31 Jul 2023

When do you choose to express gratitude to others? Do you simply say thank you to someone when you ask them to do something for you, or do you say it whenever someone helps you? Obviously, if you ask someone to do something for you and they do it, you should thank them. However, it is a big deal if someone performs something for you that you truly needed to be done without asking. It implies they understand your demands and value you enough to plan ahead of time.

This should be commemorated more often. Little things matter. For example, I’ve noted that, due to the puppies, I now read and write in the mornings from my closet on a folding table. I did this for approximately a week before Lu came in and cleaned the closet. I didn’t ask her to, nor did I believe she should, but she did. When I asked her why she cleaned the closet, she answered, “I noticed it was a little cluttered and harder to move around in, so I cleaned it so it would be easier to move around in.” She didn’t bring it up, I did.

I brought it up to make sure I could say thank you to her. We could have gone on indefinitely without my saying anything, and that would have been fine. However, letting it go would contradict my objectives. So I made the most of the one minute it took to chat to her about it and thank her. If people do things without being asked, even if they should, and no one says anything, that person will often quit doing things on their own. That is exactly what we should expect.

Why should you continue to put forth effort if no one cares enough to say anything? So, remember to appreciate others around you, especially your spouse, when they do something for you without your asking. Even if what they did wasn’t entirely about you, make sure you express your gratitude. Aside from that, if you get into the practice of thanking people and being grateful and courteous for things, your view on life will improve.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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