10 May 2023

There are many voices out there encouraging you to cut negative and draining people out of your life. The idea that your life can be improved by getting rid of the negative people who drag you down or hold you back is gaining traction. This approach appeals to me since you cannot completely recover until you remove the poison from your body and mind. We should all look about our circles to identify who is pulling us away from our goals and try to avoid them.

I agree with the most of what has been said on this subject, but it is not the complete story. You must replace those negative folks with positive people. There is a lot of talk about taking people out of your life, but there isn’t nearly enough discourse about bringing in excellent people. This is, of course, more difficult, but it is, in my opinion, far more important. One of the reasons it is more difficult is that while we can all distinguish negative and positive, the individual you need to include in each situation is unique.

For example, if you have someone who is always criticizing your business, health, ideas, or feelings and feeding you reasons why it won’t work, getting rid of them is critical; however, who do you replace them with? Where do you look for these people? They are frequently found in the same location you believe they are. Join a high-level business group if you need favorable business effects. Pay more for the group you’re joining if you want to be around successful business people.

If others wanted in, they had to pay a high price as well. This suggests you’ll be in the vicinity of the group you’re looking for. If you require healthcare adjustments, look for folks at gyms who already live the life you desire and go introduce yourself. Start by looking for people in Facebook groups. With the internet, you can find a group or area of individuals who can enrich your life with a simple search. Find others to add to your circle, even if it’s only for a short time while you mature. The more positive individuals you surround yourself with, the stronger you will become and the faster you will achieve and sustain your goals.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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