06 Jul 2023

My wife and I exchange letters on significant occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. I started doing it a few years ago since I didn’t know what to get my wife and this type of stuff fit her love language. My goal is always to make her cry in a pleasant way. However, I’ve discovered that when I compose them, I usually cry. You should write a thank you / love note to your significant other if you haven’t already.

It has enabled me to say things that I would not normally express in real life. To express gratitude for all she has done for me, my life, and my family. Another benefit is that it allows me to sit down and reflect on all of the wonderful things she does and who she is. I don’t think I need a reminder, but it’s always good for me to pause and think about it.

This is an element of experiencing and expressing appreciation, and it is also very beneficial to the relationship. There’s just something special about a handwritten letter that says I love you and gives reasons why. I have offered this advice to several of my male patients, and each of them has returned to thank me since it was a present that their wife appreciated the most. When it comes to difficult-to-buy-for people, this far outperforms socks.

If you’re seeking for a unique gift for your significant other or simply want to express your feelings in writing, consider composing a letter. My only caution is that if you compose the letter on a computer first, keep in mind that written words take longer and need more paper than typed words. I’ve had to start over several times because I didn’t want to write a three-page letter.

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Dr. Matt Chalmers

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