01 Feb 2023

I had someone come in a couple of days ago, and they were getting tired, edgy, a little snappy, and felt kinda bad. They couldn’t figure it out and thought they might be sick or coming down with something.

After testing them, they didn’t test that badly. After testing, we talked for a bit since their testing didn’t show anything that would have accounted for how they felt. I asked about what they were eating, which was a pretty solid macro set and food choice for the person. We finally started going over what they ate and when and that is when we figured out the issue. While taking their supplements properly and eating the right macro set, they were not eating enough. Eating a lower-calorie day than you need on occasion is great but doing it for an extended period is not a good idea. Fasting, which I am a fan of, and eating too few calories is not the same thing.

Your body processes things differently that way. This particular person also needs a moderate carb load, so having too few carbs can cause issues similar to low blood sugar. They were not down a bunch, about 600 calories a day. However, it had been about a week, so they were not doing so hot.

I see this in the competitive body-building community when you get ready for a show and cut your calories and carbs to deficient levels. The point is that your supplements are vital, and your macro set is essential, but you also have to eat the right calories.

Remember to eat, even if you’re cutting weight or fat. A good guide point is getting an RMR and then going off that number. I use Dexafit.com for it, but you can use whoever you want.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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