30 Mar 2023

Nietzsche is one of my favorite philosophers; he points out things in life that are important and, when you hear them, kind of obvious. It was so obvious that you would have missed it if it had not been stated. For example, consider the quote “You have your way. I get my way. There is no such thing as the right way, the only way, or the only way.” The notion that we all think and act differently is self-evident. It is also obvious that the ability to achieve a goal is not always dependent on the same path. However, it is necessary to have these things pointed out to us on a regular basis.

Many of us are working hard to improve ourselves, maintain our relationships, find safety, and achieve some level of peace of mind. However, we get caught up in observing others or allowing the way others do things to tell us how well we are doing. This is the setting for a psychological conflict. When there is a “right” way to do something in life, or when life itself, it is difficult to defy the system and do your own thing. However, for many of us, doing things our own way is fundamental to who we are.

That is who I am, and if you are like me, that crushing sense of being lost or frustrated with society is simply because you are trying to be yourself and society isn’t letting you. For example, even now, people tell me that the way I am doing things isn’t going to work out. But the issue is that they want pleasure in the result. I seek pleasure throughout the journey. The thing is, I prefer to do things my way. Is there a better way than how I do things 100% of the time? The options I could have taken could have created an entire multiverse of madness.

The thing is, I did it my way, and I am very proud of it. If your life does not seem to fit, start doing things your way more and more and see how things turn out. It is one of the reasons I am always happy, at least for me. I get to live my life on my terms. What are your definitions?

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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