02 May 2023

The majority of the world believes in some form of the simulation theory, which states that “this world isn’t real, and we’re all in a giant simulation.” That, in my opinion, is a fantastic way to look at it. The belief is that our difficulties and hurdles are placed on purpose for us to learn to grow and conquer. The belief that everything is good and everything is terrible ensures that who we are developing into who we need to be. For example, how do we respond to adversity? Do we crumble, or do we triumph?

However, there is also the issue of how we react to good things. When things are going well in our lives, how do we choose to treat those around us? What I appreciate best about this concept is the idea that we are judged on how we manage ourselves when things are good and bad. This is why it is critical to concentrate on becoming the person you want to be, identifying your personality and what is essential to you. Is the person you are or are creating capable of dealing with failure and success? Many of us believe we can handle both, as we believe we see failure more than success.

However, who do we want to be when we achieve success? I’ve seen famous players stand in my lobby for 20-30 minutes talking to kids and adults just because these youngsters have never seen a true pro athlete or someone famous. It’s always amusing how much they touch people’s lives when they spend a little time with them and are pleasant. I get to chat with the parents about how terrific that athlete is now in their eyes.

I’ve seen excellent business executives give individuals modest recommendations after a presentation and what it means to the people they’re talking to. We all have success in life, no matter how much or how little we like to admit it. Remember that how we react to success is just as important as how we respond to failure. If we allow it, one person’s accomplishment can often shine brightly on others. Share your achievement with others since we all need a little boost every now and then.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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