14 Mar 2024

The importance of supplementation alongside diet for optimal health. Dr. Chalmers emphasizes the significance of understanding one’s body chemistry and individual needs when choosing supplements. The importance of collagen supplementation for maintaining muscle mass and overall health, as well as the benefits of CoQ10 in reducing oxidative stress.

Highlights of the Podcast

00:24 – The fat oxidizing state

01:42 – Your energy function from your fat

03:17 – The power system are off

04:15 – He collagen is so important

05:43 – The stuff that flushes out

06:26 – The mitochondria to make the ATP

09:40 – The difference in the way your mind feels

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:04] All right. We’re live. So, want to start talking about the supplementation taking, the diet’s a very, very big piece. It is the base function for everything we’re doing. That’s why I want to spend so much time on that. The way your bio biochemistry works, is a very tiered way. So the the diet piece, the fat oxidizing state is obviously the most important piece. And then because of that, that actually I think say everything I’m doing that also dictates supplementation. Things that my body specifically needs.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:00:36] The way that my stress levels are, all those things dictate how things are. So a lot of these supplementation, I’m taking more than you’re going to need. You might need more than I do on some things. So there’s some variation in what you need chemically. But there’s some terms that you need to understand there. Chemistry terms limiting reagent, which is if you have five of this and five of this and two of that, and you’re using them evenly, you’re going around the two. Okay. Now you have three and three. And so you can’t do any more chemistry because you ran out of this one fact.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:01:06] So Liberty reagents pretty easy. It’s the idea of, you know, if you’ve got a lot of snacks, you got a lot of your waters, and you’re driving a long car trip. You know, you’re going to run a gas free ride of food. And so the limiting range on that would be the gas, that type of an idea. So that’s kind of how we’re going to run through this. Okay. Go through. So there’s a couple of things that are super duper important. And people don’t give them the credit that they deserve when you’re fasting. And this is another thing and people have different philosophies and five.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:01:38] Keep your own philosophy, mind is that your body can produce ATP, which is your energy function from your fat. However, it cannot replace CoQ10, methylated B vitamins, omega three fatty acids. You know, all those things that your body requires. And so what we see is that. We can become, I would say, less healthy over a longer period of fasting and fast for 8 hours or 10 hours. Don’t worry about it. But if you’re talking about a two day fast, a three day fast, a five day fast, you’re going to have to supplement. And if you’re worried about losing muscle mass, if you’re focused on losing body fat, if you’re focused on building muscle tissue, you’re going to have to supplement every single day and multiple times a day. So the most important one that you have to worry about is going to be collagen. So and then this is the one that I take the superior collagen complex. So. And you give her the pillars of wellness, dot com website. And then remember, all of a sudden she goes by author, goes to the charity.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:02:40] The reason college is so important. And some of the guys have talked about this here and there. So the start. I can probably. Apparently I’m going to be blurry for the rest of time on that one. Correct? One of the things to figure out if function in is, is your body is going to constantly need sugar, and even though your brain’s a necessarily random sugar, it can run on ketones. Your muscles can run fat. Your blood has to have sugar, to produce ATP. It doesn’t have any mitochondria. So when as it happens, the glucose goes into the cytoplasm, splits into lactate and produces ATP. That’s how that works. Again, ATP is a system where the power system are off. But the problem is, is that your body’s going to get that, that sugar to go through gluconeogenesis from protein. And it can tear apart your muscle tissue, to make the sugar for your brain and for your blood. Or you can supply that, that sugar that your body needs, the proteins, your needs through amino acids. So I was talking to Steve Kugler, and I talked to a lot of guys who talk about during their their cuts, they lose giant amounts of muscle mass.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:03:45] Again, focus on your chemistry and you’ll be okay. Taking extra collagen is going to give yourself more amino acids alanine, glycine. You know, that’s the thing to allow your body to go through what’s called gluconeogenesis. Your body can make sugar out of proteins out of amino acids specifically. And so that’s what’s going on throughout your muscle tissue due to the, you know, acids to go through and make sugar. Well, if you just give your body the amino acids it needs to make sure it doesn’t tear apart your muscle tissue. That’s why the collagen is so important. Because what else the collagen does. It rebuilds muscle tissue. So and it uses different amino acids. So you’re not sacrificing growth amino acids for sugar production amino acids. So taking extra college has be fantastic. It also helps with joints ligaments, tendons all sorts of things.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:04:34] Bones, skin, hair, nails. All of it. Collagen. Spectacular. Now here’s a that you need to get the ones that are all of them. So this is this is one, two, three, five, ten. You get all of them. You make sure that you’re getting, the complete complement of essential amino acids. Collagen is gonna be your best bet for that. I take about four capsules three times a day. So soon as I get here to the office in the morning, right after I get done with my workout, and then right before I go to bed. Because again, you’re going to regenerate. Heal at night. You want to take this up at night. So that’s gonna a big piece. College is really one of the most important ones to take. Make sure you’re getting this one in and you’re not going to overdo it. So if you’re like, oh, do I take I take a scoop or two scoops.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:05:18] I take three pills or five pills. You’re not going to overdo it. I would worry about underlying it more than over. That’s the other piece. When I take my supplements, I run up to 120% rule. Whatever I think my body’s going to need. I’ll take 20% more of the. Because I don’t know how much everybody is going to need that day. So I just try to make sure I take a little bit extra. That does not go for any fat soluble vitamins like my vitamin E. I only take one a day. But for the stuff that flushes out of me. All right. I’ll just take a little bit extra. So that’s the college one thing. The other big one. It’s 50 tech. So this is the Coke know tech? Kind of. It’s Coke. You can go to the pillars. Well, on that come website, you’ll find cookie tech cookies is really important for culture and things.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:06:02] One, it’s one of the major things that pushes back against the reactive oxidative stress or the free radical damage. It clears up free radicals that are in the blood. It helps push the back against those. But the biggest piece is that it doesn’t create any more. One of the reasons that a lot of people create a bunch of free radicals and they have all these issues, is specifically because they they don’t have the coke you generally requires in the mitochondria to make the ATP. Now, again, we’re gonna go back to that citric acid cycle that everybody’s traumatized by the Krebs cycle, always traumatized by the same thing. When you don’t have enough coke, you tend everybody cannot aerobically make ATP. So instead of making a whole bunch of ATP and very little, if any free radicals, you make a little bit of ATP and a decent amount, a pretty big amount of free radicals, and reactive acts of stress. So that’s why the cookie tins so critically important. If you’re on a statin drug, it’s even more important because, again, certain drugs are designed to damage the liver and tear off your heart health.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:07:00] So get your CoQ10 in and there’s going to be it’s going to help tremendously. It’ll help reduce that ATP. It will help push back against all of the, all of the free radical damage and back to that. So on the coke you test. So this one that I use is 200mg per capsule. Most people need one, maybe two capsules a day. So I take two twice a day. Breakfast and lunch. Just because, again, I want to make sure I have more than I need. If I need 80 to produce on my ATP, then the other 120, I’d say, okay, great. You know, that that’s going to go through and that’s going to clear up free radicals and do all of the stuff. So again, I take a lot more than I might need, but that’s on purpose. So turkey collagen are really the two that we’re going to stick with today.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:07:48] When do you guys have questions. Hit us up questions at Chalmers Walmart.com or drop them in the comments. And that’ll be great. But again, one of the reasons we’re doing this raise awareness for my charity Tree of Life dot health. Which. Hopefully in a couple of days on the website all the way up. But anyway, so what the whole purpose of the charity is to, use psychedelics and ketamine to break PTSD and addiction and first responders and veterans. So first responders being police, fire, paramedics, that type of thing. What we’ve seen with this is that substantial and amazing results, breaking down, PTSD, breaking down addiction, changing people’s lives.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:08:30] You know, each one of those deals where if you have stress from your job, if you have stress from your kids, if you have stress from the world and it’s been there a long time. Go get evaluated. It’s one of those things that it is a over time, it’s a beating over time and it’s destroys your mental peace, destroys your health, destroys your relationships. So go get it checked out and then, you know, finds me do the mental work to get those things intention set up.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:08:57] If you need somebody, contact us. I’ve got some people who’ll do that and then go get some ivy or I am ketamine. It’s very safe. It’s a great way to go. Do some research on that. Everybody to a degree needs it. Some people need it really bad, like they need it today. And some people will just be a really good idea wherever they can get to it. But the vast majority of us need it. I’ve had it done fantastic stuff for me. You guys can find my whole tutorial, everything I’ve said about that, how to fix my heart and how it helped. You know, a lot of the issues that I was having, with just stress. We had a bunch of my buddies go through a tremendous changes.

Dr. Matt Chalmers [00:09:35] Everybody who’s data has come back and told me that it was the greatest thing they’ve done ever. Just the difference in the way your mind feels and the stress feels, and everything’s just kind of calm after that. Same like you go back to your same crazy life. You can just deal with it a lot better. So, again, all the purchase of any statements, the profit from that goes straight to the charity. So we can fix these guys and these women. But if you guys have any questions in the chat, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.

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