17 Apr 2024

The “calories in, calories out” model of weight management. Emphasizes that different body types have varying responses to diet and exercise, The notion that a one-size-fits-all approach works for everyone. The importance of understanding body chemistry and customizing dietary plans accordingly to achieve sustainable health goals.

Highlight of the Podcast

00:32 – The same way in the body

01:48 – The way their body chemistry works

02:52 – The chemistry in order to get the guys who can’t gain muscle

03:59 – The guys you can’t game less of a game muscle

05:31 – A calories model that needs vitamins

07:00 – The calorie deficit people

08:12 – Hormones aren’t a thing

09:10 – What’s the glycemic index?

10:45 – How do I put together a food diet plan?

11:56 – The carbohydrates before you can burn the fat

12:33 – The mitochondria that are in your muscles.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:03] So we’re going over questions from questions that Chalmers welcome. I’ve gotten lots of questions about, diet and calories and calories out of things. So we’re going to go over that again. The primary question is when I say that calories in, calories out a flawed model, is that mean? I’m telling you that you can eat everything you want as much as you want? No, that’s obviously stupid. That is not what I’m saying. What I’m trying to illustrate is that proteins and carbohydrates are not equal. They’re not work the same way in the body. The problem we get into with a lot of the calories in, calories out people is a lot of these guys are health influencers, or they’re fitness people, and their primary market is people who need to lose weight. And they do really well. If people are going to lose like 15 to 20 pounds. And they don’t do so well if you want to lose 50 or 60 pounds. And so they tell those people who can’t lose the weight when they’re 50, 60 pounds overweight that, that they’re not working the program and they’re not doing it right, or cheating or lying or whatever, and they ostracize all in numbers.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:01:12] Now there’s a lot of medicine wives who are 50, 60 pounds overweight because they’re just slobs, and they do okay with those guys. The problem is that they never see the guys who can’t gain weight. Why? Because they’re trying to help people lose weight. So if you have no body fat and no muscle, why would you call somebody whose goal is to help you lose body fat? You don’t have any body fat. You don’t have any fat at all. You don’t want to lose any of you don’t want to lose anyway. So you never call those people. So what ends up happening is that those trainers never recognize that there’s a whole 30% of the population, 20 to 40 call it 30% of population who are ecto morphs, who can’t gain weight because of the way their body chemistry works. What they do see is the 30 to 40% of the population where when you stripped any fuel source, their body can switch back and forth so quickly that it doesn’t matter. You restrict any fuel source and they lose fat.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:02:04] They lose it. There’s quite a bit of muscle to so many Texas people, but they lose weight because your goal is in fat loss. Their goal is weight loss. Stuff on the scale. Scale goes down payment. That’s their whole model. Which as you which is if anybody knows anything about bodybuilding, a lot of the bodybuilders weigh 20 or 30 pounds more because, you know, and they’re not fat. They’re just they have a lot more muscle and and fat before shows. And then when they cut, they lose a giant amount of fat and a giant amount of muscle because they’re basically starving themselves because they’re working on the calories in, calories out model. Now, this doesn’t work very well for the endo morphs. The 20 to 40% of the population who, like myself, who store really, really well. And their bodies are very, very efficient. And so the body holds on to a bunch of fat. You have to understand the chemistry in order to get the guys who can’t gain muscle, or the people who can’t lose fat to work. Right. Remember the game muscle people. These guys give up the try to help you lose.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:03:05] Fat guys don’t even know exist. So all they see is this section. Well, they tell the really fat people, but they’re just not working hard enough. They’re lying or cheating. They kick them out of their system, or they just ostracized until they leave. And then the people who are basically the medicine morphs do really well with these guys, because that’s how their body works. Now, if you’re trying to get the entire spectrum and help everybody, you have to. I don’t know why Instagram always decide there. I don’t know why Instagram always decides. Even I have full bars and full everything that’s pausing for my internet connection. Nobody else does. I think it’s interesting that whatever, Instagram is closed out. It does this all the time when I’m doing my daily checkins. So what we end up seeing is this is I don’t see all these people. They just think that calories in calories, that works for everybody because the group of people that they have the best success with, it worked for. Well, I can understand that. If you also understand how chemistry works, if you’re trying to get the guys you can’t game less of a game muscle, you have to give them a very different diet than you’re trying that people have. People lose weight. It’s not just more calories you have to get in the beginning of the chemistry. There’s usually it’s a higher sugar, functional content.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:04:12] So it’s a totally different conversation. But the the middle guys restrict, it feels worse and they’re fine. You have to get the guys who are really fat and endo morphs into a system of the body is just burning fat. Then you have to restrict the fact that they bring in so that they can they can start burning everything off. Now here brings up a whole nother concept. And this is why I get pissing. Just because you cut out what someone’s eating doesn’t mean that they’re going to be healthy and lose fat. This is the problem we have with the medical community right now who have no idea how the body works, and they’re giving everybody this impact. I had a lady yesterday and she was like, sorry, I haven’t been here in two weeks, but I got colitis and she’s like, it’s ruined a bunch of stuff, mess up my life. And I was like, how long have you been on a Sunday? And she looked at me and she’s like, how do you know I was on exhibit? I was like, because I know you’re diabetic and you had colitis. And she was like, my doctor didn’t even know that that was that was a problem with those and that.

[00:05:10] And I’m like, that’s one of the major problems with Ozempic is that it causes colitis because bowel function to stop causes, all sorts of, muscle wasting issues with tablets and actually drops your bone density, starts taking a hit ligament, tendon ruptures, all kinds of stuff because you’re starving yourself. Your body needs more than calories. If you’re going to go on a calories model that needs vitamins and minerals and all sorts of electrolytes and all sorts of other chemicals, these are the nutrients. It’s obvious the medical doctors don’t recognize these because they don’t think they exist. That’s their whole thing. That’s why they tell you that supplements don’t work, and that’s why they tell you that, you know, oh, you should have a better diet. What you mean by another diet? Mr. medical doctor may go, less calories and eat vegetables. Well done guys. We gave you guys where you guys took metabolic tools. You don’t know how to use them. You’re hurting people. That’s exactly what’s going on. So if you guys are on Amazon because there’s ways to do it where it’s a lot safer, it’s not ever risk free, but it’s a lot safer. You know, I’d walk this person through, I was like, oh, you’re on extra college, you’re on something.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:06:17] I’d be violence or you’re on your cookie ten. She’s like, no, they just told me to take my shot and I’d be fine. I’m like, well, that’s a lie. But you know, that’s what they tell people. So that’s the whole thing. So on the in the north side, they can fast really well on a lot of them, I’d say 70% of I in the morphs prefer to fast like I asked them, like how important is breakfast to you? And they’re like, I’ll eat it. But it’s more of a pain in the ass than anything else. Like I do a smoothie or something. That’s what they always ask. I’m like, no, don’t eat breakfast. Take some something to be fine. I got that makes life a little bit easier for me. Like, right. And we’ll talk about it and know like, how’s lunch? And they’re like, well, I can get lunch in. So most of the time. But sometimes I forget and they’re like, my trainer told me that I wasn’t working, she wasn’t eating enough. And I’m like, so the calorie deficit people told you that since you weren’t eating enough and enough calories, that’s why you didn’t lose weight.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:07:06] That sounds like logical reasoning to me. So that’s the thing. So a lot of these in a more it’s like I have a lot of in a morphs who just fall under the, you know, you know, I have a lot of who are 16, eight just out of the gate as far as fasting goes. And a lot of them can work down to 22 to really easily. So their bodies work differently. The idea that everyone’s body works exactly the same way. We all have exactly the same chemistry, you know, the same diet like I do. I write radically different diets, which is a funny thing because I have good people. I have people keto diet actually, that has no carbs and no sugars. And I give people the exact opposite with really high sugars and really high carbohydrates, because people have different bodies, they have different needs. So if you give out what happens, a lot of those guys, they have preprogram diet plans, right? So it’s like chicken and rice, chicken and broccoli, this and that. And they just hand them out. Here you go. There you go. They type they literally type in the calories that they want. And it has a stack of diets from right here have. Because everyone’s body apparently works the same. Hormones aren’t a thing. Insulin sensitivity isn’t the thing.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:08:15] Testosterone sort of thing. Thyroid function is not a thing. You know, grilling and leptin aren’t things. You know, it’s just calories. And so that’s the irritation that I get into. This is because, yeah, you’re going to have success with 20 or 30% of population, but you’re not going to tell the other 60 to 80% of the population that they’re messed up. Their bodies are broken. No help for you. Sorry. Everything’s just, you know, crappy for you because you don’t work hard enough, and that’s what everybody’s being told. And then I end up saying that body dysmorphia. You know, I’ve seen people who are really, really bad, like close to, you know, suicide and stuff like that, all sorts of eating disorders because their doctors or their trainers or somebody told them that, you know, they just weren’t doing the plan right when they were, you know, the amount of people I see who come in here, like, give me your food diary and it looks great for a messenger. And I’m like, well, the reason you can’t eat this is because the glycemic index is too high and they’re like, what’s the glycemic index? And so we have to go through and educate them on how it goes.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:09:15] And that’s the other piece. Because if your trainer if your doctor has truly worked with you properly, you shouldn’t need them more than 30, maybe 45 days because they should teach you how your body works and how to properly customize the diet that works for you. The way that I usually have I do is I have to tell people, bring me your ten favorite foods and remember the ten foods you never want to eat again. And we’ll go through it and then bring me a five day food diet of everything to eat. So if you eat like a burrito, you know what? You know, you had a tortilla, right? Where did the tortilla come from? Like was it, you know? Where you bought, like, just a brand new guy. And then what’d you put in it? You put cheddar cheese. Where did you get the cheddar cheese? Did you get steak? Where’d you get the steak? Like all the facts. All the nutritional facts. We can look at seed oil function.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:10:03] We can look at, you know, chemicals that are in your foods. We can look at the nutrition facts, the facts, the proteins, the carbohydrates, the whole the. And then I can actually explain to you how you read these things. Because my goal is that after you’ve been with me for 30 days, you should never have to ask me how you put your diet together again, because you should know. You should just understand now, if there’s some new food, if there’s some weird thing like Molotov and you’re like, hey, it says no sugar, but it also has a glycemic function, what’s going on with that? All right, like that’s an obvious question. Or pay somebody tell me that, you know, even though blueberries has sugar in it, it’s really sweet. I can eat them naturally. I’ll be fine. Yeah. So, like, little, little things like that. But you should really understand. How do I make the decisions? How do I put together a food diet plan? How do I put together, you know, a meal plan for me that I know that I can eat? Because that’s the real key.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:10:54] Having to rely on somebody for your to, you know, what to eat. I don’t think it’s a great plan. I get it, some people love that, but that’s not the best. Like you understand how to do it and you got a meal plan. That’s fine. But at the end of the day, learning how to do it is really important. So that’s kind of the whole thing. That sums up about nine different questions that I’ve been getting, on the calories in, calories out thing. So yeah, you still have to restrict your fats if you’re in a fat oxidizing state. If you want to burn the fat off your body, it’s just again, that is math. If you if you if you burn 100 units of fat today and you eat 100 units of fat, you’re not going to burn off your body if you if you burn 100. It’s a fact about you need 60. You are gonna burn some off off the body. So that’s just how it works. But you have to get into a state where your body is burning fat. It’s hilarious to me. When people come in, they go, I want to lose fat. And I’m like, you told your dietician, you told your trainer you want to lose fat. And like, yes. And they have like 30 or 40% of your diet and carbohydrates. And I’m like, you have to burn the carbohydrates before you can burn the fat. Did you tell your trainer you wanted to burn fat? And you’re like.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:12:02] You’re like, why are they giving you so many carbohydrates? Her hundreds and fat are both fuel sources, but your body prefers carbohydrates. Mr. burn 100 and whatever it is, grams of carbohydrates. Then it’s going to burn some of your muscle tissue while it’s switching over to burning fat. That’s how the body works. So that’s what’s going on. So because we understand the body works, you understand why people lose 40 to 50% of the weight they lose is muscle mass, which, by the way, is where your mitochondria are. So they’re trying to lose fat. Guess what’s burning the fat? The mitochondria that are in your muscles. So if you lose your muscle tissue you’re losing out of control. Your body’s metallic is going to go to the floor and you’re going to start having issues because guess what’s going to happen next? It’s gonna start shutting down your gut. You’re going to start having colitis. You’re gonna start having all sorts of gas issues. You start having gastric issues. Sorry. You guys are having adrenal issues. You can start having dizziness issues. More A.D.D. usually start falling heart joint pain, all sorts of stuff. Yeah. That’s what happens when you starve yourself. I know. Shocker. So. All right, if you guys have any more questions, 30 questions at children’s Walmart.com. And, we’re going to knock out. Thanks for your time.

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