24 Jul 2023

There are many things in today’s environment that can cause us tension and anxiety. Every 5 minutes, it seems, the news finds something new that will be the worst thing ever. Finding strategies to de-stress, such as turning off the news and social media, has a lot to recommend it. But what if you experience stress or worry for no apparent reason? Why do I feel uneasy or extra worried when I look at my life and think everything is relatively nice on paper?

Maybe you just finished a cleanse, or maybe it’s simply a typical day and you’re feeling unusually tired and blah. It’s conceivable that you’re putting extra strain on your kidneys. The kidneys are a primary detox organ that is frequently overburdened. This causes weariness, restlessness, anxiety, tension, low back pain, and a general sense of unease. In Eastern medicine, the kidneys are considered to as the source of a man’s or woman’s energy.

So, if you start to feel off or worried for no apparent cause, a kidney castor pack or extra nutrients, especially water, for the kidney can frequently be very beneficial. This is especially beneficial for children. When my kids start acting like young kids, a castor pack is typically the route for them to behave properly again. I’ve attached a link to the castor pack. In terms of diet, we have a new Superior kidney support on www.CWellStore.com that will assist balance the kidney and lessen the frequency with which castor packs are required.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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