02 Mar 2023

Let’s talk about hormones for a second. What is a hormone? It is a chemical messenger that is made in the body to get the body to do certain things.

For instance, testosterone is the healing hormone. It tells the body to repair and rebuild bones, muscles, blood vessels, and organs. Estrogen, also a steroid, tells the female reproductive organs to work and produce all the chemicals needed for babies. It also helps regulate fat and cholesterol function.

D3 helps the body absorb nutrients and directs them around the body where they need to be the most. TSH, or thyroid stimulating hormone, is a brain hormone, not a thyroid hormone, as it shows problems with the pituitary, not the thyroid. T3 and T4 are thyroid hormones, and if you have thyroid questions, you need all of them TSH, T3, and T4.

If you are going to do hormone therapy at least once a year, you should be looking at DHT or dihydrotestosterone, as that can make your hair fall out and damage your prostate, men only. These are critical functions of the body and must be regulated and held at particular levels.

Most of these levels are not set correctly on blood panels. I have also seen a shallow understanding of using and balancing them best. If you have questions, please ask, as most of the information people are getting is wrong.

If you have questions about peptides, also please ask, as again, people see the benefit but don’t see the dangers. There is a popular fat-burning peptide that works well. However, your brain is made of fat, and no one is talking about how this peptide will affect the brain, but people are selling it and taking it.

Get your blood checked and know your numbers. I have done many podcasts on this, and I am sure I will do more, but it is natural to replace testosterone, just like it’s okay to take birth control or insulin or D3.

There are options for different hormone blood panels on the website if you want yours pulled. If you want it done on insurance, look at the labs on the site and have your doctor pull them on insurance.


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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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