21 Jun 2023

What does it mean to be changed? It appears to be different. I know that statement is obvious and ridiculous, but I want you to consider it carefully. I always hear individuals state they want to be healthier, lose fat, increase muscle, eat better, or do anything else that will make their life longer or better, and they all say the same thing after expressing they want those things. They say, but I can’t afford it, or I’m too busy, or it just doesn’t fit with the way my life is now. Because it is true, I always agree with them that the way their lives are now, these things don’t match.

If you want something different out of life, you must live a different life. If you want to change, your life must alter and be different. You will have to give up certain things in order to incorporate other ones. You must organize your day. Many of the activities you do now might certainly be reduced or eliminated entirely; it all depends on how badly you want something. People comment on how I live my life and say, “I could never do that.”

Yes, and many people do. I’ll tell you that none of us arrived here by accident or on the spur of the moment. Those of us who get up at 4 a.m. do so on purpose. People who spend hours in the gym do so because we have allocated that time to our schedule. People that follow a rigid diet do so because they want to. Every single second of your day is there because you chose to spend your time on that subject. If you decide you want something different for yourself, you must eliminate something and replace it with something new.

Things always have a cost, which could be time, health, money, or friends. Whether you realize it or not, your day now has a cost. Is your day causing harm to your body because of the way you sit all day? Is the diet you’re following going to help you in the long run? Are the supplements you take, or do not take, extending your life and improving the quality of your existence? Are the individuals you select to surround yourself with uplifting or depressing you? These are things that we should all take a moment to consider every now and then.

My favorite example is a patient I was dealing with who wanted to reduce weight and become healthier for his family. He explained that he couldn’t afford to do all I instructed him. I asked him how important his goals were, and he answered they were very significant. He eventually decided to stop drinking and stop playing golf. He now had the money and time to improve. He lost roughly 30 pounds during the summer and is now an entirely different guy. You can have health, success, and the things you want, but you must know the cost and pay the toll to travel somewhere new. It will constantly necessitate that you adjust your day.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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