26 Jun 2023

I’ve emphasized several times that decent people stand up, because that’s what good people do. Having said that, and more especially having said it to a group of decent people, I’d want to discuss something you may not have heard of. It’s known as impostor syndrome. This is when someone who is qualified to discuss a topic or problem does not do so because they believe what they have to say would be ineffective. They believe they should sit and wait for someone more qualified to speak on the subject.

This person does not consider themselves to be someone who truly brings the correct information to the table, thus they believe they would be an imposter if they presented themselves as an expert. This occurs regardless of how much or how qualified the individual is. Imposter syndrome has silenced many voices that should be heard. Now, I’m not suggesting that all perspectives are valid or that everyone has a valid point or voice, but there are many of us who should be speaking up who aren’t. For example, I am not a particle physicist, so I keep my lips shut on that subject, but I am passionate about health and wellness.

Start giving your ideas on a topic where you have experience. Stand up and share your knowledge. You might be the most knowledgeable person in the room and not realize it. You might know information that completely affects the game. As an example, I was recently in a room of medical personnel, many of whom had been practicing for years, and I would say that everyone there was quite knowledgeable about their field, making them specialists. We had a cardiologist, orthopedic surgeons, and neurosurgeons on staff, as well as a nurse who had been out of school and working for approximately 6 months. She had come to assist one of the surgeons.

She, as it turned out, knew the most about childbirth because she had assisted with it a couple of times and none of us had. So the 26-year-old brand-new nurse had to explain to this room of doctors how a baby is delivered. No, she is not as qualified as the OBGYN who has been doing this for 20 years. However, she was the most knowledgeable person in the room about this subject. It just so happened that the information she offered us was quite useful.

So keep in mind that your opinion might be heard and your knowledge can be useful. It is frequently vital to share what you know.


Now since there are no true experts on some subjects, we’re all at a loss. In the case of parenting, there is no such thing as a perfect parent. Nobody who has done the parenting thing has ever looked back and said, “Wow, I didn’t mess it up at all.” Every child is unique, and the little jerks frequently alter as soon as you figure them out. Look at all the changes that have occurred in the last four years to see how dynamic life is.

It’s as though we’re in a bizarre alternate universe. In many respects, we are all still learning about parenting and life. So speak up, tell the truth, and share your thoughts. One of my favorite persons to follow is a divorced mom who was absolutely broken and had nothing but her children at one point. She is now all over the internet, giving fantastic advise and genuinely helping people. Her qualification is that she is a mother who understands how difficult life can be.

BTW, her name is Kristina Kuzmic, and I don’t frequently recommend individuals to follow, but she is one to watch. If that describes you, perhaps you can discuss what would assist you and what you believe might benefit others. Don’t believe that your ideas are unimportant or that your expertise of a subject is worthless. If you live in that world every day and observe and interact with things, you have information to share.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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