01 Apr 2024

The crucial role of recovery in achieving fitness goals, emphasizes the significance of oxygenation, hydration, nutrition, sleep, and supplementation. The benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy, proper breathing techniques, and the importance of nutrients like collagen and antioxidants in facilitating muscle growth and overall well-being. The impact of vaccines on respiratory function suggests considerations for optimizing recovery, including consistent sleep patterns and exploring peptides for enhanced anti-aging effects.

Highlight of the Podcast

00:25 – Calories in, calories out

01:19 – What happens with hyperbaric

01:55 – The red blood cells carry the oxygen

03:42 – The lungs to move

04:28 – The Covid vaccine

05:28 – The college and I’m taking it for two reasons

06:27 – A lot of fats

07:32 – The small pieces that are called

08:35 – The liquid iodine

09:19 – The easy way on sleep is at a bad time

10:16 – The muscle growth happens for all the health

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:03] So today we’re gonna talk about recovery. It’s funny because when we talk about building muscle, when we talk about losing fat, losing fat, you can do without a tremendous amount of recovery specifically focused on it. However, if you focus on the recovery piece, you’re gonna lose a lot more fat. Once you get in a fat actualizing state and you’re actually working in real functional physiology, you’re also calories in, calories out. Nonsense. What we have to start looking at is how quickly the body is able to rebuild. And a lot of times, you know, I talk to people all the time like, well, I need more testosterone, because that’s it. Then testosterone is a big piece. Have talked all about it all the time. But one of the things I always tell people is you don’t need more than enough.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:49] The other things that your body has to have to recover. Number one, the number one things for health, regeneration, wellness, long term function. Everything is oxygen. The very best thing that you can do for recovery, for body building, for concussion treatments, for neurologic issues like mass and dementias like that is hyperbaric oxygen. So I’ve got a chamber in my office. One of my house, and I used to have very chambers quite often. What happens with hyperbaric is that it uses something called Boyle’s law. Boyle’s laws. Physics is not a medical thing. What it does is it says that whenever there’s a higher pressure, you can emulsify gas into fluid. So what? That basically means that, you know, if you ever had a carbonated drink or you, you take one of those little CO2 cancers and, you know, made water, bubbly water, soda water.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:01:41] That’s what we’re talking about. When you put high pressure gas and onto a fluid, it’ll squeeze it into the fluid. And so what that happens with, with the body, what ends up happening is that normally the hemoglobin are carrying the oxygen or red blood cells or all those things inside of the red blood cells carry the oxygen. However, now you’ve got two red blood cells, both carrying oxygen, but because there’s water or plasma between the two red blood cells, you can now take oxygen and force it into that plasma. So now your red blood cells are carrying oxygen, and the fluid in between red blood cells is also carrying oxygen. So that’s how we can increase the oxygenation to the tissue by 1,000%. This is what I was using during Covid to fix everybody. We brought people in.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:02:24] Their pulse ox is in the high 70s. Low 80s? They barely coherent. Had to help carry a lot of these guys in. We give them a shot of quinine, and then we toss them in the chambers, and ten minutes later, their pulse ox is back in the 90s, and they were coherent, and they were good to go again. And this is an obvious thing. We’ve been using them for our professional athletes for a long time. All my pro athletes I work with have hyperbaric chambers in their homes and before games after practice, things like that. They’ll jump in there and recover. I’ve had two my athletes, my NFL athletes tell me that, you know, it’s it’s the biggest game changer. They’ve added their to their to their careers. One of the guys told me he was like, yes. I did a crazy hard workout on Wednesday using jumps in the chamber. Went back. Is it the same level workout the next day? These.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:03:09] And I could have done half again, more the second day than the first day because he’s able to recover. But that’s the biggest thing is getting the oxygen and hyperbaric. The number one thing. Now a lot of hospitals have hyperbaric chamber, so they just choose not to use them because again, it’s not the thing that making them the most money. So if you’re if you have issues COVID’s a great example. You’re going to find a group near you like Google hyperbaric. That the thing. If you have breathing problems, if you have, pneumonia, stuff like that, it’ll help. But pneumonia is actually one as far as we can’t get the lungs to move. So that has some other things we gotta do for it. So don’t just assume that you can do, you know, is any breathing problems? I have a very problem. But, so I sort of like bronchitis and offices and so like that. It’s a phenomenal tool.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:04:00] So I use it all the time. It’s one of the reasons that I’ve been able to acquire the muscle mass and longevity in the health that I have. I put it directly on, hyperbaric. The other thing, when we’re talking about oxygen and we do this all the time, is we do fluid settings, the amount of people who have epilepsy, dementia, fatigue, all sorts of things, low testosterone, all sorts of physiological issues is because they’re not breathing properly at night. One of the big issues that we saw with the Covid vaccine, we see this with all vaccines. What we really saw with the Covid vaccine, was the amount of damage to the pores. So there’s a place in the brainstem called the palms, and it’s responsible for what’s referred to as autonomic respiration, which is the reason you breathe while you’re asleep or you’re passed out or you’re not paying attention to it. That area can be damaged by vaccines.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:04:50] We see a lot in kids. It’s called sudden infant death syndrome. And that translated to adults for sudden adult death syndrome. After the Covid vaccine roll out. So if you had to give a vaccine outside of all the other stuff you now have. I would highly recommend that you get a sleep study and see what your oxygenation is at night. It’s a really, really big one. Like I said, we see that there’s a big piece. Everything else. No, a lot of the supplementation that I’m taking is also specifically geared towards recuperation, regeneration and, and recovery. So, like, know all the college and we’re doing so when I, when I take the college and I’m taking it for two reasons. One, gluconeogenesis so that my liver can actually make new sugar for my blood for my brain. But the other thing is, is that the college is adding a lot of nutrients to my body for healing, regeneration, for fighting viruses, for doing, you know, decreasing inflammation in my liver, all kinds of things. College is one of the very best things you can take. And I will tell you that I don’t think you can do a healthy fast more than, like, eight hours without taking college.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:05:57] If you don’t, your muscle tissue is going to get eaten up because your body has to have amino acids, who have to have sugar for the blood. And if you don’t feed it, it will make it, you know, tear apart your muscle tissues together. That’s just where it’s at. So take a college and this can be very beneficial. And then whenever you guys are doing, if especially if you’re working out and you’re pushing yourself as hard as I am, you really, you really, really need to worry about, free radical damage and things like that. So, for instance, if you guys are consuming, a lot of fats and you have stress, especially if you’re if you’re consuming any seed oil, try not to consume seed oils. But that lipid oxidation is going to be really, really dangerous. So we talked about the oxidative stress that happens to LDL cholesterol yesterday. How it oxidizes it. And that’s when it really becomes problematic. Oxidized LDL is really the the big issue we need to work on. And that comes from free radical damage.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:06:54] So things like vitamin E, things like Q10, methylated B vitamins are a big player. There’s there’s there’s a whole list in AC. Obviously, there’s a whole list of things that are highly beneficial to pushing back against it. Free radical damage or that reactive oxidative stress that you’re gonna start picking out. The harder you push, the harder you train. So those things are really big. Still, I’m a giant coffee and I’m a fan for recovery. So, you know, if you’re not doing some of these things and you’re wondering why your gains aren’t where they’re supposed to be or you’re not, you know, getting stronger for all the time, sort of stuff. These are the things that you really gotta start looking into. It’s the it’s the small pieces that are called. So in chemistry we call them limiting reagents. So think of it this way. If you’re going to make, you know, ten pies and they require three eggs and you only have five eggs, you’re not to be able to make ten pies because you don’t have enough eggs.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:07:48] The eggs are your limiting reagent to allow you to if it’s what’s keeping you from making everything else. So a lot of times we’ll see that, you know, for instance, when people have thyroid issues, one of the number one things I see is they’re not taking enough iodine. T3 is three iodine triad because three times T4 is for iodine. So if you guys aren’t specifically taking in iodine your diet, you’re not going to have your thyroid where it says today. And so we’re going to go over oh, I thought I wrote this in that. And the doctor is going to give you all sorts of, you know, medications that you don’t need because you should you just up your iodine intake. Now there’s there’s obviously times where you need thyroid medication, but oftentimes it’s dietary function that you guys just aren’t getting enough iodine. And you can take either the liquid iodine, you can take the iodine from the, severe mineral, that’s on the sea walls or the pillars. Wellness. You know, that one works really well. That also has boron in it. So if you’re worried about your sexual binding and hormone being too high, there’s research out that shows that that helps push that down. But you know, that’s the big thing is making sure that you guys are getting in all the things you need to recover.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:08:58] Well, the other big ones is water. You know, we were like, well, I don’t want to get waterlogged. Okay. If you drink a gallon of water every run. That’s a bad idea. But if you keep the water flowing, it’ll help flush out all these lactic acid, all this tear gas and all these all these waste chemicals. And it was really, really have to recover. But the other big thing is sleep. You got to make sure that you’re sleeping. And the easy way on sleep is at a bad time. So wake up time and be be be consistent with it. And then, you know, make sure that you guys are getting in, you know, getting to sleep in that whole thing. You know, working on your sleep. It’s a great way to register stuff. And then, you know, if you really wanna get fancy with it, obviously, we talked about this last round, but there’s peptides out there are spectacular. For anti-aging, for things like that, they’re really, really beneficial.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:09:51] It’s one of the one things I can really feel when I work out. Really notice the difference. So peptides are a big, big player. So make sure that if you’re going to work on that, you work for someone who understands the whole breadth of what’s going on. There’s there’s, you know, I’m not the only person out here who understands peptides and recovery stuff, but, you know, those are gonna be your big things, making sure that you’re getting into things that help your body rebuild and recover. Because that’s where one all, all the muscle growth happens for all the health and wellness happens, is where a lot of the down things happen. The bad stuff happens. If you don’t have enough, for instance, you have enough coke. You tend your body has to make ATP, so it’ll make it, but it’ll produce a lot of free radicals as well as some ATP. If you have enough coke, you ten. You get very few free radicals and a lot of ATP. So when you start pushing yourself, that’s when that’s when things start getting really kind of hairy. You got to make sure to have enough chemicals to make sure my body can heal and recover. And do I have enough chemicals to make myself go? So the go is more of the ATP. The recovery stuff is more of the, the chemicals to keep yourself safe and growing. So, if you guys have any questions for the sub questions at Chalmers Wellness. Com. Just make sure that you guys get in. Get your recovery. That’s a big, big piece of hitting all your goals. Thanks for your time.

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