flat out. Your relationships can’t be healthy. Your mind can’t be healthy.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:07:08] Your heart can’t be healthy. Your body can’t be healthy. You’re not going to sleep well. Testosterone is 100% natural. The fact that they got George W Bush to make it illegal, and then they make a giant smear campaign on it, was probably the greatest marketing technique the pharmaceutical means I’ve ever done. It’s 100% natural. Your body makes it the whole like, oh, you’re on. You’re taking testosterone, so you’re not natural. How how does any how does that even become a thing? Think about that. Your body makes it. It’s hyper critical to your health. And yet, for somehow we got a marketing campaign that says if you take something that your body naturally makes, you’re no longer natural. But that doesn’t that doesn’t work with birth control. They don’t they don’t harass people for being on birth control. Birth controls. Right.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:07:50] You know, that’s your bag. That the one that you know that’s not really that great for you. So the one that helps you, the one that’s healing, that’s the one that the marketing campaign went out against and made it horrible and terrible. So and here’s the deep thing. It’s widespread enough. Now a lot of people either are on testosterone or know somebody who’s on testosterone. Just asking like, is your body? Do you feel better? Do you have more energy? Is your depression better? Like, is your sex life better? Definitely. Ask the women who have been on testosterone like a 30 and 40 year old 50 year old woman who never on testosterone, who weren’t given 5 or 6 months on testosterone, be like, it’s your life better. Is your energy higher? Is your mental state better? Is your sex better? Every single one of them will go, you know what it is. You know why? Because the testosterone restores your normal natural body function. The way that you were designed to be was to be designed with testosterone.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:08:40] The fact that you don’t have it is one of the reasons your body doesn’t work right. It’s not a drug that you’re missing. It’s a natural nutrient your body constantly craves and needs that you don’t have anymore. It’s like, for instance, if you’re hungry and you’re grouchy and you’re tired, it’s because you’re lacking drugs, because you’re lacking nutrients from the food. You eat something and you’re oh, okay, I feel better now, right? Because you didn’t have the nutrients your body needed, didn’t have this stuff. Your body was designed to have to function properly. So when you get the chemistry and that your body was designed to have, when you lean into the chemistry, you’re like, all right, how is the body supposed to work? And if we learn how the body’s supposed to work and we look at as the chemistry equation, we look at how we get these things in. That’s the way it goes. That’s the way that’s what I’m do. If you’re wondering what the what the grand secret of what I’m doing is, it’s how is the body designed to function and how do we restore the function that it was designed to have? That’s all I do. And guess what gets better? Also replaced as the EMS gets better, dementia gets better.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:09:39] Everything A.D.D., everything we’ve worked on so far. Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, everything we’ve worked on so far gets better. It doesn’t get a hot sometimes. Isn’t it 100% better? A lot of times it does. So that’s the thing. If you just go, what is the body supposed to have? What does the body want to heal? Give it those things. It will heal because that’s how it was designed. That’s how it was created to do so, just given the things it was created to use. And it will get better. So that’s that piece. This is something I get all the time, so I hope I don’t like. I will just reference back to this video because it’s going to be the truth forever, but that’s kind of where it is. So if that’s the hang up, the testosterone thing, you, you you’ve been brainwashed into thinking that’s bad.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:10:19] Sorry. If it’s the chiropractor thing, that’s fine too, because I’m very proud of both of those things. So you can you can chastise all you want to, but it’s going to please, please keep those keep those arguments going because those are the ones I like. So but anyway, so that’s where that is. Those are some of the questions we’ve gotten. I want to clear those up. We’ve got several more. So we’re gonna be doing more and more questions. I’ve got a lot of really weird questions. Some of my to look up, like, some of you guys are weird, like, I don’t know what subsidies you can get from your dogs. I think it’s a weird question, but I got it. So I’ll look it up and I’ll answer. We’ll be putting some of those short answers out on, Instagram and TikTok and stuff like that, but, keep the questions coming. Questions at Chalmers, Walmart.com. We’ll go over those and answer as many as we can. So, thanks for your time, you guys. Have a good day.

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