22 Aug 2023

We made an interesting discovery concerning metal implants, which many of us have, the other day. While we were all informed that the metal is inert and has no effect on the body, this appears to be incorrect. We had a lady come in with strange limb problems. We tested nickel against her on a hunch, and she was completely off to it. She has a metal implant containing nickel, chromium, and titanium. We remediated her nickel concerns, and she began to feel better after a few days. This does not imply that we have found a solution to the implant toxicity problem.

What it does indicate is that we should all consider having our metal analyzed and, if possible, have these implants removed. My metal has been there in my body since I was in my twenties. I, like many others, have a strong aversion to cobalt and nickel. I can’t have my metal removed because of time and bone growth, so I’m trying Thera on myself to see if it helps as much as I believe it could.

I will keep you updated, but if you experience any strange difficulties with your skin, discomfort, inflammation, or anything else a couple of months to a year after obtaining metal implants, you should consider having them removed or at least checked for it. My problems manifested as skin problems. Yours, on the other hand, may be unique. I’ve seen cases where cobalt caused mental instability concerns that resembled dementia.

Also, while they are not metal, some people are allergic to silicon in any form. This complicates breast augmentation and can lead to implantation sickness. Even if you choose saline, the bag in which the saline is delivered is constructed of silicone. Remember that just because something isn’t bothering you today doesn’t imply it won’t bother you tomorrow.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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